Weeds, the battle ensues….. The worst part of warming weather is fighting weed infestations when the only thing anyone wants to do after a long icy winter is plant flowers. I’ve decided that fighting dandelions and chickweed is kind of like the Cold War of gardening. Eh.. maybe it’s more like the War on Terror…. weeds are kind of like yard terrorists.   Wait! I’ve got it… The War on Weeds. That’s a fitting name. The War on Weeds is in its third year. I’m ecstatic to report back… View Post

  How many dandelions can any one person dig out before a visit to the doctor for treatment of back pain is warranted?  Hmm. I don’t have the answer to that question. I do have some useful tips on how to kill dandelions naturally. After manually digging over 400 1,000 (updated 2016) Dandelion terrorists out of my yard. I figured people who might be dealing with similar issues might like to know if all the advice online really works.  Reading information is great, but reading about experiences in conjunction with information is even… View Post