Looking For Fellow Coffee Snobs To Join My Posse! Talking About THE BEST EVER Coffee- French Market Coffee.

In honor of National Coffee Day and all the coffee lovers worldwide
-Just for fun-
I want to share my favorite brand of coffee and try to get you hooked on it too.
I can’t tell you the sheer volume of friends and family that I’ve gotten hooked on this Cup of Joe… it’s a lot!

I have been called a coffee snob and probably am one,
but not in the hoighty-toighty sense of snobbery.
It’s more like being a well-versed coffee connoisseur of sorts,
similar to how some people are wine aficionados.

My favorite brand of coffee is French Market.

I stockpile it in my home so I seldom run out.

It's National Coffee Day! Why I love French Market Coffee with a blend of Chicory and Coffee.

 The flavor of French Market Coffee and Chicory blend is rich.
It is bold but not overpowering.

The very first time I had chicory root in a cup of coffee was back in the olden days of 2003.

I was stranded in Colorado during a brutal
winter storm that affected all of the Pacific Northwest leaving
thousands of travelers waiting for days on end to board flights home.

During this time, my traveling companion and I had quite the adventure.
One of them involved dining at a delightful little
Creole restaurant named Lucille’s in Fort Collins, Colorado.

The food was downright amazing!
The coffee, phenomenal!!

Everything reminded me of beloved grandmothers Lousiana cooking,
and the restaurant had all the charm of a French Quarter restaurant.

But the coffee… that was what won me over with the first sip!
From then on I was hooked on chicory and coffee blends.
I prefer a higher ratio of coffee to chicory.
Fort Collin Colorado Restaurant

When I first discovered French Market Coffee,
I did a happy dance in the grocery aisle, practically screaming it’s like Lucille’s coffee,
I can’t believe my good fortune at finding this gem here in Alaska.

I don’t know what type of coffee Lucille’s brews.
If memory serves correct, the flavor of French Market coffee bears a strong resemblance.

It is my favorite, and it’s what is in my cup every morning.
I have even been known to pack a can to carry with me when traveling.
That’s how much I love this coffee!

Besides the balanced flavor of French Market coffee,
one of the things I love about it is how far a can stretches.
For every two cups of water that goes into the percolator,
I use one rounded spoonful of coffee grounds plus a dash more for good measure.

Nothing is worse than weak watery coffee except for over salted food.

What Is This Chicory Root Stuff I Speak Of?

Chicory is a wildflower native to France to which the roots are used in culinary dishes and ground up to include in coffee.

•It’s a flowering plant that originated in France.

•Only the roots of chicory are used in coffee blends and for medicinal purposes.

•It has a taste similar to coffee beans.

•When ground it looks nearly identical to ground coffee beans.

How Did Chicory Find It’s Way Into Coffee?

It goes back, as in way back, to the real olden days- late 1700’s- early 1800’s.

Around the time of Napoleon’s reign, it was discovered that chicory tasted similar to coffee.
During the Napoleonic wars, trade routes were closed off and with it so was the coffee supply.

Desperate times call for desperate measures!

The French began blending chicory root
with coffee to stretch the supply and used it to replace coffee entirely.

I have had straight chicory coffee on its own.
Two thumbs down I give it!
All the way


down the garbage disposal kind of down.

Coffee AND Chicory blends gets two thumbs up!
Talking about the best coffee flavor and brand


In New Orleans, Lousiana, coffee chicory  blends came into favor
during the Civil War when Union Naval blockades cut off the port of New Orleans.

At the time, NOLA was the largest importer of coffee in the U.S.A.
Considering, NOLA was originally a French Colony,
NOLA locals began incorporating chicory roots with coffee once again.

The penny-pinching substitute of coffee chicory blends
will always be ingrained in the N’Awlins beautiful traditions.
The coffee down there is unlike anywhere else.
It’s legit, good quality, fantastically brewed coffee unlike
some of the chain coffee joints with quicky drive-throughs that burn coffee beans.

This sums up the coffee chicory history lesson for the day
and sharing of random, seemingly irrelevant, bits of knowledge about completely useless things that I know.
One day this stuff might make me a great game show contestant.
Ha, ha.

I do hope you’ll give French Market Chicory and Coffee a try and let me know what you think.

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French Market Chicory & Coffee

If you have a favorite brand of coffee, do tell!
Share the goodness in your cup.

To all the fellow McSnobby coffee lovers and enthusiasts-
Happy National Coffee Day!

Who loves coffee? Best brand of coffee in the United States.
You know, it’s only fitting that I’m partying with my girl Courtney at
French Country Cottage

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Cheryl Licht
Well, what a fascinating history lesson. Thank you! When you said favorite coffee, I thought you would talk up Kaladi, which I happen to love. But now I’m curious to try this. And, the snow/ice storm in PNW of 2003 was memorable to me too. I was stuck in Portland, and it was the beginning of the story of my husband and I getting together. That was a crazy storm!!! I remember going out to my car and I couldn’t get crawl back to the house hardly even on all fours because of the sheet of slippery thick ice covering… Read more »
Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors

Olivia, I loved reading your post. I always wondered the history behind using chicory in coffee. I usually drink tea, but every once in a while I like a french roasted coffee. I have some Cafe Du Monde coffee right now sitting by the coffee pot. I was able to find it at a local kitchen store. I’m going to have to try your French Market Coffee. My husband is a coffee snob. He drinks a ton of it! Thanks for sharing, and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!