The style of this French Country Baby Shower is perfect for a variety of events.
Many of the decorative elements could be used for a girls gathering,
brunch or luncheons, and bridal showers.

Some of the decorative elements
could also be incorporated into wedding designs.

It is elegant and romantic,
with the perfect amount of rustic elements
and just the right amount of cutesy touches.

If you missed the first post, check out French Country Baby Shower Part 1.

banquet style dining


Sweet white and pink roses are fastenened
onto simple white cloth napkins with a pale pink, white, and gray place setting


We wanted to use elegant classic white dishes.

My mother is solely responsible for locating suitable dishes along with the flatware.

I have a secret to tell you…..

The plates are heavy duty plastic and reusable!

Even the “silverware” is plastic and reusable.

Each guest expected to pick up heavy flatware and was surprised when it was light.

I’d have to say we fooled everyone with this one.

Everyone thought the dishes were real cast dishes.

Pretty sneaky, huh?

I have difficulty with using paper plates
to style an event and an even greater degree of difficulty eating off of them.

It goes hand in hand with that whole eating off of newspaper issue that I mentioned in the

GF Cajun Low Country Boil Recipe post. 

I’m a weirdo about stuff like that.

manzanita branch centerpieces

I do apologize for the clarity in some of these photos.

They aren’t as sharp as I would have liked them to be,
and all were shot hand-held instead of using my tripod. 🙁

dining table arrangement

But you know what, it doesn’t even matter,
it was the event,
the day,
the people
and ultimately
the fellowship that was the most important aspect of the day.

rustic and feminine floral arrangement

The small crystal balls and the lacy ivory birds were carried with me from Alaska.

They have been in my collection of props, holiday decor, and general stuff for quite some time.

As for the flowers, I used the palest pink roses I could find,
intermixed with a few deeper pink lilies, stock, and greenery.

I could not source fresh seeded eucalyptus in this town.

Here’s another quirky thing I did…

 I took a stroll down the produce section of a grocery store
and grabbed the fancy broccoli to use instead.

Hey, what’s a girl to do when between a rock and a hard place?
…use whatever is available, that’s what!

cottage style dinner setting

In keeping with the French way,
blending casual with elegance we mix and matched
crystal champagne goblets from my mother’s collection of pretties.
They worked nicely with those fancy schmancy plates and flatware. 😉

The branches used in the centerpieces are Manzanita branches. 

The style that I used is the sandblasted variety.

Luckily, I sourced some at a fraction of the cost
through a local Craigslist ad where wedding decor was being sold off.

Decorative sand and polished river rock anchored the branches into each vase.

pink flowers

In between each large arrangement was a smaller cluster of flowers in small white bowls.

white bird decor

Mid-tone colors were brought in through ivory colored tatted doilies.

The birds were something else I brought with me from Alaska too.

girls baby shower in country french theme

Oops… another blurry, out of focus photograph.

I included it to show you how each head chair was tied with a big bow for momma and baby.


nine foot table design


french cottage baby shower tablescape


In closing, I’m leaving you with one final photo
that is showing the gift table peeking through the background.

 Part. 3  will include the dessert and food table,
gifts and the sweet little vignette that was on the welcoming reception table.

I hope you have enjoyed this series so far.
Scroll down to get to Part. 3.

And here is your Pinnable:


 Check out the close ups of how each table was styled and decorated for the baby shower. 

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    1. Hi Angelina,

      Thank you so much! This shower was for my sister in law. We finally have a little baby girl in the family of boys. I was thrilled when she asked me to style and decorate for her. I never got the sister that I desperately begged for and wanted growing up so it’s nice to have a little niece.

      The design centered around pink and the theme was elegant country cottage. It turned out beautifully and mom was so happy.


    1. Hi Linda.
      Thank you very much and thank you for hosting a link party. I know they entail quite a bit of work. 🙂