What?! You Want Honeymoon Gifts?

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Are you kidding me? What kind of couple asks for travel gifts for their wedding? | Get some insight to what modern newlyweds are wanting and why. Explore the messy emotions the wedding guests feel in this article. | Reinvented Collection www.reinventedcollection.com

In this post, you will learn why more and more couples are veering
away from traditional wedding registries and why.

We will sort through the initial OMG Are You Kidding Me shock and all the messy feelings together using
light-hearted humor and maybe a little sarcasm.

I’m a natural when it comes to inappropriate jokes
and sarcastic remarks to make people laugh in tense situations.

We are going to gather solutions for the healthiest ways
to deal with a honeymoon gift registry when faced with one at the next wedding you’re invited to.

At the end, you will learn the reasons why I wrote this post!

HM is so I don’t have to type honeymoon registry 855 times.

Get comfortable, here we go!

If this is the first time you’ve heard of a Honeymoon Gift Registry,
believe me
I have a good understanding of what you might be thinking and feeling.

Your thoughts are racing,
you’re shocked,
and even feeling mortified!

If you’re a traditionalist who enjoys the process of lovingly selecting a gift,
choosing beautiful ribbons, coordinating bows,
and gift wrap to give something special to the loved ones in your life,
trust me
I’m right there with you!

If you feel like a wedding present should consist of things to help a young couple
begin a new life together…I hear you, loud and clear!

Upon first hearing that your loved ones registered for honeymoon gifts and not a new

Kitchen Aid Mixer Vegetable Spiralizer, 

an egg separator ,

a peach, pear, apple, strawberry slicer
or a
Spaghetti Ice Cream Maker

you might feel confused!

Maybe even weirded out,


and just a little awkward.

Several unless Kitchen gadgets or gift ideas for eccentric couples

Now that you hopefully had a little giggle over the spaghetti ice cream maker,
let’s dig deeper into the why’s, how’s, history, and solutions for giving wedding gifts when a non-traditional registry is involved.

Who Wants a Honeymoon Registry & Why?

It all starts with the inescapable changing needs of society.

Whether we embrace change or not, it’s something we all face and inevitably have to deal with.

Sadly, I think our generation endures change far more frequently than any other generation before us ever did.

No one escapes unscathed.
No one gets a pass.
Not even happily in love, soon-to-be-married couples.

The fact is, people are marrying
later in life, than they did in years previous.

According to The Washington Post, the  average age for marriage
has gone up from ages 20-22 to an average age of 27-29.

Subsequently, couples marrying closer to age 30 and older are combining two fully furnished homes.

Think about it…

That’s a whole LOT of two of everything,
-and maybe-
The beginning of a path to starring on an episode of Hoarders Buried Alive.

giphy copy

Simply put-

Traditional gift registries don’t work for some couples.
Instead, modern-day couples are opting for non-traditional registries.

Truth be told, honeymoon registries aren’t new at all.

They have been around since the 1990’s and were only available through travel agencies.

Some of the first businesses dedicated to offering registries for honeymoons actually opened in 2005.

Some examples of the types of gifts found on a HM might include-
fun excursion packages, scuba-diving lessons, quiet dinners for two, a bottle of wine,
couples massage, even beach towels or bottled water.


Tapas Dining

 Setting aside all personal feelings and doing some careful consideration,

Here’s what I concluded

This type of gift registry allows wedding guests an opportunity to give a gift that
contributes to the creation of memories.

It also provides newlyweds with an opportunity to enjoy new experiences together.

….After all, memories last a lifetime and experiences are what makes them possible.

New oven mitts and potholders??
…not so memorable.
From this perspective, a honeymoon registry doesn’t seem as confusing or weird as it initially did.

[bctt tweet=”Memories last a lifetime & experiences are what makes them possible- What? You Want Honeymoon Gifts??? ” username=”Olivia_Designs”]

gold-lineEven with a positive perspective, logic, and societal changes supporting why couples are
deviating from traditional wedding gifts, the fact is, some
wedding guests will still have reservations about buying a honeymoon gift.

And you know what, it’s perfectly okay to feel this way.

You are not discounted because of your feelings.

After painting a perfectly optimistic picture of how great a HM is,
you might be wondering why it sounds like I’m backtracking?

How Some Wedding Guests Feel About Honeymoon Gifts

Because, despite this newfound understanding,
I remain uncomfortable with purchasing a honeymoon gift.

These feelings have nothing to do with whether or not a traditional gift
registry vs. honeymoon registry is right or wrong.

 Both types of registries have undeniable merits

At the same time, wedding gift registries and honeymoon gift registries both have
preposterous gift requests on them.

Couples massage? Dinners for two? Um. No. 

Hello, chicken-cup-egg-separator and spaghetti ice cream maker. By it yourself, yo!

Believe me, there are even more bizarre kitchen gadgets than those.
Check out the Oreo Dipper,
Finger Food Plates,
and a Twirling Spaghetti Fork
for eating ice cream.

All joking aside-

What makes me uncomfortable is the intimate and personal nature of  honeymoon gifts.

After reading through wedding forums I learned there are others who feel the same way too.

But, that begs the question of what to do about a wedding gift??

Instead of Buying Gifts For Their Honeymoon….


There are a couple of options-

I suggest asking close friends of the bride and groom if there may be a limited traditional registry.

There’s always a chance there is one.
What kinds of gifts can be purchased for a wedding when a honeymoon gift registry makes you uncomfortable?

You can choose not to give a gift.
Wedding gifts are not expected, but they are thoughtful

You can do what I did.
-Give the newlyweds cash inside of a pretty card.

Through research, I found a couple of positive websites that provide answers for
modern day etiquette regarding wedding gifts.

Honeyfund is an excellent resource for answering questions about
gift giving etiquette.

Kevin Dion, from Hack Your Honeymoon, wrote an in-depth article-
How Do Honeymoon Registries Work?

These sites should provide answers to some of your questions and put your mind at ease.


So where did my brother and his wife go on their honeymoon?

They visited Rome, Venice, and Florence, Italy.
From there they went to Mykonos and Santorini, Greece, then to Turkey.

Since their wedding theme was focused on wine, they did some wine tasting in Italy.
What a treat that was!

The enjoyed  seeing marvelous architecture, fine foods, learned how wine is made and so much more.

Here are some of their HM photos.

Honeymoon Registry

When it was all over, they came home to their fully furnished home,
laden with stories to be told for years to come.

Their travels are filled with memories that they will cherish forever.

They truly enjoyed the trip of a lifetime together.

If you are wondering where to book a honeymoon adventure,
complete with a gift registry, Wayne Griffin Travel & Cruise can handle all the details.

One detail I forgot to mention earlier-
The flights and cruise packages were purchased solely by my brother.
I feel I need to clarify that so there isn’t any confusion.

Their honeymoon registry was strictly for gifts that they would enjoy using or doing on their trip.

I hope by sharing my thoughts you have a new perspective and insight that
will  alleviate harsh words and long-time rifts among family and friends.

When I read through wedding forums, I was appalled at the behavior and seething commentary.
Hence, why I didn’t bother with linking to those places.

Traditions change.

Sometimes they evolve or go out of fashion altogether.

Being courteous, polite, and respectful never goes out of fashion.

Receiving an invitation to anyone’s wedding is a high honor.

It means you are an important part of their life.

They love you. You love them.

Friends are family.
Family….well, they’re family!

That’s what matters!

If you read this entire blog post… I applaud you.

I strongly felt that all sides needed to be represented in this honeymoon registry debacle.

It’s written from a place of love and compassion for everyone going through the wedding process.

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Being over 40 and having owned 2 houses and lived on my own for 20+ years, I think that a honeymoon registry is a very viable idea. I know that if and when I ever do settle down again, I will be blending my fully stocked life with the fully stocked life of another adult who should have all of his own things. Getting more “stuff” seems a bit wasteful and even the idea throws me into panic wondering where I would manage to store more things that are likely to sit in my cupboards but for once or twice… Read more »