Gluten Free Low Country Boil Recipe With Free Printable Recipe

Looking for a fantastic Low Country Boil with a kick?
You’re in the right place!

If you’ve never had this delicious meal, you’re in for a treat but just in case you
have no idea what this is here’s a few other names that might sound familiar-
Beaufort Stew, Shrimp Boil, Seafood Boil.

Then there’s this one- Frogmore Stew.
Minus any frogs in the recipe, because that would be gross!
My recipe is just called a Cajun Low Country Boil.

 Like the various names for a Low Country Boil there are also few variations in recipes.
The main ingredients in all boils is potatoes, corn, onions, sausage.
In the southern states, crawfish and shrimp are the main seafood choice.
In the northeastern states, clams, crab, and shrimp are popular choices.
Depending on the region, the seasoning also differs.

What’s so special about your recipe?

• It’s naturally 100% gluten free AND dairy free!
No weird ingredients here!

• It’s Cajun flavored deliciousness in one pot or maybe two!
More about that in a minute.

• I created a FREE printable recipe just for you!

•The Cajun LCB is one of my MOST popular posts for 2-years straight!

• People that eat regular diets (gluten and dairy filled) LOVE when I make this gluten free recipe.
That’s a pretty big deal and warms my heart!

• Plus, I do have Celiac disease and taste testers who eat
regular diets that try all my recipes many times before I will ever share them with you.

• This recipe is a favorite among family and friends.
Oops.. I already said that.

Here’s a list what you will find in this post:
-Recipe first
-What types of pots you will need to cook a LCB. (affiliates included)
-How to set the table in a traditional southern style and how I set a table.
-Special instructions for Celiacs and NCGI peeps.
-BONUS is a beautiful PDF Printable Recipe for your cookbook

Looking for a summer recipe with convenient one pot cooking? This southern favorite, Low Country Boil recipe, will be your families favorite too! | FREE PRINTABLE Too! YUM!

tablescape for traditional low country boil

The Cajun Low Country Boil Recipe….

Visuals first….. because everyone needs a good visual, right? 

food ingredients

You will need
EITHER two 8-quart stockpots OR one giant 16-quart or 1 very large pot!
If two stock pots are used divide the food ingredients evenly between the pots AND make 2 batches of seasoning mix.
If one pot is used- Double the seasoning mix.
Got all that?
Don’t worry, your printable includes this info.

Cajun Low Country Boil Ingredients    Serves 6-8 people 

1 bag red potatoes
2-3 sweet yellow onions
4 lemons
3-4 ears of corn
2 packages Aidells Andouille sausage
2 packages smoked sausage
2 pounds shrimp

Prep Food Ingredients:
-Quarter 4 Lemons
-Cut Onions in Wedge shapes
-Slice Sausages 2-3 Inches in Length
-Slice Potatoes into Quarters

photo collage

1 Tbs. Black Peppercorns
1- 1/2 C. Old Bay Seasoning
3 Whole Bay Leaves
1/4 C. plus 2 Tbs. Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

[[Mix 2 batches of seasoning mix in separate bowls. One batch per pot]

Prepping the broth:
-Heavily salt the water. It should be overly salted to the point of over salted.
-Add Old Bay Seasoning and Bay Leaves, Peppercorns,
Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Quarters, Onions

Bring to a gentle boil.
Lower temp to simmer while prepping food ingredients.

Cooking Directions:
-Drop your quartered red potatoes into the pot -cook 5-7 minutes
-Drop your corn on the cob in the pot – cook 5-7 minutes
-Drop sausages in- cook  5 minutes
-Shrimp- cook until pink
Drain liquid stock and serve.

Pots for Cooking Low Country Boil

I recently had messages from readers asking what kind
of stock pot is best for cooking seafood boil and what size pot I use.

Before I had the fryer set-up with a giant steam pot
I got buy with using two pots exactly like these Caphalon pots.
The colander and steamer insert is so convenient!

It’s so much easier to lift the insert out of the pot than it is
straining piping out food and boiling liqids into a stand alone colander.
It drives me crazy when they topple over into the sink and there goes food down the drain.

This pot is a can’t-live-without-it kind of favorite!
I use it almost on a weekly basis for pasta, soups and homemade spaghetti sauce.

(affiliate link)
•Caphalon Classic Stainless Steel Stock Pot w/ steamer and pasta insert

Now, I use this awesome turkey fryer.
Last summer we purchased this set up just to cook  the boils.
We  also use the fryer at Thanksgiving to deep fry our Cajun injected turkeys.
This huge steamer is far more efficient than using an oven to steam cook Alaskan King Crab legs.
It is the best purchase ever and something I can’t live without!

(affiliate link)
Backyard Pro Turkey Fryer / Steamer Kit Stainless Steel


One of my readers couldn’t find Old Bay Seasoning in her local grocery store.
For convenience, I’m including an affiliate link, also available for Prime shipping.
Old Bay is gluten free. I messaged them directly to ask. is a reliable place to check too.

Old Bay Seasoning

Southern seafood boil in one pot
Ideas for Condiments

You can serve cocktail sauce, sliced lemons, clarified butter, and hot sauce in a few pretty dishes.
Down below I’ve shared the traditional southern way of setting a table to serve a seafood boil and my way.

sides and condiments

How to Set the Table & Serve a Low Country Boil

When serving a boil it’s a southern tradition to dump the boil down the center of the table on top of layers of newspapers. That doesn’t work for me and isn’t how I choose to serve a seafood boil. There’s just far too much mystery with wondering who touched the papers, did they wash their hands, and where did those bloody papers land in a yard?!? I do love tradition but in this instance tossing tradition aside keeps my anxiety in check.

I use large Ironstone serving platters for the boil and set the table with every day dinner plates, real flatware, and real glasses.  Paper plates would be much easier clean up but I prefer to dine on real dishes. You can use whichever one you prefer and works best for your needs. If you are hosting a big backyard bash, I’d strongly suggest using paper plates and always set out paper napkins, along with a roll of paper towels and wet naps.

Important Details for People With Celiac & Gluten Intolerance

•Apple Cider vinegar takes the place of beer.

•Old Bay Seasoning is gluten free.

•Aidells brand Andouille sausage is Celiac safe.
To confirm safety issues on Aidells brand go to: Allergen Information

• Need more GF sausage recommendations?
Check out this list of brands that are gluten free.

•Hemplers sausage is gluten free also.
It’s my go-to brand and a favorite because it’s flavorful and tastes completely normal.


white serving platters


Click the photo below for your FREE recipe printable. 

Free recipe printable for a delicious Cajun style Low Country Boil from a southern raised blogger that lives with Celiac disease. Even people with regular diets can't get enough of this boil.


king crab from Alaska

On a side note, these are Alaskan King Crab legs.   They were wrapped in foil and steamed in the oven. Now that I have the large outdoor fryer I can steam crab outside which is far more convenient.

Give this a try! You and you’re guests won’t be disappointed!



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(Updated 5/17) I came to realize that my recipe needed an update, more clarity, and better overall explanations after readers emailed me with questions.

This post contains affiliate to links to products that I use regularly and think will be beneficial and helpful to you. Full disclusure policy is available here.



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Do u really use a cup and a half of old bay seasoning? Just wanting to clarify. I’m making this this weekend

This is one of our favorite summer dinners! 🙂 It was great to see your variations and tips on this recipe. Does the vinegar add any flavor to the food? I usually just use water and Old Bay, and that’s it. Since I’m from the NW, we sometimes add in crab, but we stick to the traditional recipe most of the time. I’ve not done newspaper either, mostly because of the ink. Brown craft paper is ok, but I usually just use our platters too 🙂 I’m hungry for this now….I think I may need to add it to our… Read more »

This sounds divine! Thank you for sharing it with us at THT.

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