Fall Home Tour- Embracing Pale Shades of Autumn With French Country Charm

Happy October

Here in Anchorage,
just a few hundred miles from the Arctic Circle,
the trees are nearly bare of leaves.
The air is crisp during the day.
The evenings are downright chilly.

Each morning, we wake to frost glittering all across the city
and the snow steadily creeps and inches its way down the mountains.
Any day now, the ground will be covered in billowing clouds of white and the dark of winter will be upon us.
For now, we are enjoying the last bit of daylight and basking in the final days of sunshine.

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Welcome to Our Fall Home Tour 2016

Sebastian will always be the first to greet each person at the door.
With sleepy eyes, he waits patiently for me to snap the ‘Welcome to Our Home’ photo.

Don’t let that look fool you.

He loves visitors!

Welcoming fall porch with black faux fur rug, cute black lab, white pumpkin decor ideas for outdoors. Faux pumpkins ideas. Full home tour for autumn

Now that we’ve stepped inside,
let me alert you to the disaster zone of the foyer, it’s a work in progress.
We are headed upstairs.

Many Alaskan homes are built backward.
The main living area is upstairs rather than downstairs.
This floorplan helps brings in as much light as possible during the dark winter months.

For the second go-around with fall decor, I embraced a soft faded more neutral fall style.
Whites, cream, overall neutral tones set the base for the peach and amber tones, along with blues.

This isn’t my first go-around with decorating for fall!
The previous look of vivid pinks and purples contrasted with green.

See the Previous Fall Look Here.

Stacked Vintage Baskets and Purple Velvet Pumpkins in a French Country inspired home with a cottage and farmhouse style. Fall Home Tour | Reinvented Collection
Fall In The Living Room

Baskets were stacked to store cozy throws.

I’ve also tucked throw pillows into larger baskets for easy access when it’s time to relax with a movie or read.

Who doesn’t love to curl up and sink into a fluffy sofa on a
cool fall day or nestle into multiple pillows, fluffy fleece or cable knit throws?
Maybe even a perfectly broken-in comforter?
Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Faded Frenchy blue throw pillows compliment this unique fall decor style. | Reinvented Collection

The coffee table, another piece of furniture
that I refinished, needed only one pretty pumpkin to take center stage.
You can see more details about the Gustavian Coffee Table here.

Along with every other blogger,
I adore heirloom pumpkins, especially the Porcelain Doll variety!
Unfortunately and much to my dismay, they are impossible to find up here.

I employed the help of my dear friend, Jodie,
to help me find a faux pumpkin with a similar shape to the Porcelain Doll.
Recreating the look of a Porcelain Doll Heirloom Pumpkin On A Faux Pumpkin | When in Want and With Lacking Resources One Must Create | French Country Fall Style Home Tour

She was down in California, Googling away at home
while I drove the streets of Anchorage feeling bummed and frustrated with traffic.

She discovered a resource for pumpkin seeds, which I will share in a future post,
and also sent me driving to Target where I discovered this shapely gem of a pumpkin.

Based only on what I’ve seen only in photos,
armed with a little bit of acrylic craft paint I strived to create the look I longed for.

This is as close to the real thing as I could get.

Stacked vintage books and a single white pumpkin shared space with a French basket stuffed with preserved fall flowers for a soft fall style on a sofa table. | Reinvented Collection
Touches Of Fall In The Kitchen

The bar stools, kitchen cabinets, and pantry door were painted and refinished by me.

After the holidays, all are due for an updated look.

The cubby works well for adding seasonal touches of decor.


Pale aqua blues on an original paint finish by Olivia Reinvented sets the tone fall a simple fall vignette in the kitchen. | Reinvented Collection Faded and neutral fall home decor ideas
A chunk of moss that I collected on one of our daily walks
and some bits of other dried items from nature are nestled between the  single white pumpkin and the cookie jar!


You do not want to help yourself to a cookie in that jar!
You won’t like them!

It is filled with  homemade dog cookies and treats for Sebastian and King.
They smell delicious and identical to human cookies but they are as dry as old shoe leather from 1902.

When someone unknowingly grabs one and says,
“Gosh, these are awfully dry cookies.
They smelled so good and looked like real biscotti!” I laugh!

Tell me you wouldn’t laugh too?

I do try to alert everyone  who visits about the cookie jar.
Sometimes I forget.

Simple Fall Vignette Ideas For The Kitchen | Reinvented Collection
Here we have our little King.
He and Sebastian are best friends.
He visits a few times each week and is such a blessing to have around.

King insisted on being a prop and refused to move from this spot.

The dogs of Reinvented Collection wanted to show some love for all this fall decor inspirationAs I’ve mentioned in previous posts,
I have an undying vast amount of love for dried and preserved flowers.

This kitchen vignette has been styled this way for quite some time now,
but it plays perfectly into my fall home decor.

A small lamp sits on top of the fridge, which may seem odd.
Due to the darkness of our Alaskan winters, the extra light is necessary.
Kitchen cabinet decor ideas for fall | A simple easy decor idea for the top of fridge
On the dining table is a collection of larkspur, roses, and peonies.

Rather than using dried autumn leaves in my fall decor,
I  find dried flowers to be an excellent alternative.

I have always favored softer looks for fall.

The elegance of flowers speaks to me year round.

 Dining Centerpiece- Charming Floral & Pumpkin

White Ironstone Platter Centerpiece| White Pumpkin Decor Surrounded by Preserved Roses and dried larkspur. Vintage brass candlesticks set the tone for this fall tablescape

This is a quick look at the simple natural fall style in the dining area.

As in real quick.

I didn’t want to hide this area just because I can’t take perfect photos of it.
I feel a little vulnerable.
Go easy on me.

You have to follow me on Snapchat! to get all the nitty gritty action on the day-to-day basis.

Th dining area consistently gives me fits when photograph time comes.

Fall dining centerpiece idea using inexpensive items .
Fall Touches Around The Fireplace

White French Country Cottage Hutch decorated for autumn with soft neutral tones pulling in color from nature. | Reinvented Collection Autumn Decor Inspiration for French Country , Cottage, and Farmhouse Styles.

This area around the fireplace is my favorite.
Of course, everything is focused around the
French Country hutch so that is the reason for my fondness.

An old metal bucket filled with wee pinecones on a favorite stool brings in rustic fall touch.

Definitely, visit the Before & After Hutch
where you will also see more fall inspiration and details of how I styled the hutch.

Vintage metal bucket decor idea | Pumpkins and mini pinecone sprays fill a bucket for a rustic French Country Fall Decor StyleBirch logs that I wrestled from Sebastian and King
are placed in the antique footed brass bucket.

Another faux Porcelain Doll pumpkin along with a collection
of creamy white pumpkins, and a bucket filled with a variety of
dried flowers is how I interpret how a rustic French Alaskan fall style to look.
Birch log decor ideas filling an antique brass bin paired with dried floral bouquets and DIY porcelain doll pumpkin.
Here’s a look at a couple small vignettes on a side table and below the television.
Minimal fall vignette on a sofa side table. Cranberry colored velvet pumpkin in a silver pedestal dish sits on top of vintage book for elevation.
Originally, each of the mini pumpkins were orange or green.

Using  spray paint their look changed.

The stems were hand painted with layers of green and
umber colored paints, then given toning washes to look more natural.

Affiliate Link:
I used Krylon Chalky Finish Spray Paint.

Ironstone bowl filled with spray painted faux pumpkins for a romantic French Country fall style idea.

I hope you have found yourself inspired
and will use some of my ideas in your home to create a cozy fall
style that is a reflection of you and what you love about the season.

Please Pin and share everything that you love!

I would love to see your home tours too!
You are invited to leave your links in your sweet comments to me.
Fall Home Tour 2016 | Create a French Country Fall Home Decor Style | Ideas for Decorating With Dried Flowers, White Pumpkins, Both Faux and Real Pumpkins | An Alaskans Ideas for Decorating with Rustic styles.

I’m so thrilled you joined me and the pups today.

The complete fall look on the front porch is ready.
Just click the photos below to head over.

Looking for ideas for how to decorate a cozy fall porch when fresh pumpkins and flowers don't work because it's literally freezing? Check out these fall decorating ideas from Reinvented Collection up in Alaska


Lavish rich jewel tone color fall colors.

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just beautiful!!


That is really beautiful! I love the roses and pumpkin!

Renee Gibson

Oh my! So glad I found you on a link party. Everything is gorgeous! I had to laugh about the dog biscuits;-) I may have went a bit crazy pinning away. I do love the soft colors of the pumpkins. Those velvet ones are so warm an inviting!


Ha ha! They cookie thing cracks me up too!

Of all the places to shop, I found those velvet pumpkins at a grocery store. I wish I had swooped in and bought more.
Thank you so much for pinning everything and for taking the time to comment. Comments are awesome!

Angie - WhippedGreenGirl

Wow, this is truly one of the loveliest, beautiful home blogs I’ve seen in a long time. Pinterest heaven lol I adore the fact Sebastian is included too 🙂


Hi Angie,
Thank you for the comment. I’m thrilled that you like it and my sweet messy little four legged boy. He gets so happy when I tell him people commented. I swear he knows I’m talking to people in the computer. Ha ha. One of these days I might have to make a Snap of me reading the comments people say about him and it share on Instastories. People share their kids, I share my dog. Ha ha.


Thank you so much, Angie. This is one of the sweetest comments ever! Thank you so much for coming by. You made my day! <3 😀


Gorgeous home tour!!! I love the pale shades, especially the pink pumpkin! Sweet! 😉


Thank you, Rebeca.


Oh this is so beautiful! pinned a bunch of images and love Sebastian in the photos lol


Sebastian insists on being a part of the decor. LOL. He is like finding Waldo 24/7.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life

Oh my goodness, so pretty. I love your soft touch to fall.


Thank you, Marty. 🙂