One winner will receive a copy of the book The Inspired Room and $200 Cash ( via Paypal)

The Inspired Room by Melissa Michaels is much more than just a coffee table book of beautiful interior design photos. While the photos are lovely to look at, the writing style is pragmatic with numerous sensible tips and ideas that will help define your decorating style, as well as a variety of approaches to creating and curating a beautiful, inspiring home for all budgets.

Welcome to the Inspired Home book giveaway.

Giveaway to win The Inspired Room by Melissa Michaels and $200 in cash. This books is a practical guide to home decor on a budget as well as a fantastic source for home decor inspiration ideas and DIY decor that is feasible for all budgets. To enter the drawing 46 opportunities to win

What do you think of when you hear the words inspired home?

For me, those words conjure up images of homes that have a collected over time sense of style.  It is a home that reflects the personalities and lifestyles of the people who are doing life within those walls.  An inspired home is more about filling a home with beautiful things that are intentional as well as functional and less about filling a space for the sake of not having an empty room.A guide to practical decorating and home decor with Melissa Michaels book- The Inspired Room. Simple Ideas to Love the Home You Have. Giveaway to win one copy of this beautiful book along with a Visa cash card.

Most encouragingly, Melissa mentions the importance of giving ourselves grace. We, women, tend to allow room for imperfection in others but often forget to allow open space and gentleness with ourselves too. As women, we are far to hard on ourselves. I like how Melissa rallies behind women encouraging them to be the messy and imperfect beautiful creatures that we are and to enjoy the journey of creating a home.

I have enjoyed this book and I think you will too which is why I’m joining Katherines Corner for her newest giveaway. This month’s giveaway is sponsored by Katherines Corner , Simple Nature Decor and some sweet bloggy friends.

The Inspired Room was voted Readers’ Favorite Decorating Blog by Better Homes & Garden’s magazine two years in a row, 2015 and 2014! Melissa Michaels is also a New York Times best-selling author of Love the Home You Have.

The Inspired Room is a fantastic book with budget friendly ideas for home decor. Ideas for making your home a tranquil sanctuary that is inviting to your guests. The details for entering the giveaway can be found on

The cash prize is provided by Katherine, Maria and some wonderful bloggy friends

Fantastic giveaway of The Inspired Room coffee table book by Melissa P. Michaels, plus a bonus of $200 Visa. Check out all of the details at

Katherine- Katherines Corner

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  1. Well my Computer is on it’s last legs so I’d use it towards that. It would be a welcome good start for it.

  2. Received your email newsletter asking what we’d like to see more of? I’d love to see more giveaway’s myself. For kitchen items, decorating items… Thanks!

    1. Hello Barb,
      Giveaways are something that I do with a group of bloggers. I don’t choose the items, but when they fit the topics of my blog I will pay the fees to participate and host a giveaway that would be of interest to my loyal readers. If something comes up for kitchen and decorating items I will always consider those since it pertains to the content that I usually share. 🙂

      Thank you for sharing what is on your wish list. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Barb.

  3. What an inspirational book !! That’s peaceful enough ~ but with $200 I could pay the electric bill too! Brilliant marketing to some fabulous #SuccessChicks

  4. I would use the paypal cash to buy a new desk for my living room.

  5. I really like the Crystal Cross, Bride Bouquet Charm, Christian Wedding, Bouquet Accent from Keepsakes by Katherine.