Elegant bling in a French Country style.
The Hunt-
A Perfect Flocked Christmas Tree


For three years I’ve been on the hunt for a perfect realistic looking flocked Christmas tree.

I scoured one website after another,
scouted Christmas in July sales,
dove deep in Pinterest and Google,
and canvassed blog after blog on a mission!

I looked, pinned, and looked some more.

White Christmas decor ideas.

Along the way, I found so many
beautiful flocked trees that were stunning in looks and also in price.
My list of requirements for a flocked tree were simple:
Must be budget friendly!
-No coney trees.
-No super full trees either.
– Charlie Brown trees, no thanks!
-Not too skinny or too plump.
-Must look like a real snow covered tree.


Vickerman flocked Christmas tree.
Figuring Out Which Tree was “The One”

After Pinning all the most realistic,
freshly-cut looking, snowy Christmas trees I could find online,
I finally sat down for some one-on-one time with the secret shopping board.

Narrowing down which tree was my favorite was
easy once I saw that I had pinned the same tree multiple times.

However, each of the Pins- of the same exact
heavily flocked Christmas tree– came from different websites.

They also came with drastically different price points.

Like all smart shoppers do-
I found the one with the best price.

I opted for an unlit tree.
The jury is still out on whether that was a favorable decision or not.

Gold, white, silver Christmas decor using vintage mirrored trees underneath the Christmas tree.
Adding a Little French Christmas Bling

Initially, my plan was to leave the tree undecorated.
One thing led to another
and before I knew it the flocked tree
was wearing understated, elegant holiday jewelry.

Ever think about decorating for Christmas using pieces from a chandelier? Unique Christmas decor ideas that are elegant!
Reflections With Crystal and Glass

I pulled out a collection of glass icicles,
crystal pendalogues, prisms,
and drops to hang on the tips of the snowy branches.

Stepping back to see how it was all coming together,
I decided it needed a little something more.

Nothing to loud or colorful would do.
Matte-finish, champagne-gold colored beaded garland made an entrance.

Thin translucent ribbon
with barely there shimmering threads of gold
found its way in weaving in and out of  the branches.
It goes in cascading  swirl around the tree.

Gold and white Christmas decor ideas.
I stepped back to take a look at how it was coming together.
….Visually something was off.

I finally figured out what was jarring my eyes.
The perfect flocked tree looked like it was weeping!

All the vertical icicles were making my beautiful Christmas tree look sad.
That wouldn’t do!

It needed another shape to break the pattern.
The teardrop shaped frosted-glass ornaments made their debut
and fixed the visual issues.


Neutral Christmas tree decor ideas with gold .
Decorating Beneath The Flocked Christmas Tree

The open space beneath the tree is wrapped
with a sweater fabric tree skirt and then filled in with another one of my collections-
Filigree mirrored vanity trays.

I just love them so much!

This idea just popped into my head.
It works beautifully to keep with the snowy winter and reflection theme of this tree.

Filigree gold frame mirrored tray
More Gold and White Christmas Decor Ideas

Gold crowns, miniature tree ornaments, two turtle doves,
and glittery blush colored snowflake ornaments  are on each of the trays.

I was able to include a few sentimental
Christmas ornaments which makes this area my favorite.

The little birds, one missing her beak, were my grandmothers.
The white bird in a nest was also hers too.

Gold, white, silver Christmas decor using vintage mirrored trees underneath the Christmas tree.
Sentimental Christmas Touch

I remember when she first bought them when I was 14 years-old.
Every Christmas I did all of the decorating for her.
I’ll tell you a little secret—- I actually hated those birds at first!

Over the years I came to love them.

When she passed away,
these ornaments were the first thing I looked for.

I knew right where to look since
I packed away all her Christmas ornaments each year.

Dashing Christmas decor ideas for underneath the Christmas tree.
Faux greenery and  fresh bay leaves are
intermixed and wrapped around the oval tray.

It reminds me of a laurel wreath.

These trays might find another use come Christmas day
and I will share that with you after Christmas.

 I might blog Christmas after Christmas.

Decorating tray ideas but make for unique Christmas decor under the tree.

My sweet Sebastian loves Christmas trees as much as I do.
He is quite pleased when I read all of your sweet comments to him.

In the New Year, we might start sharing more of those moments on Instagram stories.

Black Labs in French Country decor.... He doesn't quite match but this little Christmas tour is all French country decor inspiration for the holiday.
Looking for a heavily flocked Christmas tree that looks real..... and is a fair price? Find out where I found the best price on Vickerman Christmas trees.

Dining room decorated for Christmas with a white Christmas tree with natural decor and a little bit of bling.
At Last: The Best Deals on Flocked Trees & Decor

Do you know that one of the best times
to shop for Christmas decor is right after Christmas?

It’s the very best time to grab big ticket items like Christmas trees
and some ribbons and gift wrap for next year.
My grandmother taught me this and I’ve been doing it ever since!

As promised,
I’m sharing where I found my flocked tree for the best price.
(affiliate links)

Vickerman Flocked Christmas Tree

Hand Blown Crystal Icicles

Gorgeous Rose Mini Mercury Glass Ornaments

Understated Silver Mini Mercury Glass Ornaments

Fleur de Lis Filigree-like Crown

I will be adding a few of these goodies to my shopping cart too!

There’s a year-round Christmas store that I like to check for themed Christmas decor.
I discovered these stores when I lived in Myrtle Beach, SC.
Click here to visit- Christmas Mouse

A flocked Christmas tree decked out in neutral ornaments and soft gold Christmas ornaments.
Merry Christmas my friends! 

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  1. I am so grateful to find this. I was in search for the best flocked tree. This was so helpful. Loved all the suggestions. Good read. Thanks

  2. Gorgeous photos Olivia and what a stunning tree. It is pure magic. You have found the prettiest of them all. Flocked trees are having a moment for sure and I am happy that they are in style. Love your adorable pooch.

    Merry Christmas..


    1. Thank you, Janet. You know what I just realized? Please shake me… your name is Janet, not Rosemary. Oy. I’m ridiculous. LOL.

      I wonder how many times I’ve called your Rosemary now? Geez.

      As for the flocked trees, they are so beautiful. I’ve wanted one for so long now but after the big upgrade to get the Balsam Hill tree a few years ago, I had to find something a little less costly that would be enjoyable. I do love that BH tree too but I went with a traditional one since it was a replacement for the regular green tree that every. single. cotton. picking. branch. had to be fluffed and inserted into slots and then strung with lights. That job took several days. I don’t miss it in the least little bit.

      Sebastian says Merry Christmas too. He loves all the trees.

      I hope you Christmas is wonderful. I’m going to visit your blog to see what pretty tablescape you have this year. Yours are my favorite!


  3. Your flocked tree is beautiful!! I love the crystal pendalogues and prisms! The French trays below the tree is such a clever idea… I am sure he light reflecting off of them looks wonderful!!

    1. Thank you, Angelina! It’s my favorite this year and took many years of planning, gathering, and collecting to pull it all together. I’m going to be sad to take it down.

      Merry Christmas to you and your husband and your little kitty.