Here she is. Ta-da. This little twofer makeshift hutch finally got the makeover she deserved! Now she looks more like a China cabinet and far less like a makeshift hutch…or whatever that storage thing was before it got a fresh coat of paint, a pretty curtain, and a little bit of texture on its backside. Before and After Painted China Cabinet The Bare Bones of the China Cabinet Before This is what she looked like before. We all love a good before and after and are nosey creatures, right? I… View Post

French Olive End Tables Lets begin with the olive color. First- I loathe green olives! When I delivered this set of end tables to a local business, one of the owners exclaimed that she loved the olive color. Nice observation. I ran with it. French Olives will be the name. Just so you know, naming finishes isn’t done to be cute and kitschy. Cute and kitschy is not a usual part of my repertoire.  I name painted furniture and faux finishes as a method of organization in filing recipes. Second- I intentionally went… View Post