French Mantle

Seasonal French mantle

Today begins the daunting task of taking down and storing anything that is overtly Christmas related.  I do keep up a few wreaths and small trees decorated with warm, golden twinkle lights.  Some of the evergreens will stay in place as well.

During our long, gray winters, with little sunshine peeking through the clouds, it is nice to have some greenery and lights to spruce things up a bit.

…….It’s my way of beating the post-holiday blues.

One area that I’m keeping almost as is will be the mantle.  unnamed

The greenery pictured here is a blend of faux and real greens.  The live greens are a mixture of various types of eucalyptus and bay leaves. But after a month on display, it’s safe to say they now are dry winter greens.


I  have a strong penchant for drying just about anything that allows for it. Fresh flowers can get a bit pricey up here in Narnia Alaska.

It is pretty safe to say that I am a tiny bit envious of bloggers who have access to reasonably priced flower markets and Trader Joes.


 This year, oxidized, aged brassy golds held my interest.


Natural and neutral with pops of color is my style.

French,  Gustavian,  Swedish styles tug at my heart-strings.

This mantle vignette turned out with a Frenchy flair.

… least in my humble opinion it did.



All-in-all, this mantle vignette is a favorite among the many ways that I have reconfigured holiday mantle decor over the years.  Sans the vintage glass balls, it will carry over nicely for a winter mantle. I do like when decorating schemes have seasonal versatility.  I have some winter decorating plans to get under way.

I do hope you have a safe New Years Eve.  I wish you the happiest, healthiest, and most successful of New Years.


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Love it!!