DIY Winter Accessory Storage Hack for Scarves, Mittens & Beanies. Still going strong after 6 years!
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Closet Storage Hack That Really Works- How To Organize Winter Accessories For Good!

How to organize Winter accessories for good! 

Living in Alaska, I totally understand the need for hoarding winter gear and struggling to keep the mittens paired together, scarves folded, rolled or hung, and keeping coordinating beanies in the same vicinity with its matching outer wear partners. It was a frustrating journey before the DIY closet storage hack. Those of us who live in areas that necessitate owning umpteen scarves and beanies, know that keeping them organized can be a tedious task. Let’s take inventory of the problem first . . .


✔  64 scarves tangled together like a pile of Nope Rope a.k.a snakes. ✔ 43 pairs of mittens✔ 5 are orphans but you keep them “just in case“. ✔ 27 sets of gloves, not the same as mittens ✔ 24 beanies and all manner of fuzzy fleece lined hats because sometimes it’s so cold you actually will wear 2 beanies at the same time and don’t mind rocking the bag lady/hobo fashion when it’s saving your fingertips and eyebrows from frostbite.But let’s be honest- Nobody pays attention to or cares what others wear when it’s a whooping 0° degrees outside or worse -28°! The coldest temp I’ve ever been in is negative 80° with windchill. The second coldest temp I’ve been in is negative 56°. It is brutal and requires wearing several scarves wrapped around the neck, head, and face. So, yes, we really do need and use all of the winter outer wear. If it happens to match, great. If not, oh well.

DIY closet Storage Hack for under $25 

The best hack for closet organizing

• I installed four inexpensive cafe rods, purchased at Walmart, on the inside of the coat closet door. • Curtain rings with clips hold beanies and secure mittens/gloves together. They are less than $5 per pack.• It’s going on 7 years now and will never be changed. The cost breaks down to be $3.57 per year. Now we’re headed into the 8th year of use which breaks down to $3.12 per year. • The entire project cost under $25 and took less than 30-minutes to complete, including hanging the clothing. 

DIY Closet Storage Hack For Winter Scarves, Mittens & Beanies. Still going strong after 6 years!

Storage hacks that didn’t work

After trying numerous storage organization ideas for winter gear and none of them working, I was aggravated. You know the, the ones that look great in a photo on Pinterest, but in real life are counterproductive to what the word organized actually means. I bought cubbies, tried using oversized designated baskets to store like items inside, and even bought a nice chest-of-drawers just to store outer wear. All fails!

DIY closet storage hack for winter clothes

I’ve also tried many versions of hanging solutions. Scarves hung on hangers, hanging them on shower curtain rings, also on a hanger. All of the variations of hanger storage were the most annoying of all! Everything had to be looped a certain way to keep things from falling to the floor. My scarf storage is nice because all I do is open the door and BOOM, everything is visible. Grab and go without digging through the closet, reaching to the back, fiddling with getting a scarf off the ring or unwinding the loop-de-loop while knocking other scarves to the floor and trying to make it to an appointment on time. 

This DIY closet storage hack probably isn’t ideal if you’re renting so here’s an article from Tidy Living that’ll help:  How to Organize Your Scarves the Easy Way.

Easy & affordable Blanket storage 

Organization hacks underbed storage that is actually affordable!

Seeing that we live in a state with a real winter, we also amass copious amounts of blankets that are all used throughout the year, even during the summer months which at times can be chilly. Plus, we also tend to entertain company staying with us sometimes for weeks at a time. We definitely need blankets for them, especially considering that our guests come to Alaska from extremely hot states like Georgia and Arizona. This classic under bed storage bag from Tidy Living is a total powerhouse storage solution around here! The great news is Tidy Living frequently has these marked down by 50% off.  Another benefit of using these storage bags is being able to free up valuable closet real estate! 

REALLY affordable home storage solutions

When not in use, the bag folds nice and tight, taking up less room than a folded bath towel. 

Boom! Done! Super convenient, easy and affordable, right? If you decide to use the DIY closet storage hack, I’d love hear how it worked for you. 

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First off, this is awesome. Totally love it. When I feel like actually organizing I will take note of your awesomeness. Secondly, you look like you live in Alaska! The struggle is real! Oh my word! Ha.

    at 3:15 pm

    Wanna know the sad part? That isn’t even all the scarves. I pulled about 20 out just so it didn’t look as cluttered in the photo.

    I should probably mention how many scarves I can fit on the two rods…. people might start calling me a hoarder. That’s okay, though. Ha ha. Very few people understand cold to the extent that we do. Much less, do they know that there are times when the weather calls for wearing several scarves, a beanie and one scarf wrapped around our head. Ha ha.

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