Weekend Look- Quick Peek At Fall Living Room Decor In My Home

Happy Third Day of Fall!
Have I told you that we have been in the fall season since the first or second week in August?
We get seasonal changes early here in Alaska.
We’ve already had temps dropping into the freezing range, crazy wind storms, and lots of rain.
Now we have snow-capped mountains, otherwise, known as Termination Dust.
Winter is just a few short weeks away and pumpkins just barely made their way onto store shelves.

Autumn Centerpiece

A few weeks ago after the passing of loved ones,
I had a difficult time trying to decorate or blog or find any motivation to be productive.
My sweet friend surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
The more I looked at them,
I suddenly felt inspired enough to do some fall decorating in my living room.

Fall Living Room

I pulled out my jewel tone velvet pumpkins
and went to work using what I had to create a pretty fall look
mixing metals with marble and dried flowers with baskets and pretty dishes.
Whites and neutrals play well with the textures and colors of the flowers.

French country fall hutch decor with white ironstone dishes and preserved floral buds saved throughout the year. No Orange to be found here.

Fall Shelf Decor

And just as soon as I had everything all spruced up and was happy with it…
I was motivated to tackle a furniture project.

Everything came down and this fall look went to the wayside.

I ended up doing a complete makeover that
involved a little bit of sewing, some beadboard wallpaper, and a fresh coat of paint for the hutch.

Colorful Fall Living Room Decor without any orange! A blend of neutrals and color for a pretty French Country Cottage fall decor style.

 I’m loving combinations of gold and silver.

Now that I’ve completed the hutch project, -which I will be sharing-
I’ve also completely changed the fall decor in the main living room.
A home tour post is coming your way next week.
Plus, I finally got my hands on a few real pumpkins too!

It’s amazing that we can grow 1,400-pound pumpkins here in Alaska
but it’s mind-blowing that they don’t make their way to any stores until they are shipped up from the Lower 48.
I’m baffled that there aren’t any pumpkin patches up here either.
I’ve Googled and asked around about buying locally grown pumpkins.
So far no luck in that department.

How does that even happen?
It’s like an unsolved mystery.
My list of never-ending questions that begin with why or how come continually grows.

Close Up Fall Centerpiece

So.. here’s the deal.
If you want to recreate this look it’s super easy, inexpensive, and only took a few minutes to pull together.

All you need is a pretty tray, fresh floral bouquet, a plush velvet pumpkin,
a couple of water pitchers or silver teapots and dried flower heads.

Maybe a pinecone or acorns?
Whichever you prefer will look beautiful.

If you don’t have any preserved flowers on hand, you can purchase them inexpensively.
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Combination of dried florals-
Roses and Botanicals

You will need a tray to corral all your fall decor items-
Marble Tray 
It’s not identical to my Threshold tray but it is a beauty!

•I highly recommend saving flower heads from your garden and from fresh bouquets all throughout the year.
Once dry store them in bowls, boxes, baskets, or whatever you have on hand.
These dried pieces come in handy for adding a special touch to various types of vignettes all through the year.
Many of my collections of dried flowers have been around for almost a decade.

Fall Table Vignette
Next week I will be sharing the all new fall home tour, the wedding card box DIY and the new look on the hutch.
Check out the before here. 

You can see the fall home tour, front porch tour,
and the Before & After of the Frenchy hutch by clicking any of  the images below.

Fall Home Tour 2016 & Fall Porch Tour

Fall Porch Tour

Before After French Hutch


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Nikki Gwin

I love that purple pumpkin! I can’t imagine fall in August. It’s still summer here in Alabama in October. haha
🙂 gwingal

katherines corner

You are a rockj star it looks amazing. I think you should add this to the party xo


Really pretty Fall decor! I am crazy about the purple velvet pumpkin! 😉


Your Fall decor is lovely. I really like the use of dried flowers… I think next year I will have to dry more roses ( this year I dried a ton of lavender). I really love the jewel tone of the pumpkins. I am happy o hear you are getting back into decorating after everything that happened. Have a blessed week.