Sharing My Best Organization Hack For Winter Scarves, Gloves & Hats Plus Storage Solutions

Secret weapon storage that's affordable and really works!
Who wants to deal with organizing winter attire when spring is almost here?
No one does but isn’t it wonderful to feel calm and relaxed in a tidy well-organized home?

When it comes to organization my readers told me that they look for
effective, efficient, and inexpensive storage solutions.
Guess what? Me too!

Do you wrestle with a scenario like this….
64 scarves,
43 pairs of mittens,
27 pairs of gloves,
24 beanies,
and umpteen blankets and throws that never stay organized?

 Game Changer Storage Solution

I installed 4 inexpensive curtain rods
on the inside of the door to the coat closet just for the mittens, scarves, and beanies.

The best hack for closet organizing

Round curtain rings with clips were added to the top two rods to hold
beanies and mittens together.

The 3rd and 4th-rod hold scarves.

Ideas for storing winter clothes

It took about 30-45 minutes to get the hardware installed
and another 10 minutes to hang everything.
This has worked for us for five years now and I wouldn’t change a thing!
Cost: $30

When the door opens it’s not crazy looking clutter.
It’s easy to see what matches an outfit without digging through
drawers or sifting through baskets looking for the match to a favorite pair of gloves.
That drove me nuts!

Re-rolling scarves that were hurriedly taken but clashed with an outfit and were tossed on an entry chair….
not my idea of time well spent.

It’s going on 4 years now and this scarf organization solution is still effective.
Easy closet organization hack and how to store scarves, mittens and hats
It’s amazingly easy to walk in the door and clip a hat and gloves
then loop the scarf on the rods.

If you are renting right now, this solution probably won’t make your landlords happy
but I’ve found some excellent ideas for you on Tidy Living.

How to Organize Your Scarves the Easy Way. 

Moving along now…. 🙂

Affordable Storage For Blankets & Throws

Another thing winter dwellers deal with is an enormous amount of blankets.
There are decorative ones,
every day throws,
guest room throws,
and seasonal comforters to contend with.
They are big and bulky and take up a ton of valuable closet real estate.

Enter the classic under bed storage bag!

The best deal yet at just $7.

What’s even nicer, is Zakiya and Thomas gave me a discount code
to share with my newsletter subscribers.

[optin-cat id=”4395″] Organization hacks underbed storage that is actually affordable!
Here in this bag are two of my most favorite king sized
squishy soft cuddle blankets and two smaller decorative throws.

This bag is a storage champ and delivers major savings on closet real-estate.
Look how small they fold up too.
Super convenient!

REALLY affordable home storage solutions

Believe me, when I say that I’ve tried
numerous cute storage ideas and all were colossal failures!!!

Underbed storage is a life saver for us.
I have a few more home organization ideas to share with you too.
Between now and then, check out the fantastic tips shared on Tidy Livings Blog.


A couple of my favorite are-

Spring Cleaning Tips to Help You Purge & Get Organized

How to End Closet Chaos



I’m looking for even more organizing ideas and there’s a few more I’ll be sharing soon.
Leave me a comment and tell me what your favorite organization solutions are.

Get your winter accessories organized once and for all! Best hack for storing mittens, scarves, and winter hats! Going on five years now and it's awesome!Disclaimer:
This post was compensated. Affordable storage is too good not to share!
Battling tangled scarves like a pit of snakes, the hunt for lost mittens like Indiana Jones and messes are true stories. 


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Cheryl Licht

First off, this is awesome. Totally love it. When I feel like actually organizing I will take note of your awesomeness. Secondly, you look like you live in Alaska! The struggle is real! Oh my word! Ha.