Throwback Thursday


Throwback Thursday

Thursday has become the unofficial day of sharing anything and everything that relates to the past. So I’m doing a TBT. For those of you that don’t know what TBT means, it’s the abbreviation for Throw Back Thursday.

Reinvented Collection French vignette

Last week, I mentioned in a blog post that I had organized photos. Remember that post? Check it out here. Along the way, I rediscovered some older pictures. Each of these images reflects my days of not knowing diddly squat about photography and manual settings. I even lacked the ability to line up the camera to the subject and shoot a straight photo. Over the years, my skills have drastically improved. I’m not a pro-photographer, in fact, I’m a long way from a pro. Though, I do enjoy photography. Considering that the nature of my business is visual, learning photography is necessary.

Reinvented Collection French country cottage

I’m a lifelong learner, maybe even a perpetual student. My husband says I’m the female version of Van Wilder. Now, now, I’m not talking about the R-rated parts of the movie. When I heard that I was like Van Wilder I had to Google Van Wilder and watched the movie, National Lampoons Van Wilder. The similarities between Mr. Van Wilder and myself are only in the respect that we are always learning, have a willingness to organize and set up parties or events. Rarely does a day go by that I’m not researching and learning about something I have newly discovered.

*Disclaimer- This movie is R-rated and full of college humor. My mother would find it distasteful so if you are like my momma, a Downton Abbey watcher, a reader of Jane Austin books, please don’t click the link. You will not enjoy this movie. For the record, I’m a lover of period movies and series like The Tudors, Elizabeth, The White Queen and Outlander.

Reinvented Collection Old world minimalist European

This past week I have slacked with writing a nice well thought out article for you. I do apologize for that. Not being one to make excuses for myself, I must tell you that I do have good reasons why I neglected writing a post involving a new faux finish or painted furniture project….My kitchen sink sprung a leak. I am happy that all this mess provided a good opportunity to share my older work in a TBT.

Reinvented Collection Gustavian European style


A little European-Gustavian- Old World- Cottage mix of styles

One little leak turned into several leaks and nearly one full week after replacing the sink and hardware the leaking mystery remains unsolved. In addition to the leaky kitchen faucet debacle, I have house guests due to arrive sometime between August 8-15. I have been on a hunt for new bedding to make up the guest room as well as tending to the house chores and seeing to the smaller details involved with having guests.

Reinvented Collection romantic shabby cottage


Even though this sounds disastrous and stressful, the good news is, I will have a great DIY tutorial on how to replace a kitchen sink, measure and install it. I will be able to offer some helpful advice about fixing leaks too. I often joke that I am an expert on what not to do. That has to count for something! My pain will be your gain. 😉

Reinvented Collection inspirational quote

Oh dear…. the picture is dreadful. The quote is why I choose to share this disastrous photo.

Despite the sinks insistence at being problematic I am grateful for the upgrade and new hardware. These events gave me an opportunity to share older pictures of some of my earlier paint finishes and projects. I probably would not have shared them at all if it weren’t for Throwback Thursday making it acceptable to share awkward moments in time.

With all that being said, keep learning new things and stay in school even if people think you are like party boy Van Wilder. As for TBT…. I hope you enjoy the older photos despite the imperfections.


Reinvented Collection weathered paint finish


And to further perpetuate my awkward days, sorely lacking photos, I’m sharing with the following women at their link parties.


French Country Cottage- Feathered Nest Friday




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