French Country Halloween Decor and Ideas

What is your Halloween style?

Is it fun and cute? Spooky?

Mysterious? Sinister and gory?

Eerie and creepy?

Maybe your style is all about the freakish and bizarre?

Do you lean toward decorating with supernatural beings and mystical elements?

Do tell me what your Halloween decor and ideas are that inspire your decorating style?

Okay! Enough with all the questions!

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This witch hat pictured below was designed by me. I just love it! 

My style of decorating borders on mysterious,

slightly eerie with a dash of mysticism,

and just the right amount of cutesy mixed in so that it doesn’t feel ghastly and frightening.
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My Halloween style is influenced by a quite a bit more than what is available on store shelves.
Much of my inspiration comes from historical architectural design styles.

French Country Halloween Decor Ideas With Black Crows, Spanish Moss, Vintage Bottles for Mantel | Click here to get more ideas www.reinventedcollection.comEverywhere we look in design and decor, in magazines,
online, editorial columns, and op-eds we see fabulous French design with
a heavy focus on French Country.

One particular architectural style that receives little attention is French Gothic and Victorian.
The oversight probably has more to do with what the current trends are, though.

Did you know the term Gothic originated as an insult? Yep.
Be that as it may, Notre Dame Cathedral is the most prolific work of French Gothic Architecture.
It’s stunning!

Who isn’t mesmerized by the details and craftsmanship?
I would like to see this style come back onto the design scene.


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I could write a series blog post on how amazing French Gothic architecture is.

I might consider doing just that considering I still have every single paper I wrote for my classes.
I’m not sure how well received this information might be.

 I  have a few sources that serve to creatively inspire and influence
my Halloween decorating style.

Shows like Penny Dreadful,
The Originals,
and Salem
are just a few period shows that I enjoy.

I have always had a peculiar fascination with period dress
and set design used in these types of shows and movies.

I do love the dark moodier design styles.

Halloween gives me just the reason to bring some of that into my home and have fun with it.

Cool Halloween Ideas for an elegant look that is Country Halloween Decor but French Country too! | Reinvented Collection Buying massed produced Halloween decor isn’t something I do very often,
but there are a few things that will tug at my heart strings and speak to me.

I buy what speaks to me…. for instance the black crows!
Those little guys have been and will continue to be a favorite amongst my Halloween decor.
They are creepy-cute.
Decorating with crows Halloween Ideas That Work For Gothic Halloween Ideas too!

The only thing I did was laid a bed of moss, a few Baby Boo pumpkins,
filled a couple of small white cream dishes with dried flowers,
popped in a couple of crows and a few candles.

Halloween must have candles.
I think that might even be a decorating rule.

This took all of 10-15 minutes to put together.

French Country Halloween Decor and Ideas | Great Idea For Decorating With Baskets For Halloween

Of course, I mentioned in my last post,
 10 Tips for Decorating Your Thanksgiving Dining Table,
how much I adored Spanish Moss.

Halloween French Gothic

If you missed that, you definitely want to check it out.

Happy Halloween!!

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Rhonda Hallstrom

Simply gorgeous!! so many great ideas

Designing Vibes

I love your take on Halloween decor. Beautiful imagery. Thanks for sharing!


Thank you Erica. 🙂