Hello, friends! I was so honored when Olivia asked me to share here on her blog a recent tablescape I had styled to participate in for Katherine’s Corner One More Time Summer Tablescape Challenge. There's a group of us sharing so I hope you'll stop by each of the bloggers located at the end of this post. 

I first met Olivia on Instagram about one year ago. She has been a major inspiration to me on my decorating journey, and we have quickly become close friends.

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Setting a beautiful table for Mom  has never been easier. Pin this image on Pinterest
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Styling a Summer Birthday Table for Mom

But let's not get ahead of ourselves! I should probably introduce myself first! My name is Larissa, and I live with my husband, 4-year-old son and brand new kitten in a 120-year-old home in the Midwest named Welch House. You might remember me from the Holiday Home Tour where Olivia featured my home.  I love all things vintage, old world European and of course pink! I try to incorporate romantic beauty in my home whenever possible.

Gorgeous piano decor in the dining room all decked out for a birthday celebration.Pin this image on Pinterest
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              Do Include Flowers on Your Table Top

That brings us to my most recent tablescape. Summer is the perfect time to bring out fresh cut flowers on your table! I chose blush pink roses (what else!!) I found at my local supermarket for this tablescape.

I wanted it to feel very elegant and feminine for my Mother’s 61st Birthday celebration. I started out using a drop cloth as my tablecloth. They are inexpensive and paired well with the feminine pink runner and coordinating napkins.

Styling a birthday table with blush pink and white for mom's birthday celebration. Everything looks expensive but it's all done on a thrifty budget. Pin this image on Pinterest
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          TABLESCAPES do not have to be expensive

Who says silver and gold don’t belong together? Or are only for Christmas??? I paired antique silver rimmed floral china with thrifted gold brass candlestick holders.

One of my greatest passions is thrifting. Almost everything I use in my tablescapes is a thrifted find, right down to the flatware.

I also love to incorporate family pieces, and here I have used my grandmother’s prized crystal stemware to add a sentimental feel.

Stunning desert table decor ideas with a vintage  statue lamp. Pin this image on Pinterest
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                     Do Add Candles, Day or Night

Something else I always try to include is candlelight and fresh flowers. These are simple, inexpensive things that make a great impact on a table or even a room.

One of my very favorite thrift finds on this tablescape is the gorgeous crystal punch bowl with an intricate brass base. This piece is very versatile and gives festive flair with each use. Pink lemonade complimented the tasty made-from-scratch chocolate cake I prepared at my mother's request.

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The cake is so rich and delicious that I opted against icing flowers and instead decided to adorn it with fresh cut stems to give it that summertime appeal. I have it displayed on a vintage brass platter I stumbled upon on one of my many thrifting excursions.

Setting a romantic table for a birthday or just everyday has never been more affordable. Larissa tells all about her shopping tips and how she used thrifted decor to style all her dining tables. Pin this image on Pinterest
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I hope you have enjoyed my take on a summertime table and hopefully you have been inspired to dust off your heirlooms and set your own one-of-a-kind table with timeless pieces that work for every occasion.

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Olivia here....
Since the Welch House tour, Larissa has been learning all about photography and is taking some stunning photos! I'm so proud of how far she has grown in just a year. You'll be seeing more of her here on RC contributing blog posts full of her decorating tips and clever DIY's. 

We might even be able to talk her into sharing some tips for how she makes DIY birthday cakes look so professional like they came straight from a bakery. Take a look at this recent Lego party she styled for her son. Can you believe she hand makes all these cakes herself? WOW!

Cute Lego Themed Birthday Decor Pin this image on Pinterest
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  1. Larissa, your table is so pretty! I love the candles with their melted wax drips down the side with the soft colors of the roses. Also, that Lego party looks awesome!

  2. Hello Larissa it’s so nice to meet you and thanks for sharing this beautiful table. First off I have to say your cake is gorgeous and using fresh flowers was definitely the way to go. Thrifting is also one of my favorite past times and I hope to find a beautiful cake stand like the one you’ve shown here. I love your tips and hope your mom had a great birthday.

  3. Olivia, you know I love your blog, and now I see I have to start following Larissa’s blog also! So much beauty in this tablescape. It is elegant and just simply drool worthy.
    🙂 gwingal

    1. Aww. Thank you so much, Nikki. This photography stuff has been a fun challenge filled with some tears at times. Ha ha. I’ve always ran around with cameras taking pictures of people and the strangest things like every business sign in New Orleans. ha ha. True story right there. People thought I was nuts.

      Larissa has some of the best ideas and tips ever! I’ve learned a few things from her too. It’s been a tough sale, but I think I’ve finally talked her into sharing a post or two every once in a while over here. As you know, at times it seems like blog expenses nickel and dime us almost to death. For a new blogger things can quickly become overwhelming to the point so many give up. At least this way, Larissa has a chance to ease into it and learn the ropes a little before she branches out on her own. You’ll love her. I promise. This is something I thought about long and hard before even suggesting it as a creative outlet for her.

      Anyway, I hope you are well, Nikki. I sure miss seeing so many people through Thursday Favorite Things. I didn’t mention that my poor doggy hurt himself terribly in late May. He’s actually in surgery right now to have his sweet little leg fixed. It’s a ruptured CCL, the equivalent of a human ACL knee ligament. All of this is why I haven’t been around much.

      Thank you so much for stopping by. It was great to see you! <3

  4. When a table scape is beautiful, a carry out menu would still be like a feast.

  5. This is such a beautiful and elegant tablescape. I love the vintage items, especially the punchbowl. I love crystal! So pretty. The cake is *to die for*…. What a beautiful setting for a party! I’m linking over from Katherine’s COrner.