French Country Baby Shower part 1

What is better than all things girly,

all things pink,

all things ruffles and sweet rose print?

Maybe a French country styled baby shower?

I’d have to say the only thing better than all of that is finally having a little girl in our family.

table setting for baby shower

This evening I wanted to share just a few photos from my sister-in-laws baby shower.

This is the shower that I mentioned I would be styling and decorating in Sneak Peeks of Upcoming Posts

In that post, I shared a few inspirational photos that we had saved in our group Pin Board, Baby Shower For Girls.

floral arrangement

To my surprise, within minutes of publishing that post,

my sister-in-law messaged me saying that she loved the pictures and that style was perfect.

Of course I was thrilled that she liked the French Country style.

After all, it is one of my favorite styles to work with.

But knowing my sister-in-laws tastes, I opted to use a few touches of bolder pinks mixed in with the soft and pale pink roses.

She isn’t much of a pastels kind of gal.

Corals, bold pinks, and patterns are usually her go-to colors.

baby shower French country theme

The one thing that she and I have in common is that we both like country and rustic styles.

At first I questioned what it was that she liked about the inspiration photos since they were extremely pale pink and white.

After studying them, I knew the answer….

it was the birds and rustic branches that she liked.

entry table

Even though she says she isn’t a girly-girl, I beg to differ….

I think my sister-in-law is really an undercover French Country Style enthusiast and she hasn’t realized it quite yet. Ha, ha.

In another post, I will share more details about the styling along with close up photos.

Although, I have to admit, I hand shot all the photos because I was on a time crunch.

That aren’t as sharp as I would have liked them to be.

I was also amped up on quite a bit of coffee since I had gone to bed at 3 a.m and was up again at 7 a.m.

 This was a pattern for several days prior to the day of the baby shower.

Anyway, part 2 with all the details is headed your way.

Here’s some behind the scenes action shots featuring my mother working on all the food.

Details on that will be included too. behind the scenes action photo


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I love the table – the flowers, silverware, the birds – so beautiful. Your sister-in-law is a lucky woman

Katherines Corner

beautiful, you are so talented my friend. What a lovely way to celebrate. Hugs!