Is Your Christmas Packed? ––3 Awesome DIY Christmas Storage Ideas That Work!

It's a new year.... Have you packed Christmas yet? 

Eco-friendly DIY Christmas storage ideas.

Here's 3 of my fav DIY Christmas storage Ideas that I've used for over 20 years!

If you haven't packed your Christmas decor yet, don't feel bad– neither have I! But that's par for the course for me. It's still quite dark here in Alaska so we  keep our  Christmas trees up through January for the extra light & cheer. 

While packing up decor overtly screaming Christmas at me, I realized that I've used a few impressive DIY Christmas storage hacks for over 24-years worth of Christmases that were passed down to me by my grandmother who used them for over 50-years!

Store Christmas Balls In bulk Apple Containers 

About ten years ago I started using plastic apple containers to store Christmas balls and I love it!  Each ball is wrapped in recycled tissue paper, organized by color, and labeled before heading into a Rubbermaid tote. 

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guaranteed Tangle free lights year-after-year!

Grandma told me she first used cardboard to keep lights tangle free after seeing in an old housekeeping column back in the 60's. So, this hack isn't new or even original, but it's an excellent one! I tried the hanger trick and didn't care for it. 

A few words of advice: Make sure to keep the male-end easily accessible and it'll make hanging lights next year easier.

3 DIY Christmas storage hacks that really work!

Boot Boxes = Durable Christmas Storage 


The third one –shoe boxes– specifically boot boxes, while lacking in the beauty department, they are perfect for holding collections of similarly styled ornaments.

If you really want pretty storage, you can wrap or decoupage your boxes with inexpensive gift wrap like I did....


I got totally bored and realized gussying up boxes going into opaque storage totes that were headed into the back of a dark closet defines the term "pointless waste of time."
Decided it was completely unnecessary

1950's hack: Use Egg Cartons to store small ornaments

"When the glass balls come down from the Christmas tree, it is sometimes difficult to pack them away safely for a whole year.

Try using a cardboard egg container. They fit snugly, just like eggs."

Mrs M. Glen, 21 Amisfield Place, Longniddry.

Pass It On Tips From The 1950s, edited by Scottish journalist Steve Finan.

The Silent Generation & Baby Boomers–
The original recyclers who shared these ideas first.

Now it's our turn to "Pass It On".

That covers my favorite DIY Christmas storage hacks. If you haven't tried these, I hope you find my favorite DIY Christmas storage hacks as useful as I do. Do you have an excellent hack that you'd like to tell me about? I'd love to hear about in a comment. 

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3 AWESOME Christmas storage hacks that work and have been around for over 50+ years!

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Great post! Beautiful photos even! The apples…love it!