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  1. / 5:04 pm

    Hey there! I found you when I went to the Halloween blog hop. I love your style. I think we kinda have a little of the same style. I found your blog initially quite a while ago when I found your post on the perfect Christmas tree but didn’t pin and couldn’t remember the name of your blog. I’m so happy I found it again! Anyway, I blog over at Slightly Coastal. I would love to have you check it out and if you ever wanted to collaborate on a blog hop…I would love to be a part of anything you are! I have a hop coming up in November on Christmas gift wrap ideas. It was a hit last year. Some of the same people are coming back and some new ones are joining in. I would love to have you be in the hop if you are interested.

    Slightly Coastal

    • / 9:44 am

      Hi Nancy,

      It’s so nice to meet you. I just visited your blog and subscribed. I think we do have a similar style. I will shoot you an email with some info. I’d love to join your hop. Gift wrap is my jam! I love it all. I’ve been tucking away photos for a post on that and would be thrilled to be linked with others sharing their fabulous ideas too. Thanks so much for stopping by. ❤️

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