Part 2: A Cozy Look at Christmas in the Bedroom…. Umm. Hello. Of Course it’s Cozy!

Oh my goodness can you believe it’s 12 days until Christmas?
Every year it feels like time moves so quickly.
Being caught in the holiday rush isn’t high on anyones wish list, now is it?

Nope. Didn’t think so.
That’s why everyone needs a soft place to land and a spot to enjoy Christmas from bed!

My favorite place to enjoy a little Christmas twinkle and cozy up is definitely the bedroom.
Some years I do more in here and others I do less.
This year I did a little more and I love it!

I have not shared this area here on the blog
and I never shared it on my old blog back in the day, either.

The whole Alaska darkness issue I’ve mentioned
a few times makes photographing this area a pain in the neck.

This year I dove in, armed with a few more tips about shooting in the dark.
I fiddled with the camera,  then fiddled some more, and then again and again.
It took a whole lot of patience but I did it.
And here’s how it all turned out….

Last week in the first part my Holiday Home Tour
we left off with this area heading into the master bedroom.

This darling little French vanity has some merry and bright
with vintage sheet music bundled together with an old music book, a few vintage ornaments,
and tied with a barely there blushing pink satin ribbon.

French provincial desk Christmas decor idea using vintage sheet music and books.
I’ve included a dash of plaid in the ruffled seat cover too.
If you’re on Instagram, you should join me along with four other hostesses in our weekly
hashtag party #MadforPlaidDecor with five features every Saturday.

It’s great fun to see how everyone is using it in their holiday decor.
You can join me on Instagram here.

French Country desk Christmas decor idea using vintage sheet music and books.The Snowman is one of my favorite pieces.

He is one of Bethany Lowes designs.
She is a one of my favorite folk artists and is completely self taught.

Take a peek at what she has coming in 2017.
It’s gorgeous!
Bethany Lowe Designs.

I just love her creative Christmas decor and all the old-world charm!
Folk artist Bethany Lowe Christmas decor, The Snowman, brings old-world charm to holidays.

Okay….now we’re going into the dark place.
I promise it won’t be scary.

Are you ready for this?

It’s about to get a little darker.

Perhaps moodier?
Simple wreath DIY.
A few strands of faux garland are imperfectly draped across the headboard.
I purposely hung them sort of wonky looking.

I love the look and scent of fresh pine and have used it in the living room,
but my allergies seem to be more
troublesome this year than in years past.

All that delightful smelling, fresh wintery goodness
can not be hanging over my head dropping pollinators while I sleep.

As you can see, I’m a more is better when it comes to pillows on the bed.
I love having them all the way out to the middle of the bed.

Checkout a few holiday ideas for decorating bedrooms for Christmas. On the dresser next the bed, I did add a little bit of fresh juniper.
I love the nubby texture and those frosty blue berries and it’s not on top of my head.

A couple of my favorite angels are warming this spot up.
Angels are another thing I collect.

Elegant French and old world nightstand tabletop decor for Christmas.
A closer look at the white tree with twinkling lights…

A few frosted ornaments, some with a little glittery shimmer,
rose colored mercury glass ornaments, and a strand of the palest blue beaded garland
complete the bedroom Christmas tree.

The best part is the rose colored ornaments perfectly
match the comfortor folded at the end of the bed.

Simply decorated white Christmas tree for the bedroom.
Of course, blankets upon blankets are another Christmas must have!
Must have as in it’s necessary to have piles and piles of blankets during the winter.
Especially, an Alaskan winter!

This one thing that is never in short supply around our home.

I guess you might even say I collect blankets too!

The more squishy and soft they are the more I love them… all of them!

Chenille throw blanket

Sweet dreams of a white Christmas with blush, rose, white, and cream in this traditional French bedroom
This is my view each morning and I definitely don’t hate it.
All the Merry and Bright makes me happy.

By the way, that is not a black area rug down below.
That would be Mr. Sebastian enjoying his view of the brand new flocked tree
which is coming up on the blog.

Christmas in the entry with all the little  black lab ornaments is also coming.

I’m trying to muster up some energy to
battle the cold and get some holiday cheer on the porch too.

French Country bedroom decorating ideas and tips for styling a beautiful bedroom.

Decorating bedroom for Christmas and looking for ideas for a Christmas decor in your room too?

Before you go, I’ve included a couple of shopable links.

The Chenille throw at the foot of my bed is #1 favorite of all time.
This is the one I carry with me when I will be spending a solid 12-16 hours flying.
It’s a fabulous gift idea too!
(affiliate link)
Luxury Chenille Throw

Rose Mercury Glass Finial Ornaments


Keep the Inspiration Coming.

The next post in the Christmas Home Tour series is the winter wonderland flocked tree.
Just click the photo below.
Elegant bling in a French Country style.Click the button below to get to Part 1 of the Christmas Home Tour.


I’m joining a few link parties full of inspiration.

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What a gorgeous place to enjoy a few moments of relaxation and silence. Your bedroom is so pretty. Cozy with just enough touches of the holiday season. I would feel right at home in this room Olivia.

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas…


Karyl | Karyl\'s Kulinary Krusade

This is so beautiful! I never think of decorating the bedroom, but what a wonderful idea. Yours looks so cozy.


Decorating your bedroom is something I hadn’t thought of doing… until now. So elegant, so wonderful and I love that your garland on the headboard isn’t just so because it’s “just right.” Merry Christmas, Brenda

Florence @ VintageSouthernPicks

Olivia, your bedroom is lovely and cozy. The blankets look so inviting. We live poles apart. I in Alabama where a light throw is usually all that is needed on the bed in winter, and you in Alaska have all that snow & cushy blankets. What a contrast. All that fiddling you did with the camera really paid off. Love the bed photos!


Beautiful and inviting bedroom!


How pretty!!! Your bedroom looks so cozy and festive!