Five Tips for Setting a Pretty Indoor Summer Table Setting

The summer season sure seems to be well suited for hosting all sorts of dinner gatherings and parties outdoors… but is it always ideal?  Meh, not so much.  

While blogs and magazines are pumping out perfectly beautiful seasonal entertaining and outdoor table setting ideas (all out in the pristine wilds of nature or grand backyards), I’m over here puffing on Albuterol wanting to burn nature to the ground. It’s all because of the Cottonwood floating heavily through the air picking up pollen that sends the allergies into overdrive. On top of nature doing it’s thing, the backyard has been a construction zone for quite some time due to the renovation on the deck. So, well, yeah- it’s gnarly outside.

Sometimes it’s just easier and far more convenient to keep the party indoors. If your struggles are as  real as mine are right now, surely you’ll find some inspiration here for hosting your next summer gathering indoors. Maybe this will be just what you need to warm up those creative wheels and come up with some clever ideas I haven’t even thought of yet.

Grab a notebook & jot those visions down!

Because you're invited to join something super fab!

   . . . . .d e t a i l s  a r e  b e l o w

           Indoor Summer Table Setting Tips Commences now..

Setting a summer table indoors or out can be beautiful either way. Blue table setting with blushing pink napkins.

Try moving your dining table to a new location

This window has a built-in box seat which is a perfect place to add cozy, comfortable pillows that say, “Sit. Stay awhile. Enjoy the view and the fact that you don’t have to pick Cottonwood out of your potato salad.” 

This is a great place to bring more color and texture into the scene too. Pull up the blinds, so guests have a view of the great outdoors without the nuisance of Cottonwood, heat, bugs or any number of pesky outdoor issues that plague us all during the summer. 

The newly open space where the dining room table previously sat can be converted into a conversation area for guests to mingle. 


Simple summer flower vase idea using a thrift store find  ice bucket

Bring Nature Indoors

Right now is prime time to bring fresh flowers inside and do so affordably.  The peonies were cut from my yard and mixed in with roses purchased from the grocery store. 

A few people have asked if my flower arrangements are professional and the answer is no. During the summer I clip  as many flowers as I can straight from my yard and arrange them myself in containers of all types. The one I used for this summer centerpiece is an old ice bucket that I picked up at a thrift store.

Also, check your local grocery store and ask someone in floral if they have clearance flowers available; sometimes they’re tucked behind the floral counter. Often times, I’m able to find nice bouquets marked down to 50% off. 

Indoor Summer Table Setting Tips with blue and pink

Pick a Color Theme

Adding blue to an indoor summer tablescape is soothing. I’ve never met a shade of blue that I didn’t like, except maybe Smurf blue.   This blue stemware, a favorite, gives a nod towards a bit of a nautical vibe without being overly “themey”. The chunky shape pairs beautifully with the dainty blue flowers on each dinner plate.


Romantic French country simple summer tablescape with blue and white place settings and blushing pink accents...... an usual color pairing for July 4th table decor but very calm and soothing.
Don’t Forget the Bubbly

Not only is sparkling water refreshing but it sure looks pretty as bubbles leisurely float upward, grazing the sides of glasswares in any style. Topping it off with fresh mint leaves, lemon wedges, or berries is a nice way to jazz a glass of bubbly up. A favorite of mine, and an easy no-fuss summer cocktail anyone can mix, is to add a splash of sweet summery wine followed with a dash of fruit juice to sparkling water.

Blue and white place setting ideas
 Simple & Light Summer Appetizer

There's some anatomy as to what is considered a proper arrangement of meat and cheese trays but I'm not one for rigorously following rules, except for those that adhere to a medically necessary diet. 

Boars Head salami (gluten free), sweet fresh sliced kiwi, and regular bread (GF Franz) sliced into squares for dipping or picking up pieces of cured meat are a perfect mix of salty, savory, and sweet on a warm summer day.

A little bit of plain olive oil in a small dish, topped with a three-count pour of balsamic vinegar, a pinch of sea salt and few grinds of fresh black pepper is a favorite for dipping bread. 

Using marble serving trays and cutting boards as dining table centerpieces and to serve appetizers for house guests.

The Cat’s Out of the Bag Now…

This was our July 4th tablescape. With the pink napkins and blushing pink flowers, it’s everything unexpected for a patriotic table setting but perfectly beautiful for an everyday summer table style. The large vintage flag hanging behind my version of a bar cart is all that’s needed to make a strong patriotic statement. Keeping things summery versus themed worked out perfectly this year. 


Blue and white tablescape  for July 4th idea

Like I said in the beginning, summer may be the season of all things outdoors but it isn't always ideal. Even as I'm writing now, I had to run out on the new deck because the wind kicked up and started blowing things all around. Maybe I just get nervous since it was hurricane force winds that took down half the railing on the old deck. Yes- we get hurricane force winds here in Alaska but you won't ever hear about it on the news unless Sarah Palin says something. Hee, hee. 

Bottom line- Be unique and do the unexpected! Then share it with me because I'm always down to see how people overcome challenges..... (Ahem... bloody cottonwood. Still working on that! Puff, puff, pass! The Albuterol! Silly goose, what did you think I was talking about? )

You're Invited.....

Did you jot down your ideas? Here's where you'll need them. 

A good blogging friend of mine, Mrs. Katherine, from Katherines Corner,  is hosting a fun summer tablescape blog challenge. The name of the challenge is One More Time. You'll have an opportunity to win a few prizes and make some new bloggy friends too. 

We look forward to seeing your beautiful table designs there! Please share your favorite  favorite tips for entertaining and what your ideas for styling a summer table include. Can't wait to see you soon.

You can also click on the photo below to be taken directly to Katherines Corners post all about this fun challenge. Don't delay! There is a deadline to link up and it's coming up with a quickness. 


Your comments are awesome! We do read them and look forward to replying to you.

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Love your beautiful post today! We used to have some bowls that I’d eat my cereal every morning as a kid from that same dinner plate pattern with the little blue flowers(or at least I think it is the same pattern!) made me smile when I saw the pattern!