Rustic French Country Christmas Style

Creating a romantic rustic French country Christmas style is simple…

It’s just a matter of gathering items that you find outside then bringing them indoors. If you live in a climate similar to mine here in Alaska, you might want to get started gathering things like pinecones pretty early on before the snow sticks.

Experiencing both mild and severe winters, it’s the severe winters that increase my desire to create a warm, cozy home. Winter does come early in Alaska. The first snowfall usually happens in October and by November it’s here to stay. Alaska truly is the quintessential winter-wonder-land that everyone dreams of having for Christmas but wants to be gone right after  New Years. In a perfect world, right?

Christmas decorating begins with bringing out greenery. I mix both faux and real greenery together.

IMG_1877 One rule of thumb that I consistently follow with interior decorating and seasonal styling is using elements from nature; roses, acorns, and pinecones. The use of nature indoors is not a new concept for home styling. The French are masters of creating a seamless flow between the outdoor and  indoor spaces.


FullSizeRender-3Dried roses are something that I always have on hand.  I find uses for them in all seasons of decorative home styling.  When much of my state has a blanket of snow, evergreens dusted with a light amount of white flocking, emulates the outdoors. The right amount of glitter sprinkled on the wreath catches light much the same way the sun causes snow to shimmer.

This wreath was a project that I completed several years ago.  Each year she wears a new a style.  This year, only a few dried rose buds and pinecones are her accessories.   They make a perfect combination to create a romantic, french country cottage Christmas style with the right amount of rustic touches.  Mercury glass tucked into the burlap stockings adds a subtle shimmer of elegance to this vignette.  IMG_1879-2 There was a time when for a variety of reasons, I despised severe winters, the darkness, and the cold. It was tearfully challenging to merge my style into a home that was Alaskan.  There were real tears, real struggles in finding a way to make everything feel less rugged.

There’s a night and day difference between Alaskan winters, and mild California and Texas winters. I grew up in both states and loathed the excessive heat. Over the years, I have learned to embrace the beauty of Alaska and couple its rugged, rustic nature into my style which is soft cottage, French, and Gustavian styles

These burlap stockings were a little project that I completed several years ago.

Altogether, dried florals, pinecones, and burlap mixed with a touch of elegance in the mercury glass works wonderfully to create a rustic French country Christmas style. It’s a simple elegance, which is perfect for me. FullSizeRender-6


And finally, the store-bought dog paw stocking….This is for my four legged big ol’ baby, Sebastian.  He is my sidekick and helper, a sweet, gentle giant, who unlike myself, prefers bright, cheery colors.  That’s why he has his very own bright red paw stocking. He knows it’s his treat bag too.


And what Christmas is complete without the scent of pine? If you looking for an authentically scented pine scented candle for the holidays, look no more. Roland Pine by the Soap and Paper Factory  genuinely smells like a fresh-cut tree. This candle  might even smell a little better than that piney fragrance so many love.  I found this candle at a local boutique.  It is the one and only pine scented candle I’ve ever purchased. Pine scented anything is not something I ordinarily go for, but the scent of this candle is just beautiful. It’s piney with a hint of sweetness and a little bit of citrus notes that are refreshingly warm. unnamed



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