Good Bye Summer. Hello Fall. One Last Look At Pretty Summer Decor.

And just like that, one day I woke up to find summer was gone and fall arrived.
By my birthday, which happens to be today,
the leaves are turning and flowers have withered away.
No doubt, autumn weather is here to stay while others are still in the throes of heat waves.
Dealing with heat is crummy! You have my sympathies.

Temps are in the 50’s at night and 60’s during the day and
the rainy season has been upon us for a couple of weeks.
I’m wearing sweaters again and the heat is back on.
For thin-blooded, Lower 48’ers, this is probably freeeeezing!
For me, it’s only a little chilly out.

Before completely changing gears,
decorating for fall and doing some cozying up around my home,
I wanted to have one last summer
hoorah by sharing some summer vignettes and a few “flippy” ramblings.

Flippy is my mother’s term.
Mom quotes for being flippant and lippy.

Simple French Country Summer Decor Ideas. Filling a white pitcher with fresh lilacs and peonies fill a room with natural fragrance. A candle for looks and coffee table books added for height and a vintage gilded lamp set the tone for a delightful French country cottage style sofa table.

So long fragrant blooms.
Having fresh lilacs and peonies fill the house with their beautiful scent is such a treat.

One of my greatest gardening accomplishments yet- is growing my own peonies!
…”greatest”as in I haven’t killed them!
I started them from a few scraggly roots and waited
patiently for them to begin blooming several years later.
Anyone who has ever planted peonies from a root understands the emphasis on patience.

A simple summer French Country inspired mantel with an ornate gilded mirror, vintage glass bottles holding a single floral bloom. There is beauty in simplicity.

There's nothing like the scent of fresh lilacs. Setting a few next to an open window will fill your home naturally with fresh natural scents.

Let’s talk about the summer mantel fireplace area!

Yes, I know— this mirror is a bit large for the fireplace area,
the proportions are all kinds of wrong,
but it works for now until I find something  to properly fit the space.

So, just calm down Snooty Mcsnobby !
It’s called making do and working with what I have. 
Something I highly believe in and support.
It won’t be staying like this forever.

Another project on the horizon is a complete overhaul of the entire fireplace area.
I’m hoping to get it done before the holidays, but we’ll see how that goes.


Transitioning from summer decor into fall.


The messy sheet-covered sofa was finally replaced with something new too!
That was a real eye-sore and the reason why I tried my darndest to hide it in every photo.

I’m going to break down, show some before and afters of that very soon.

Who knows, maybe lose some dignity?
What the heck!
Why not?
I’m all about keeping it real and encouraging women.

summer centerpiece decor with an old silver tray, fresh lilacs and peonies in an old French mason jar, vintage china dishes and tarnished antiques flatware in a vintage French jam jar. Cloth napkins are rolled for easy to grab use at the dinner table.
Although I’m not a fan of orange marmalade jam itself,
I do love old French marmalade jars!
Have you seen these little gems of cuteness?
Here it holds a little collection of antique silver flatware with a fully tarnished look.
Sometimes I polish them and other times I like the tarnish.
It all depends on my mood.

Do what you love, yo!

“It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful” -The Nester

A soft and feminine dining table centerpiece with lilacs and peonies gathered in a French Le Parfait canister, white cloth napkins displayed alongside Dundee Marmalade jar on silvery tray.

Pretty little stacks of saucers are useful as coasters or just for adding some height to a vignette.
The stacks of saucers are also great for my afternoon tea (jasmine green tea to be specific).

My theory is if a saucer protects the finish on tables from hot tea rings, then it will
logically protect a table top from water drippage on weepy glasses of ice tea too.

Check out this post for tips and essentials on how to style a functional coffee table.

Everyday items like a collection of teacup saucers can function as coasters and still work as pretty decorative decor on your coffee tables. Home decor hacks are the best!

Below is a photo of how I styled the dining table centerpiece for the Mini Spring Home Tour.
Now that you know about the sofa issue and you also know why it was a “mini” tour and not a full home tour.

Romantic Country Living Style Dining Table Centerpiece Decor.

This metal pail was a treasure I found back in June at Re-Store.
The clerk said it will make good garden art and
my reply was it will be great for holding a Christmas tree too. Ha ha.

A couple of biddies behind me let out a shriek of disapproval.
That reaction always amuses me.
I resisted the urge to say aloud…
Calm down ladies!
Don’t you know 2015- the year everything was offensive– is over? 

 Regardless, I have plans for using this glorious old bucket from fall, through Thanksgiving, on into Christmas.
Tell me, isn’t she simply beautiful, rustic, and romantic with a few colorful clippings?
Fall comes around and excitement starts bubbling for all the
fun blogs I’m going to read and all the new ideas that will be shared.

Summer flowers in an old tin bucket


Last year I was big into baskets filled with dried flowers and white pumpkins and a few pinecones poked in.
Evidently, I didn’t even post a blog about fall decor.
Hashtag: blogger fail. 
A look back at fall home decor with pumpkin filled baskets and dried floral arrangements

I’m thinking that old rusty bucket would sure look nice filled up with some gourds and pumpkins too!
Pinecones maybe?
How would you use that rusty old bucket in your fall decor?
If you have some unusual ideas, do share!
Let’s have some fun.
Brainstorm some ideas with me.

I’m going to be wrapping up the wedding decor and that card box tutorial later this week.


Your comments are awesome! We do read them and look forward to replying to you.

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Happy belated birthday! Love your style and your use of flowers. I also like French country. There’s a video tour of the “before” of my house on my blog this week. Since my husband died, not sure I’m truly sticking with all French country, but we’ll see. Brenda


Hi Brenda,
Thank you for the birthday wishes. I will come look at your video. I’m sorry to hear about your husbands passing. My mom had a difficult time after my dad passed. If you feel like you want or need a new look just follow your heart. The good thing about French Country decor is that it’s fairly easy to incorporate the style into Traditional and even some Modern design styles.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friend. Thank you for stopping by and taking time to chat with me. 🙂

Angelina @ Peonies & Orange Blossoms
Angelina @ Peonies & Orange Blossoms

Happy Birthday! Yes it is starting to feel like Fall here too, although not sweater weather as it is in the 100s still (but at night it goes into the 50s and then it feels like Fall!). I love all of your peonies of course. The purple flowers with the pumpkins are so pretty, don’t forget to do a Fall post this year so we can all see your pretty ideas!


I definitely will, Angelina. I might be able to squeeze a post in with photos from last year.


Happy Birthday!!!!


Thank you, Lisa.