French Country Baby Shower Part. 3- All About Styling the Tables!

Welcome back to the series of the French Country Style Baby Shower.

This Pinnable graphic collage features some highlights from the  Part 1 and Part 2.

Elegant French Country Cottage Baby Shower Ideas. Sharing details of gorgeous baby shower decor ideas for a pulling off remarkably beautiful event with a bit of rustic chic decor, blended with Shabby Decor ideas, table centerpiece ideas using some unique greenery and manzanita branches. There are so many ideas for you to gather baby shower inspiration from. Check out the the 3 part series at

French Country Baby Shower

In this post, we will take a look at the food, dessert
and drinks table, gift table, and the welcome table.

Throughout decor throughout the baby shower,
included decorative elements from multiple generations
of the matriarchs on both sides of my family.

reception table in entry

The bear is from Mimi, our Texas grandma.
As I mentioned in Part. 2 the lacy velvet birds flew in with me from Alaska.

 I purchased the miniature clothespins many years
ago knowing that one day they would come in handy.

Inside each of the gift favors were candles for each guest.

Baby shower decor idea for greeting table at the entry. Styled with favor box ideas, votive candles, floral arrangement centerpiece ideas and much more. Get the whole scoop and inspiration in the three part series by clicking

No table is complete without an arrangement of pretty flowers.
We couldn’t get enough of those blushing pink roses, fragrant stock, and pink calla lilies.

Party favor gift ideas for a shower, even a wedding and ideas for how to display party favors. So many event decor ideas and inspirational decor ideas can be found by clicking on

Are these not the cutest party favor gift boxes? Pink and white with gray elephants for a baby shower. This baby shower decor kicks it up a notch with elegant shower decor ideas that are perfect for any type of party ideas. Get more inspiration at

 Considering I live in Alaska, my sister-in-law Christina lives in Orange County, California,
and we were communicating through texts and pictures, we pulled this off without a hitch.

Her choice of design for the favor boxes was beautiful.
The tone of the brown boxes picked up hues from the Manzanita branches used in the centerpieces.

They also incorporated nicely with the gray napkins
used underneath each place setting,
and also the touches of gray used on the dessert and beverage table.

It’s earthy and a little rustic colliding with elegance and so very pretty!

A beautiful French Country Cottage table setting idea. Perfect tablescape ideas for Mothers Day, Spring luncheon table decor and so much more. Get more inspiration at

unique way to arrange gifts on a gift table

Never underestimate the power of gift wrap to
bring an explosion of color into any event where gift giving is customary.

Don't underestimate the power of a gift table to add a bit of pizzaz to an event or party. Often times the gifts can bring in an explosion of colors and be decorative.

Unique tablecloth ideas when a standard one just isn't available. You will never guess what this tablecloth really is?

I wanted to incorporate something with plenty of ruffles
and was going to make at least one ruffled table covering for Lydia and Paisley.

When I mentioned my mom that I might need to whip up a ruffled table covering,
she pulled out this stunning set of ruffled draperies.

Nanny, New York grandma, had them custom designed and made many years ago.

pink and white gift wrap

Artfully arranged baby shower food ideas

And now, we are off to see what is for lunch.

If you aren’t hungry now,

you just might be after seeing this delicious feast prepared by my mom.

buffet luncheon

Homemade pasta salad with Genoa salami,
marinated artichoke hearts, black olives,
diced cherry tomatoes, red and yellow bell pepper.

Fresh sliced vegetables and dip

Fresh fruit


 Fresh croissants and some other type of roll that I paid no attention to because I’m a Celiac.

Cape Cod potato chips served in some random plastic lid.
Keeping it classy. ha ha

Really, though? I don’t know how that happened.

arranged food for buffet style luncheon

My mother selected a variety of cheeses and meats from Boars Head deli;
turkey, ham, roast beef, American White Cheese,  Lacey Swiss, and Provolone.

She hand rolled each slice of meat and laid
each piece of cheese onto her beautiful white serving dishes and trays.

My mother is exceptionally good at food prep.
Of course, I gave a bit of guidance on artfully arranging a few things.

Like… MOM put some scrappy lettuce leaves as garnish.

It’s all about presentation. Are ya’ll feeling me, here?
dishes for lunch

Beautiful French Country Cottage table setting that could compete with some of the best photos seen in popular magazines

Now that you have had a virtual lunch,
it is time for a visit to the dessert and beverage table.

desserts, cakes, treats for baby shower

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the choices?

Here’s a closer look….

How about a chocolate cupcake,
topped with frosting flavored with lemon zest,
and garnished with fresh seasonal raspberries and blackberries?


stand for displaying cupcakes

Perhaps a cupcake is a bit heavy after having a sandwich.
Maybe some yogurt artfully placed into a champagne
toasting flute, topped with blueberries and granola?

For those with a mild sweet tooth,
old fashioned spiral shaped strawberry candy
or a small ball of pink cotton candy might do the trick.

Berry flavored yogurt covered pretzels might hit the spot too.

dessert bar featuring yogurt

Maybe you are waiting for the baby shower cake
to be sliced and would like a glass of bubbly champagne while you wait.

In that case, Almond Champagne
from Wilsons Creek Winery is an excellent choice.

It also happens to be my favorite champagne in the world.

Well, it’s the only champagne that I like,
so of course it’s a favorite when all the others taste like dirt or worse.

cake for girls baby shower

Here is a close up the baby shower cake.

Welcome, Baby Paisley 🙂

white and pink girls shower cake

My sister-in-law, Christina, picked out the cake for Lydia’s shower.
The little pink booties and bows were such an adorable touch.

 I believe I overheard something about white chocolate flavor in the cake.

The only thing I wish I had known about was the shape of the cake.
I would have purchased a cake stand similar to the stand used for the cupcakes.
Varying height on dessert tables is not only a nice visual touch to the styling,
but it serves to break up the repetition of desserts or foods on a table.

And finally, I will conclude this French Country Baby Shower
series with one more photograph of the drinks.

The junk in the background is folding
plastic tables and roller cart full of plastic chairs.
Nice, huh.

Pink lemonade and passion fruit tea is available through Tazo brand.
It was served in mason jar dispensers with cute little gray and white striped straws.

One more thing I nearly forgot to mention,
the pink damask pattern paper down the center
of the dessert and lunch table is  a roll of inexpensive gift wrap.

That was something that I had on hand and carried with me from Alaska to California.

serving dishes for drinks

Next week I will be back to sharing furniture and fall.

Thank you for hanging with through this series of styling a baby shower.

I hope you enjoyed it and gained some new ideas for your future events.

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