Did you know that fall weddings are rapidly growing in popularity? The benefits typically involve lower costs and much more temperate weather unless a freak heat wave in October rolls into San Diego where the temps are moderate year-round. Luck would have it that º104 was the high for my brother and sister-in-laws October wedding. As I mentioned in the story about the wedding card box that I redesigned for them using a vintage suitcase- Elliot and Christina’s wedding was themed around wine, golf, and travel. I know, I know.. that sounds like theme overload. Yikes, right?! Nope, not at… View Post

    Since I’m working on wedding related blog posts, winding up a few summer posts, and getting ready to bring out the fall decor, it appears that my focus is stuck somewhere between wedding and event decor, fall, and coming to terms with the fact that summer is long gone for us Alaskans. Over the past few weeks on Pinterest, fall wedding inspiration, fall decor ideas, and holiday decor has been trending. Today I’m featuring bloggers that shared some great DIY’s that can be used for a wedding, party, holiday, or just in everyday decor. I love versatile decorative items… View Post

If you came over from the wedding card box post , you are up to date, if not, you’ll want to head over there first.It relates the topic here today. Share the pin at the bottom of this post with your skeptical friends. In this post, you will learn why more and more couples are veering away from traditional wedding registries and why. We will sort through the initial OMG Are You Kidding Me shock and all the messy feelings together using light-hearted humor and maybe a little sarcasm. I’m a natural when it comes to inappropriate jokes and sarcastic… View Post

There was this one time when I hauled a piece of vintage luggage with me for thousands of miles. I’m a little nutty like that. For several months, my luggage buddy went with me everywhere.  We drove from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to Louisville, Kentucky…. and back to Myrtle Beach again. Then we headed down to Savannah, Georgia. From the Peach State, we drove to Florida where we spent a few weeks in Tampa and Orlando. Before flying to our final destination in Southern California, my traveling companion underwent an extreme makeover  into a charming, yet elegant, wedding card box… View Post