Dreaming of a French Blue Christmas… Part 1 of My Holiday Home Tour

French holiday home decoratingWelcome to Part 1 of my holiday home tour.
Before we get started with a look around,
I am joining Jennifer Rizzo’s link party for the Holiday Housewalk Tour.
This is a real treat with over 30 homes to see this year!
Holiday Housewalk 2016 Link Party

Last year, within a matter of days following Christmas,
I had the holiday look planned for 2017
and it all began with finding the perfect set of ornaments.

Not just any ornaments either…

I’m talking about a beautiful set of vintage Krebs ornaments in
that perfect shade of wintery blue.
Dainty, shimmery scrolling floral patterns,
a band of plush, velvety ribbon trim, and a sprinkling of gold….
it was love at first sight!

Blue and white Christmas decor ideas.This year I was finally able to create a romantic
French Country Christmas home that I’ve always wanted!

Ten years of plotting, collecting, and dreaming of this style, and it all finally came together!
Living in Alaska takes an abundance amount of patience on many levels,
but especially in the shopping deparment!
We don’t have a wide array of shopping or options here.
No Home Goods,
TJ Maxx, Marshalls,
World Markets, Tuesday Morning,
and not even one Ross in a state that is the size of nearly 2/3 of the Lower 48!

Can you imagine that?
I know… it’s a scary thought!

Frenchy blues, white, champagne golds,
and silver are all throughout the living and dining room.

Here’s a delightful shot of  one of those fabulous
Krebs ornaments that decorate my main tree.

Dreaming of a blue Christmas? Vintage Christmas ornaments by KrebsI’ve added a few more sentimental vintage touches to the main Christmas tree too.
The brass trumpets and violin ornaments were my grandmothers.
I will treasure them forever!

The ornaments are a sweet remembrance of both my grandmother and father.
They both were accomplished musicians that played an extraordinary large variety of instruments.

Cozy white Christmas throw pillows

As I mentioned earlier, my holiday
look was planned within a few days following Christmas….

It was a suprise to learn that Pantone’s Color(s) of the Year for 2017
was Rose Quartz and Serenity!
(pink and blue)

Being more of a do what I love, than a gotta have it because it’s new
and trendy kind of gal, learning I was on point for a trend was foreign feeling for me.

Eventually, I got over it and embraced the colors of the year with a bit of enthusiasm.
I have those colors in my home on a year round basis anyway
so why not?

The colors of the year made finding the perfect shades of blue and blush ribbons
far easier than if it the Colors of the Year were green.
(btw- Greenery is Pantones  Color of the Year in 2017)

I’m totally cool with Pantone copying my idea too. 😉

Blush pink Christmas gift wrap by Target StyleThese pretty little blush and gold gift bags and boxes are from Target.

This same photo is featured on Targets Awesome Shop.
They found my Instagram photo and asked to publish it.
I was suprised, humbled, over the moon happy….

You can shop the gift wrap look here- Awesome Shop  and see my photo too. 🙂

It has been a few days since this happened.
I’m still feeling astonished that Target thought my photo of their pretty
Christmas gift packaging was good enough to use on their website.
Truly, I am awed.

Elegant Christmas mantle decor ideas from a French Country Christmas home tour

This photo of my Christmas mantle is my very favorite photo ever!

Plenty of fresh cedar garland, blue spruce, and juniper are scattered throughout our home.
I’ve mixed in a favorite and realistic looking faux garland that you will see in just a bit.

Natural Cedar pine garland sweeps this French Country mantle, paired with brocade ribbons, filled with old world charm.This vintage chaise lounge was moved out from the bedroom next to the fireplace.
It will be put to good use enjoying a toasty fire and a good book.

Cherub angel all dressed up for viewing on French Country holiday mantle.
Here’s my sweet Sebastian gving me the look…..
Those big sweet eyes are asking if I’m almost finished taking photos.
I promised him I was.
Especially since the light is quickly fading and it will be dark at 3:30 in the afternoon.

Dogs in Decor at Christmas   A few more touches of frosty Frenchy blue are pulled in with the throw pillow from Pier One.
The cream colored Jingle pillow is from Michaels.

The modern marble tray with brushed gold is
another fabulous Target purchase from their Threshold line.

Simple Christmas coffee table centerpiece idea


Easy holiday coffee table centerpiece with juniper in a frosty blue floral pot, metallic brushed gold and marble tray, with a stack of vintage tea saucers to use as coasters.
The dining table has a simple every day functional centerpiece.

I’ve stacked a vintage brass tray and an Ironstone platter
for a layered look and filled it in with a collection of
dried florals along with a handful of flocked pinecones that I made.

Juniper clippings rest in few lighly tarnished silver goblets.

An updated tutorial for the pinecones is coming soon
but you can find the current one on the bottom over at-
Grateful Giveaway.  

Simple natural Christmas dining centerpiece for everyday decor during the holiday season.
Here’s a look at a brand new flocked tree.
I will share more of this and the unique way I decorated underneath it in a separate post.
Fabulous flocked Christmas tree decorated with glass icicyles
Over here on my DIY china cabinet you will find more silver goblets and juniper repeated,
along with old and new pieces of white dishwares.
Check out the- Before & After here. 

A different set of vintage Krebs ornaments in gold and cream,
along with a smidgeon of mercury glass in the stemmed candle
holders atop are nestled into my favorite faux pine garland.

Do those little ivory birds look familiar to you?
Remember the beautiful French Country baby shower I decorated a while back?
Yep! That’s where you saw them first.
You can visit that post here.
Understated elegant Christmas decor for shelves.

Christmas China cabinet in a French Country style. Please forgive the peculiar cast in the photo here.

When the sun doesn’t rise until 11 a.m and sets at 3:30 during the winter,
coupled with heavily overcast days for weeks on end, photography can be a bit challenging.

Thankfully, I’m learning more and more helpful  photography tricks each year.
The close up shots more than make up for the weirdness in the full photo.

Looking for Christmas shelves decorating ideas for a French Country Cottage Christmas look?

Holiday Hutch
We are nearing the end of my holiday living room tour.
There is more Christmas home touring to come, though.

Here’s a peek at what you’ll find on the way into the master bedroom.

This vignette was inspired by my friend who is a music teacher.
Vintage sheet music and an old book with a few more vintage Krebs ornaments.

Simple Shabby Chic French Christmas vignette ideas
Before we go, just one more photo.

The simplicity of naked wreath tied with one droopy satin ribbon is always a seasonal favorite.
Simple wreath DIY.
Stay tuned.

There is more of my holiday home to see!
The master bedroom,
a new flocked tree
front porch decor are on the agenda.
(oops ran out of time to get the porch together… negative 2 didn’t help matters. Brrr!)

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Christmas Joy


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Thank you for spending time with me today.

I hope you found something to inspire you and you’ll tell me all about it in the comments.
Merry Christmas and many blessings to you and yours.

 French Country Christmas Home Tour
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Just gorgeous! I put bows on everything – I love your idea of the pinecone garland. I may go out and change things! The vintage ornaments are so precious.


Hi Lisa,
Bows are a favorite around here. Sometimes I can a little crazy with them. LOL. Pinecones are so awesome because they work so well in the winter months without giving off that Christmas vibe. White, flocked, bleached… it doesn’t matter, they work so well almost year round. Okay, maybe not flocked cones in the middle of summer. They could work though.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas.

Kerryanne - Shabby Art Boutique

Oh Olivia… your look is both divine and elegant. I love it all. ♥
Thank you for sharing at Shabbilicious Friday this week. I’m delighted to be featuring this post at tomorrow’s party. Have pinned several images and now off to visit all your other Christmas posts.
Merry Christmas!!


Hi Kerryanne,
Thank you so much. It is greatly appreciated. I will be buy in just a bit to see what everyone is doing in their homes too. There are so many wonderful homes to see this year and it looks like I’ll be visiting after Christmas. Suits my fancy just fine since I love Christmas year round.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Kerryanne. oxo


Your home is so beautiful. Ten years of planning was so worth it. It’s gorgeous! You must be so happy to see it all come together. Thank you for sharing with us. Merry Christmas! Brenda

Maria Brittis

Boy! your home looks stunning, amazing job in photography and decorating for the holidays


Thank you so much, Maria.

Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors

Olivia, your home looks gorgeous adorned for Christmas. The antique ornaments are beautiful! Congratulations on your photo being featured by Target. I am so happy for you! I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend!!!

Naomi S
So pretty, Olivia! The Krebs ornaments are beautiful and just right for your French Country look. I am learning what quality items are found at Target these days. I think they have up-dated a bit from what I remember. That’s good because I think their prices are still reasonable. One of my favorite photos from this post which I posted on my Pinterest site is the little white step-back cupboard that you painted. I just love the look of it with the little skirt at the bottom. I would love to find one exactly like it–or nearly like it. It… Read more »
Laura Van Scott

Everything looks beautiful! I love the light blue ornaments…very sweet.


Your home is so lovely! I saw those pretty pink boxes at Target at it reminded me of Laduree in Paris, but I did not take them home with me (they went in and out of the cart on several occasions, but I have no where to store them for the rest of the year right now!). I love the blue and pink and your tree is beautiful!


Those boxes are amazing! They are fairly well constructed too. I did see some blue ones with gold. For a moment I thought they would be great but when I’m on a color kick I have to be cautious. Next thing I know the entire house will be blue, yellow or this one time I had red everything.


Olivia, your home and the way you have it decorated is just beautiful! And all without access to all those stores you mentioned! Love the faux garland!! Hard to believe that is artificial…it looks so real! But I wasn’t quite clear on whether “Sebastien” was the angel or the dog…LOL. Love the angel statue BTW! Congrats on Target liking your photo!!! I would be thrilled…great motivation to use IG, which I’m a little slack on. Pinned your tour.


Your home is just beautiful, I love your Christmas decorating theme this year too! Congratulations with the Target photo, makes all your hard work even better, right?


Thank you so very much, Kaycee. I definitely try to keep it nice and still comfortable. I think this theme and colors will be sticking around for a while. It has taken far to many years to get this far and just quit now. Ha ha. The Target photo is still like WOW. That was my official lackluster word of the week. Ha ha.

I wish you a Merry Christmas. 🙂