Christmas in the Dining Room 

Technically, I don't have a room dedicated to just for dining although I wish I did. We have an open concept floorplan which makes wording a title a little bit tricky. 

 Saying dining space sounded as ridiculous as saying open concept Christmas dining room decor.  Totally a mouthful, right? Uh yea.... so it's a dining room and this post is all about how I created an easy Christmas tablescape and decorated this area. 

Christmas place setting ideas.

This year the decor is no-fuss. The bowl of winter white Christmas ornaments popped into the center of the dining table is the focal point. When the light hits they shimmer and sparkle ever so subtly in an understated way that is quite pretty.

I ordered these from a Amara Life, Style, & Living knowing I'd be able to use them for many years to come.  The gold netted ornaments are second-hand finds that I've had for years now.  I popped them in to give the arrangement some additional textural variations.

5–Minute Super Easy Christmas Tablescape

Quick Christmas centerpiece idea and Christmas dining room decor ideas with French and modern touches.

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Easy Christmas Tablescape  with white, red and blue color ideas.

I filled these ice cream dishes from Pioneer Woman with fresh cranberries and threw in some softer blush colors in the ribbons and in the throw across the wingback chair.

Without color it felt way too much like whiteout conditions in this area. Despite my love neutrals, whiteouts indoors mocks the bleak Alaskan view outdoors.

When it comes to color, I prefer small splashes here and there as opposed to a kaleidoscope of rich colors during the darkest and coldest point of winter.

Red and white Christmas tablescape.

But Christmas just isn't Christmas without a little bit of gold and splashes of red used somewhere.

If you already saw my Christmas home tour you know I haven't been able to find the knives that go with this set. It's like a scavenger hunt around here lately.

Now that I'm up and moving again since the broken foot incident, things are going to change around here real soon. 

White Christmas dining room decor ideas with pops of color.

This year I decided to add some greens to the chandelier. Right after Christmas last year, I purchased a ton of realistic lush garland but it wasn't working well on the mantle. I decided to dress the chandy instead and give it some bling. 

Christmas garland in chandelier ideas with  beaded garland.

Another thing that I ordered from Amarra is this gold and amber beaded garland and unlike other types of beaded garland that I've used in the past, this one plays nice!  It locks in place without fussy fiddling. On that front, it's a winner and a keeper!

You'll be able to shop this post soon but first a warning–– If you see something you like, grab it or it'll be gone. They sell out surprisingly fast and are constantly bringing in new items all through the holiday season. 

French Christmas dining room chandelier with garland ideas.

Over in this corner, I used a different style garland from Amara to sweep over the top of my newest mirror. It is so dainty and wispy and has such a pretty color next to the beads and beautiful gilded mirror. 

I especially love this little corner with those ballet slippers and pearls sweeping down. It mocks the wreaths and droopy pink bows hanging on the doors in the dining area and helps make the entire living area flow.

Dining room decorated for the holidays ideas.

Beneath each wreath hangs a vintage framed print Pinky and Little Boy Blue–– two of my most favorite, favorite, super favorite prints ever!

They were a gift from Larissa. She scored these while out one of her thrifting adventures. Things like that are nearly impossible to find up here and I'll cherish these forever. You can check out Larissas blush pink Christmas home tour here on RC. 

When your done Pinning away the inspiration there, you can head over here to see the rest of my holiday home with winter whites, blues and pinks here.

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Easy Christmas Tablescape  ideas that are affordable and no flower tablescape too!

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  1. I am just starting to do tablescapes. It is really nice to know that they can be beautiful when done with a few thoughtful touches. Thank you for the beautiful example

    1. Thank you, Leanna. They don’t have to be over the top or even expensive to pull them together nicely. Usually, I add more but I was pressed for time and had to work quickly without running all over town looking for the perfect flowers or greens.

  2. Thank you for such a creative and inspirational post, Olivia. I was snagged as assign as you said you had no designated ‘eating/dining area’. We have the same open concept, the dining table is set into a bay window area, and we have no formal dining room. How I long to have one where I could leave the table set, or do it the night before.

    I love the simplicity of your table, how the bright colors pop, and I think the cranberries in the glass dishes are so sweet.

    Thanks so much and Happy Holidays!


    1. Thank you, Jane. I’m thrilled you found this inspiring. It’s a little tough for us with these open concept floorplans. Sometimes I set the table in advance. It all depends on what else is on the To Do List. Ha ha. It’s usually easier just to get the table set and not think about it again. Ha ha.