Here she is. Ta-da. This little twofer makeshift hutch finally got the makeover she deserved! Now she looks more like a China cabinet and far less like a makeshift hutch…or whatever that storage thing was before it got a fresh coat of paint, a pretty curtain, and a little bit of texture on its backside. Before and After Painted China Cabinet The Bare Bones of the China Cabinet Before This is what she looked like before. We all love a good before and after and are nosey creatures, right? I know you’re curious, so click over to the Before the… View Post

I’ve been working on  DIY furniture project that I’ve over the past couple of weeks. It’s a makeshift hutch. Have you ever looked for a special little something for a certain spot and after a number of years –maybe ten- been frustrated with not finding exactly what you’re looking for? This is the story of my life up here in Alaska. In these parts, we aren’t exactly known for our amazing antiques or French inspired furniture. Hashtag- The Struggle is Real! I’ve been sharing glimpses of this little DIY project in Snaps and on Instastories. If you want the down and… View Post

And just like that, one day I woke up to find summer was gone and fall arrived. By my birthday, which happens to be today, the leaves are turning and flowers have withered away. No doubt, autumn weather is here to stay while others are still in the throes of heat waves. Dealing with heat is crummy! You have my sympathies. Temps are in the 50’s at night and 60’s during the day and the rainy season has been upon us for a couple of weeks. I’m wearing sweaters again and the heat is back on. For thin-blooded, Lower 48’ers, this… View Post

I’m excited about this blog post! This is the first year I have shared my holiday home decor all in one post. In case you didn’t know, you are visiting Narnia today. I kid. I kid.  I just call where I live Narnia. You are in Anchorage, Alaska- where for most of the year it is winter. This Christmas porch is a nice change from the usual white lights, garland, and some variation of a wreath that it usually wears during the holidays. I like to keep the porch area more in line with my preference for French Country and… View Post

Since childhood, I have loved everything about this time of year, but Christmas holds a special place in my heart. Seeing happy little faces with eyes full of wonder and amazement. Curious questions about how big jolly Santa fits down the chimney and shimmies back up the chimney flue after he eats a plate of cookies are always fun. Of course, there are the gatherings for dinners and Christmas parties that are always fun. Most of all I love all the twinkling lights and the decorations. The garland, real or faux, bows and ribbons galore just make every space feel… View Post