Here it is….

The DIY Wallpaper Tutorial that I promised you.

If you missed it, please take a look at these posts Country Farmhouse Dining Table and Sneak Peeks

This tutorial is for a temporary wall treatment.

If you want to create a permanent custom wallpaper treatment,

I will include sources where you can purchase the necessary tools and paste for permanent wallpaper.

If you’re a renter, this is a perfect way to jazz up your walls, without damaging them.

I will be sharing a variety of images where I used this wallpapered wall as a backdrop for photos.

If you are new to my blog, you might be wondering what I do? For starters, I am NOT a wallpaperer person.

I’m a faux painter/decorative painter living in Anchorage, Alaska.

Primarily, I do wall, furniture, and cabinetry finishes.

In addition to that, I also do some work decorating and styling for events and seasonal decorating.

I also style and photograph all of my work myself.

photo of plaster faux finish wall

Here’s one example of the kind of work that I do on walls.  

You can check out my Faux Finish portfolio for some other examples.

You will find a variety of finishes ranging in styles; modern, contemporary, Old-World, and European.  

My love is Old-World European finishes. The Skins and Hides are another favorite.

Okay, maybe it’s all my favorite. I can’t pick just one. Except Marilyn, she hands down wins my heart.

You can check her out here.

wallpaper DIY using book pages and newspapers

On any given day, I wear 35 different creative hats. Wallpaper is not one of those hats. Considering the disaster I had to contend with, I eagerly donned that cap and went to work after my studio/office flooded.

The short story is that a pipe located inside of a wall had cracked. Water was seeping underneath the flooring.  What looked like a minor issue turned into an 8-week ordeal, two plumbers coming out, a restoration company, new flooring, crazy loud machines running in the room and underneath the house for almost two weeks. Total nightmare, I tell ya.

backdrop photo of DIY wallpaper

As it turns out, the pipe in the wall was only a small part of the problem. Another pipe, rather a tube, had come loose on the water heater. It was shooting water straight into the wall, running down the other side, seeping underneath the flooring, saturating the sub-floors, and beginning to leak underneath the house.

Reinvented Collection DIY temporary wallpaper

Oh the excitement, it knows no bounds. Not really. 

Meanwhile, everything in my studio office had been moved into the downstairs living room…

…everything in boxes and totes.

 It was like moving day; only I wasn’t moving to a sweet little cottage by the bay. Nope.

I had little space to work on furniture,

even less space to photograph completed projects.

Waiting 6-8 weeks for new flooring was not an option.

I had to improvise and do it quickly!

DIY tutorial for temporary wallpaper

The exposed subfloor issue was remedied by rolling a couple coats of paint on them.

I always have a stash of paint leftover after working on a project.

I grabbed the nearly empty cans, mixed the paints, creating a neutral color for the floor.

I suddenly realized I had another problem- the wall color was clashing with the floor.

Only half my problem was solved, though.

For a brief moment, I thought about taking advantage of the empty room and exposed floors and creating a faux finish.

After mulling that over, taking into account all the aspects of time and cost, I ditched the idea.

I needed a temporary quick fix, not a commitment.

It hit me- DIY Wallpaper, as in, temporary DIY wallpaper!

In progress DIY wallpaper

DIY tutorial temporary wallpaper

Supply list:

 3M Adhesive Spray.

 Paper; book or newsprint


Gather your pages


Spray the back with 3M adhesive


Place on wall


Wipe with a soft cloth




That’s all you do.

There is no particular technique to my layout.  To break up the repetition of dictionary print, I would tear sheets in half or turn them sideways. For added interest, I added catchy newsprint phrases on top of the fully papered wall. I used a combination of pages from dictionaries and interesting clippings from the Anchorage Daily Press, a free weekly paper.

Close up photo of DIY wallpaper

Since the look of the DIY wallpaper is meant to be imperfect and old, the lifting edges didn’t bother me. If that bugs you, use a bit more adhesive, concentrating the spray around the edges of your paper, and give it a good rub.  3M adhesive is incredibly sticky. Be sure you have a tarp or some other type of protective covering over the area you will be spraying.

For those of you who want something a bit more permanent:

Use actual wallpaper adhesive. Potato starch and plain H2o is a decent DIY for making wallpaper adhesive. You can find the recipe and instructions here.   Sherwin Williams has a collection of wallpapering tools. I’m not suggesting you have to use only their tools. I believe they are a reputable company, and they produce quality products.

You can expect the 3M DIY wallpaper to start pulling away from the wall at about the 6-month mark. Within the next few weeks I will be pulling down the wallpaper and doing something else on that wall.

You can use this tutorial to create backdrops for wedding venues and for photography.  It’s quick and inexpensive. It sure helped me out when I was in a bind. I hope some of you find this tutorial handy.  Let me know what you make. I would love to see your creations.


The wedding gown is mine, as is the simple veil hanging from the dress form.  The large bouquet was what I carried and the smaller grouping of flowers were used down the aisle.  I made all of the arrangements. Yes, they are fake flowers. The ceremony and cocktail hour were held outside. My wedding was out of state on a day when the temps were peaking at 114 degrees.  Fresh flowers in that heat was also a non-option. I wanted something vintage looking and that could endure extreme temperatures without looking a mess and dead after 10 minutes. With that being said, please don’t ridicule the flowers.  I wasn’t about to use succulents and cactus. That just wasn’t happening. Unfortunately, all of my bridesmaids were in black evening gowns down to their ankles.  Girls, I’m so sorry. I hope you have forgiven me.  At least I didn’t force you all into pink dresses that I knew most of you would hate. LOL


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  1. I really liked this diy wallpaper idea, it looks very vintage. It doesn’t seem to hard to do as well, so I think that I could really make this work in my bedroom. I have everything except for the adhesive spray, so I’ll be sure to get that now. Thank you so much for this help!

    1. You are welcome, Petunia. I need to do a follow up on this blog post. I have removed the paper and it did leave some behind on the walls. I was able to remove it with soap and water. The paint on my walls is a semi-gloss. Another important thing to note is that there may be some bubbling and lifting with adhesive. It didn’t bother me because it was meant to be temporary. If bubbling will be troublesome for you, I would suggest using another type of adhesive like wallpaper paste, which is more permanent. Good luck with it all. Let me know how your project goes. <3

  2. What a wonderful and creative way to handle a disaster!! Beautifully done, love your site!! Hope things are better now 🙂

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      Thank you. All is well. I was blessed to have the flooring come in a several weeks early. Wouldn’t you know, the flooring came in about one week after I finally wrapped up photographing the French Country Farmhouse Dining Table. It worked out well in the long run. It seems that post was quite popular in Bloggerville. The disaster really turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

      Thank you for stopping by and thank you so much for taking the time to leave me a comment. I very much enjoy the chance to talk with everyone.