Peonies & Truffles

I don’t think any cottage, farmhouse, or French inspired home would be complete without peonies,

at least not when they are in season that is.

Peonies just might be my favorite flower in all the world. Certain colors of roses are a second favorite.

Pink peonies

Before I even realized, my peonies went into full bloom last week.

Each day for the past month I would run out to see how they were doing.

Hurry up. Water. Wait.

Then we had a few rainy days.

I forgot to check on their progress until late one evening after the rain had passed.

The neglect of  a few days was all it took for them to open and be nearly at the point of losing their petals.

You snooze, you lose is the old saying.

I actually prefer to clip them before they are completely open.

The one thing that I dislike about  peonies, is it’s a once a year show.

summer mantle

A shot of my mantle… I will be sharing more about that.

white peony

They are huge! I have them sitting in tarnished silver cream and sugar bowls in the photo above.

peonies and lavender

I would have been sorely disappointed if I had missed the bloom fest.  Since having planted the roots about five years ago, this is the first summer that I have been home to actually enjoy the peonies bloom.

It would be wonderful if peonies could be bred for continuous blooming like some varieties of lilacs have been.

Lilacs are nice too, but they are common up here in Anchorage.

 Peonies are more like a rare truffle.

I had truffles once. I mean to say, I had real truffles made by expert chocolatiers.

My dear friend was in New York City visiting his sister when he happened to broadcast mention on Facebook that he was shopping on 5th Ave, and was making a stop in Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland.

Of course after some gentle persuading on FB he brought champagne truffles back to South Carolina.

You know, it was kind of like pulling the oldest trick in the book of asking mom to do something when everyone is around…

odds are she won’t say no then. I know, I know… not very mature. LOL

I used to spend about half of each year in the Golf Capitol of the World, Myrtle Beach, SC.

Remember, I said I was gone a lot. Myrtle Beach is where I was at for work or between faux finishing classes. 

Anyway, those truffles… they were the absolute best thing I have ever tasted.

Everyone should experience them at least once in their lives.

They are such a wonderful treat. They make delightful gifts for the chocolate connoisseur lover in your life too.

That experience is one of my favorite memories with my dearest friend.

Peonies and truffles are the best way to win me over on any day that ends in Y.


This photo above is a sneak peek of a new finish that I will be sharing sometime next week.


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