A Crazy Story About A DIY Wedding Card Box & Guest Book Table Decor Ideas

There was this one time when I hauled a piece of vintage luggage with me for thousands of miles.

I’m a little nutty like that.

For several months, my luggage buddy went with me everywhere. 

We drove from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to Louisville, Kentucky….
and back to Myrtle Beach again.

Then we headed down to Savannah, Georgia.

From the Peach State, we drove to Florida where we spent a few weeks in Tampa and Orlando.

Before flying to our final destination in Southern California, my traveling companion underwent an
extreme makeover  into a charming, yet elegant, wedding card box holder.

This creation truly was a labor of love and I had blisters to prove it!

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It had several jobs to perform at my brother and sister-in-laws wedding,
and was also part of
my wedding gift to them.

When its use as a card holder, centerpiece, and slight reference towards
an underlying travel theme of their wedding was finished,
the gift card box was destined to serve an entirely different purpose.
…in one those keep it forever kind of ways.


Vintage Suitcase Wedding Card Box

Wedding table decor inspiration

Christina chose her favorite color, purple,
along with ivory and silver, as the color palette for their wedding.

The wedding decor was predominately designed around a
wine theme but golf and travel were also incorporated.

Details of that are coming soon.

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Guest Book Table Decor

Here you can see how the card box worked as a functional centerpiece on the table for the guest book.

I used a satin blend fabric in a rich purple tone to line the suitcase.

Lace covered burlap fabric was a perfect neutral that allowed the bold purple tones to take center stage.

 The wire basket, also neutral in color, helped fill in the negative space, leaving ample room for cards of all sizes.

Are you looking for an idea for a DIY wedding card box using vintage luggage? This ivory suitcase was completely gutted and lined with purple satin fabric, embellished with silver to match the wedding colors. | Reinvented Collection More event decor ideas and tutorials at www.reinventedcollection.com

A few high-quality silk hydrangeas were used as filler.

Just below the miniature silver frame with E & C initials, I affixed one of the hydrangeas, a few sprigs of greenery, and a couple of faux blooms for some contrast and texture.

The remaining silk flowers are loosely placed inside for easy removal later on.

Adding a personal touch by using the couples initials is a great way to personalize wedding decor

Not the sharpest photo around but it works in a pinch.

Looking back, I wish that I had snuck in a couple of pink or lavender blooms swiped from one of the fresh floral arrangements.
Just a bit more contrast next to the hydrangea on the lid would have been a nice a touch.

I was following orders, though…

Purple was what the bride-to-be wanted, so purple it was.


Details on card box holder for fall wedding


 I crafted a luggage tag to help pull  in the travel theme.


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The only thing missing was the sign that read ‘Cards’.

Christina purchased one she liked, but with the hustle and bustle of the day, it was misplaced.

It was supposed to be propped on top of the wire container where the hydrangea sits.
Its disappearance was a minor mishap that no one noticed was missing.
Strangely, the little sign never turned up.

Isn’t it odd how stuff just sprouts little legs and mysteriously disappears like that?

Guest Book Table Decor

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The guest book was custom designed.

Each  page is filled with personal photos and memories while leaving ample space for

 friends and family to leave notes and messages for the couple to read later on.

Shutterfly has really neat options for making all types of photo albums.

They make great gift ideas too!


Details On Card Holder


These  little charms were added to the outside of the suitcase.

I selected a pewter and oil rubbed gold finish to bring more
silver  in from the wedding colors and to help tie in the gold hasp locks on the front of the luggage.

Along the outer side of the suitcase is a band of grosgrain ribbon layered on top of lacy burlap,
a thin strip of woven silver trim,
and a section of lace gathered together to add visual interest.

In all the excitement of the day, it slipped my mind to photograph this area with my big camera
but I do have one of those less-than-blog-worthy photos showing this area.

I will share it in the upcoming tutorial.

Stay tuned for that.


That entirely different purpose that I talked about earlier-

Is  a….

Keepsake Box.

Every girl needs a special place to hold what is most dear to her.
Wouldn’t you agree?

Keeping that in mind, I designed the card box in a way that it could be repurposed as keepsake box
and also be used decoratively at home.

Usually, things like this are gifts that a mother gives to her daughter.

For Christina, that wasn’t possible.

She lost both of her parents at a young age.

I realize that this vintage suitcase could never replace anything from her mother,
but I hoped it would be a special place for her to hold sentimental things that she gathers in the life she shares with my brother.
Pin This Graphicgold-line

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The travel theme has been mentioned a few times and I’ve emphasized how
how this unique card box/vintage suitcase helped pull in their love for traveling without being kitschy…

Finally, here’s the story on that-

Elliot and Christina had an unusual gift registry. It actually revolved around travel.

Have you heard of Honeymoon Gift Registries?

Travel Wedding Gift Registry

Yes…..they really are a thing and they’re rapidly growing in popularity.

Trust me…. I know! It’s a real shocker!

But after reading quite a few forums and discussions,
I found myself understanding why a honeymoon registry is right for certain couples.

I do not say this lightly, either.

Tomorrow you can read some of my thoughts about this
heavily debated and controversial topic at What! You Want Honeymoon Gifts?!

Stay tuned for all the upcoming details on the wedding decor and don’t forget about the tutorial too.Sneak a peek at future wedding decor blog post.. . Fall wedding color ideas for wine themed wedding

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Naomi S.
Naomi S.

What a unique and lovely idea the decorated suitcase is. You did such a nice job but I didn’t see a “before” photo of the vintage suitcase. I was curious about how it looked before you worked on it. Did I miss that photo? I do like the idea of using the suitcase as a keepsake box after the wedding and you are a very thoughtful sis-in-law to have made it for the bride. Looking forward to future posts.