Old World Collection- faux finish part 1

Old  World  Collection

What is the Old World Collection?

 Thee  Old World Collection, is a showcase of decorative faux finishes, designed to evoke the warmth and antiquity found  throughout European design.

Historic architecture, is the design cue  for the decorative faux finishes in the Old World Collection.  Inspiration for the Old World Collection faux finishes comes from textures and colors that once were only achievable through the passage of time and exposure to the elements; exposed stone, aged plaster, patinated surfaces and rustication. 


The Old Embedded Wall is a personal favorite of mine.  The classic damask design deeply embedded within layers of plaster, coupled with earth brown colorants and complimented by the blue/gray tone, is stunning and subtle.  I am constantly drawn to this particular finish.  So much to love, texture, pattern, earthy hues with the pretty blueish patina…. love this!

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Old World Collection- “Old Embedded Wall”



Marilyn, is next up in the Old World Collection.

Martin Alan Hirsch, renowned in the trade of decorative painting and faux finishing, was the creator of this award-winning finish. After quite a few years of admiring his style and workmanship, I was finally able to attend a few workshops in his home state of Kentucky. This particular finish is also another favorite of mine.  It was love at first sight, “the one”, that drew me to this class. I’m talking about the finish, not Martin, by the way.  Martin has his very own charming version of Marilyn. Her name is Sherri. Anyway, I learned how to recreate the Marilyn finish using Faux Effects products. 

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Old World Collection- “Marilyn”

Martins inspiration for Marilyn came by way of a wall, which iconic Marilyn Monroe once was photographed in front of.  Photographer Milton Green took the photo below.

Marilyn Monroe

It was fascinating to see my fellow classmates and peers in the faux finishing industry interpreted the Marilyn finish, making it their own unique masterpiece.  As you can see, in my finish, it is not an exact replica of the wall behind Marilyn Monroe. No two Marilyn finishes were created the same.

On a side-note: The Madonna jokes are rampantly running through my head. 

I will have another post with Old World Collection decorative faux finishes.

Besides, I feel this post is long enough, and I  know people look at pictures and breeze past verbose blog posts.

( Don’t feel bad.  I don’t. I do it too.)

Plus… the font sizes keep changing on me.

 I’m a creator… not a tech guru.

…if you are, please be my friend.

Please and Thank You.



By the way, I am serious….. I need some super gifted, genius, techy, good with logos, WordPress and Photoshop kind of people in my life.  If you know of someone, send them my way.




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