Unique Places To Find Halloween Decorating Ideas & A Look At My Frenchy Decor w/DIY Video

Halloween is creeping up on us…. and one thing I’ve heard quite
a few people say is that they would love to decorate but are lacking time.
I totally get it!

Between decorating for seasonal changes,
then one holiday after another, and prepping for family gatherings,
things can be a little stressful for even the best of us, but it doesn’t have to be.

I promise!!!

I’ve recently received some messages from the sweet
folks who read my blog asking if I would share more how-to information
and share more about where I find inspirational ideas from beyond Pinterest.

So I’m going to share a quick 1 minute DIY video
and share details about what inspires my Halloween style.

Spooky and elegant Halloween decor ideas with skulls and flowers.


 Let’s Kick It Off With Halloween On The Mantel

This look is super simple to achieve.
The best part is it’s inexpensive and can be used year after year.
Gilded Mirror Elegant Halloween Decor On The Mantel With A Bucket Of Flowers & Creepy Spider Decor | Reinvented Collection

 Crows, spiders, and preserved flowers
are one of my favorite things to decorate with.

The decorating possibilities for them are endless.

Just when I think I’ve lost interest in them,
I find a new way to tuck them in with everyday seasonal fall decor
which makes decorating for Halloween a cinch

Pair of black crows and vintage brass candlesticks as simple halloween decor ideas | Reinvented Collection
Where To Find Halloween Ideas & Inspiration

There are a few design styles and architectural periods that lend copious amounts of inspiration.
Gothic, Victorian, and Steampunk.

A lot of people don’t associate Gothic with French,
but Gothic architecture is indeed French.

The real name for the style is Opus Francigenum which means “the French Style”.
It originated in France in the 12 century and lasted until the 16th century.

Decorating With Witch Hats Ideas For Halloween | Halloween French Country Inspiration For Shelves | Reinvented Collection
Where Halloween Color Inspiration Comes From

Being a neutral lover at heart, who enjoys seeing a tasteful interplay of color,
the natural stone building materials in Gothic structures paired with
massive illuminated stained glass windows is inspiration for how to use color.

You can see how I interpret this here using dried florals in jewel tones
around the skull and in the witches hat that hangs off the corner of the hutch.
The hat is a costume project from a  few years back.

Gothic Halloween Decor Ideas & Victorian Halloween Inspiration | Reinvented Collection

Hollywood spins a completely different story of Gothic
with it’s dark, foreboding, creepy scenes.
Sometimes the stories are quite good.

Shows like Penny Dreadful, set in Victorian times
and classified as Gothic Fiction, are fantastic sources of decorating inspiration for me.

That’s where Victorian and Steampunk design influences my Halloween style.

Small Halloween Table Vignette | Flowers, Skeleton and Crow Decor Ideas for Halloween | Reinvented Collection

Steampunk is a fascinating relatively new design trend.

Technically it goes back as far as the 50’s-60’s
but it’s only been in the past decade or so that we are seeing it surge into popularity.

Decorated Witch Hat Idea and a GREAT Prop in the Form of a Black Lab! ha ha. Really! Sharing Quick Halloween Decor Tips & Talking about Gothic Halloween Inspiration

And there he is… Sebastian sneaking in like Waldo. He says hi to all his fans!

If you haven’t heard the term Steampunk, I can simply explain:
It’s all about mixing old and new.
Sounds kind of like French Country a little bit, huh?

Steampunk fuses the design technology of the modern age
with the philosophy and style of  the Victorian age.
In home decor, you will see metal of all types including bronze, gold, copper,
gears, pipes, clock faces….and a few other interesting details.

Think Miss. Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children
meets Harry Potter who meets Sherlock Holmes,
both old-school and new with Robert Downey Jr.

That’s the style that people are loving right now!

Mixing Victorian Fashion With Halloween

The chunky pieces of industrial metal like the little clock face
nestled into a gear with the chain around
the brim of the hat gives off an interesting Steampunk vibe in this overall
French Country Halloween vignette.

I love the feathers and fluff on the top hat too!
That is so high-fashion Victorian and I do love wearing hats!

Then there is this….

This vignette is what I’m going to show you how to assemble in the DIY video.
Easy Halloween DIY Decor Idea | Get the tutorial with a short video on www.reinventedcollection.com
It’s a little bit Day of the Dead style with the skull and flowers nestled into an Ironstone pot.
Yet, it’s still a French Country look for Halloween.

French Country Halloween Decor Ideas With A Touch Of Gothic, Victorian & Steampunk Inspired Style | DIY Halloween Decor With A 1 minute Video

Easy Halloween DIY Decor Idea | Get the tutorial with a short video on www.reinventedcollection.com

And there you have it….
You know where  I gather decorating inspiration from
and what my go-to items are that I use every Halloween.

Some years I go all out for Halloween
but this year it’s just a few touches here and there.
Time is an issue for me too.

Like I said, I get it!

That is why I put together a quick video showing step-by-step
of how I created this vignette.

The video is quick!
Putting it together not so much!
I would be so thankful if you would share it with others.

Plus, I included some links for you to shop the look.

Halloween DIY Decor With A Short 1 minute video on how to get the look | Reinvented Collection |


Watch the 1 Minute DIY to create this look in 5 minutes or less.


Boom! See how easy it is to create an amazing vignette!?

Even if you don’t have an ironstone pot, think basket or large mixing bowl.
One of those clever wood box DIY’s would work too!

Using anyone of those containers would work to
make a great Halloween centerpiece for your dining table too!

Put a couple of candelabras on each of the table or a grouping of candlesticks in varying heights.
Maybe march them up the center of the table and
plop this guy center stage nestled onto some excess moss with a sprinkling of rose petals and buds?

What do you think?
Do you see the same vision in your mind’s eye that I do?

Shopping Guide For Halloween

Here is a list of the supplies that you will need to get the look on the mantel.
(affiliate links)

Black Spider

Trick Or Treat Tabletop Sign

Brass Candle Holders

Black Birds

6 Black Birds (great bargain)

To create the look on the shelves and side table you will need:

Skull  |  Moss Flat Sheets  | White Faux Pumpkins 6
(Spanish Moss looks great too!)

Wheat Garden Bunch or Preserved Wildflower
   Forget-Me-Not Blooms
Preserved Eucalyptus

Fresh flowers will work wonderfully too! Just pop them in and leave them to dry.
I included a variety of preserved flowers in this handy shopping guide
just to give you an idea of what I would use in my home year-round.

Thanks for hanging around.
I hope you find a new path of creative inspiration to style your home for Halloween.


French Halloween Ideas


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Rhonda Hallstrom

Olivia, once again you’re amazing


I like how you tucked the scary Halloween items into the things you already have out. It is pretty with a spooky look.


I never really thought of Gothic as being “French” but now I remember from my art history class in college that you are totally right! I prefer the gothic/Victorian spin you have here for Halloween! Really quite lovely, some spooky but not scary, and with a French spin!


This post. Seriously! Amazing!