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Have you noticed spring fever is hitting hard everywhere?
It’s all over Instagram and Pinterest right now.
The pretty little spring vignettes, the home decor…
Spring is no-where-near-Alaska!


Today it’s all about this gorgeous early spring tablescape,
some new crystal stemware, and mixing old with new on the table.

Spring Tablescape | Affordable Crystal Stemware Early Spring table setting ideas and gorgeous affordable crystal stemware with a sleek modern design.

The star of the show here just might be the centerpiece but I’m not wholly sure. 

A mixture of white and green hydrangeas paired with lilies reflecting
the hues of the pale pink and purple roses feels so bright and cheerful.
And the greatly under-appreciated Babies Breath that happens to be a favorite mine 


Gorgeous spring floral arrangement for dining table. Styling an early spring table decor ideas.


On each side of the centerpiece are fresh artichokes mingling with a few blush roses that are nestled
into older pieces of stoneware.  I added a few of those spiney balls to add some texture
and  make things more visually interesting.

Okay really…. it was the rule of three’s that made me add the spiney balls.
Honestly, I couldn’t find anything else to use that looked quite right so in they went.  


Using fresh veggies as a dining centerpiece idea for a spring tablescape idea.


Beside the hoopla over the flowers,  maybe the vintage China with those darling
little butterflies and delicate wildflower patterns is the star?

I kind of love it all.


An early spring dining table with cheerful colors and mixing old and new dishes with crystal stemware.
Maybe this gorgeous crystal stemware, though?
I am a fan of timeless design. What’s not to love about something that never goes out of style? 
I’ve always said, one can never go wrong with a classic look!
In my book, timeless and classic are money savers.   

Elegant and affordable wine glasses for everyday use

I’ve been on the hunt for some
reasonably priced AND elegant stemware with clean lines.
A modern look but not too modern.
It also had to compliment hand-painted floral patterns instead of competing with them like a different set that I have. 

 This style from Luigi Bormioli met the list of demands and perfectly fit exactly what I’d hoped to find. 

The hunt for real crystal wine glasses is over. Louigi Bormioli stemware with clean lines is a perfect wine glass for daily use or special occasion wine glasses.


The simplicity and sleek design pairs perfectly with my grandmothers patterned dishes.
I definitely think she would  approve. In a way, the glasses seem like jewelry to the table.
My favorite one is the prosecco glass.
 It has this wispy sultry thing going on. 
The way light bounces off of them is also very pretty.


Pretty tablescape decor ideas

Not too many odd-balls are going to examine a dining table through stemware because that would be strange. Creepy? 
Nonetheless, I noticed that the way these LB glasses set on the table doing nothing but reflecting light and magnifying pretty elements, made the table simply come alive.

I guess that sounds kind of magical, which wasn’t my intent,
but someone once told me that seeing beauty in small things is what makes everyday magical.

Considering it’s still very much winter in Alaska, I’ll happily enjoy a Sunday brunch with magical glasses.

Beautiful and affordable crystal wine glasses and an elegant spring decorated tablescape.

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On a side note, did you know that we have the Italians to thank for clear glass?
It’s called Cristallo.
The entire subject of glass making is quite an interesting study.
It’s one of the topics I wrote about when I was in college for architecture and design.
It wasn’t specifically about Cristallo but more about the history of glass, specifically stained glass. 

Spring Tablescape | Entertaining Affordable Stemware Delicious cake and a beautiful spring table setting

Spring Tablescape | Affordable Crystal Stemware from fine Italian glassmakers.

This post was compensated but all opinions are my own because borrowing anothers opinions is too boring for me! hee, hee!


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