Grateful Giveaway- How To Get Found Now & A Holiday Craft

Thanksgiving is just one week away and like many of you I have been busy preparing for the arrival of family and friends. In the midst of all the holiday preparations, I have also been working on quite a few other projects, which includes these frosted pinecones. I am going to share a DIY tutorial, but first, right here is where anyone who is not a blogger, e-commerce, online shop owner, or small business owner might want to skip ahead to the DIY tutorial at the bottom of this post.

Get Found on Pinterest E-Course.

For those that have continued to read- I am hosting a fantastic giveaway for one person in our blogging community. My friend, Feuza Reis, SEO Expert, has generously offered to gift one copy of her brand new Pinterest SEO Workbook & E-Course to one of my readers. I am going to include a set of these handmade frosted pinecones as a part of the giveaway, too.

This Grateful Giveaway is an open invitation to anyone operating a blog, e-commerce shop or website. If you allow pinning from your website or blog and if you want to learn what actionable steps should be taken to get your products or services to show up in a Pinterest search, this giveaway is for you.Grateful Giveaway- Holiday craft & one digital copy of Pinterest SEO Workbook & E-course by Feuza Reis

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Did you know that Pinterest has Buy Now buttons available on all mobile devices? The Buy Now button is on its way to desktops as soon as Black Friday. Since Pinterest doesn’t charge a fee for utilizing the Buy Now shopping cart, Pinterest is ideal for sellers. The Pinterest SEO Workbook & E-Course teaches you how to do this. This book is written in such a way that us non-techy lingo folks can understand. The bottom line is this, Pinterest is where the buyers and shoppers are at. If you’re not there, you are missing out on vital opportunities for your business and for your blogging career.

Pinterest SEO will help you get found for your products and services. Learn how to utilize Pinterest SEO so you can be found, too. Pinterest SEO Workbook and E-Course, 122 pages, 7 modules, and private group page , breaks down all this tech junk in simple, easy, terms. Go Get Found with Feuza Reis

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DIY Frosted Pinecones



Faux Snow

(Department 56 is what I used)

Clear Drying Glue

White Acrylic Craft Paint

1-2 Chip Brushes

( one for glue | one for paint)

Hot Glue Gun

Floral Wire

Wire Cutters

Optional: 2 bowls (1 for glue | 1 for paint)

(look below the written instructions for a visual)

Brush pinecones with the white craft paint allowing ample time for the paint to dry.

Next pour a generous amount of glue into a container then generously brush glue all around the pinecone being sure to get glue in the nooks and crannies of the pinecone.

Generously roll or pour faux snow all around the pinecone. Give them frosted pinecones at least a few hours to dry.

Cut floral wire to a length of 4-5-inches. This isn’t a precise measure. You will need enough length on the wire so that after the wires wrap around a tree branch or garland the ends can be secured by twisting the wires. After you have cut the desired length, using your forefinger in the middle of the wire, then bend the wire into the shape of a U.

Once everything has fully cured on your frosted pinecones, flip them upside down and squeeze a dime size amount of hot glue on the bottom. Wait a few seconds for the glue to cool off a bit then stick your floral wire deep into the glue. *tip-tea cups holding the pinecones makes it easier to affix the wire. Give the glue about one minute to begin to thicken before sliding the wire in the pool of hot glue.

Your new frosted pinecones are ready to be attached to a Christmas tree or pretty holiday garlands soon as the glue is dry.

Step-by-step photo for DIY flocked pinecones and a fantastic giveaway for a Pinterest SEO E-course that will help you get crafts, products and items found on Pinterest when people are doing searches for things like this. Holiday Craft is one of the SEO terms that should be in the written description when you are pinning images

Frosted Pinecones DIY | Learn how to get your crafts, products, and services found on Pinterest by entering the giveaway to win a digital copy of Pinterest SEO workbook & E-course by Feuza Reis

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Marie A.
Marie A.

Hi, I followed you on Pinterest. I’d love to win the SEO prize and the Pinterest prize. I’m new to blogging, so these two resources would be very valuable. Thanks for the chance. And, HAPPY HOLIDAYS 🙂

Jennifer tallerico

Excited about the giveaway-I followed you on FB and Pinterest!


Hi, guys!

Great post for both the Pinterest SEO stuff and for the lovely DIY!

I could totally use both in my life right now and would really love to win this giveaway. I know Fueza knows her stuff! ♡

I followed on Pinterest and Facebook, but not Twitter.

I am at and


Lori McCullough
Lori McCullough
An avid stalker of Fuse, she turned me on to Reinvented Collection and I’M SO GLAD!!! Following both of you on FB, Pin, TW . Getting my website creator tomorrow … I’ve resigned myself to having to delegate SOME things. Creating my own was taking too much energy, and not allowing me to finish building my e-program and photography business. Launching a FABULOUS new project in 2016 … “Calm and Confident” .. a comprehensive course for women who need a self-esteem boost, an e-angel to walk her through tough times, help her build confidence in herself and her future, her… Read more »

so excited about this giveaway and craft! I also happy we have connected, SEO fairy Godmother with Design Queen equals a great combo!


I am Lisa and I am now stalking both of you on all social media platforms
I am new blogger but I have been creating painted furniture pieces for almost 3 years.