Why Are People Obsessed With Christmas? Find Out Why I Am….plus a sneak peek

It’s beginning to lot like Christmas
and I’m sharing a few peeks at this year’s style before the home tour.

More importantly,
I’m sharing the real reason why I love Christmas so much.
It’s not for common reasons one might think.

There are all the beautiful streaming ribbons, the fresh scent of pine,
glittery ornaments sparkling under twinkly lights casting a magical glow throughout a room,
but this only scratches the surface of why I love Christmas.

Silver, Cream, Gold Christmas

Elegant white and silver Christmas decorations

There’s Christmas dresses, knockout high heels,
parties, and social gatherings; those are fun too,
but that’s not the real reason for this love either.

Would you believe that I didn’t know why I loved Christmas so much until an old friend asked me?
Until then I never considered there might be more to this mild obsession.

My first answers reflected a variation of the ones I listed above
and some cheesy blow off answer about Hallmark Christmas movies.

Knowing me well and sniffing out the old blow-off strategy
and also knowing that I would talk about Christmas with anyone who cared to listen,
he would ask again why I love Christmas so much?

Dreaming of a Blue Christmas

Vintage Christmas Ornaments from Krebs

Quickly exhausting all the generic answers about why Christmas is wonderful,
I moved on to share stories of grandmothers home during the holiday season.
Even this didn’t satisfy him.

He would cleverly pose the question again-
Why do you really love Christmas so much?
Each time, I dug deeper into my psyche.
I had no choice but to think carefully and do some soul searching.



Grandmas Vintage Ornaments

Vintage Christmas musical instrument ornaments

We concluded that one of the reasons I loved Christmas was because of my grandmother,
and it wasn’t because one of my all-time favorite
Christmas gifts when I was seven, was a Cabbage Patch doll.

I laughingly told the story of my insistence that I would surely die
if I didn’t have one of those dolls and that my grandmother saved me from a most painful death.

This was the magical moment!
Through the digging and probing, real reason why I love Christmas so much was pinpointed.




Blush, Blue, & White Gift Wrap
Why Christmas Means So Much | Holiday Decor Peek with gift wrap ideas with blush pink and French Blue

Why Are People Obsessed With Christmas?

Christmas represents safety and protection.

The first eight years of my life was not that of a Hallmark movie, far from it.
Those early years consisted of me anticipating the arrival of Christmas because
I knew I was going to grandmas.
Her home was the only place where I did not fear anyone or anything.
I was safe.

She would let me bring all my toys around the Christmas tree.
I would watch the twinkling lights curled up in my favorite blanket knowing they wouldn’t be taken away.
I was safe.

Why Are People Obsessed With Christmas | Answers Twinkling Christmas coffee table centerpiece with mercury glass, beaded garland and mirrored tray set with a Soap and Paper Factory Christmas pine candle.

I Challenge You to Discover…..

It was through divine intervention and the love of my grandmother
that I came to have a real family with real parents (not biological ones) who gave
me all of the safety and protection every parent should give to a child.
I was safe.

Until the day I take my last breath and die for real,
-not the painful death I envisioned as a little girl-
the spirit of Christmas will remain a year-round thing for me.
Everyone should feel safe.

I will continue to chatter about Christmas decor,
decorate before Thanksgiving and do what I do.
But now you know that my love for Christmas is much more than decor
and putting up a ridiculous amount of Christmas trees in my home.

This is the time of year to share hope and love and bring light into someone elses life.

If you are a bit obsessed with Christmas too,
I challenge you to ask yourself the same question- Why do you really love Christmas so much?


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I love the ornaments you have shared on this page! They are so beautiful!

Naomi S.
Naomi S.

I forgot in my comment to say what my favorite holiday food is. No question about it, my favorite is the soft sugar cookies cut in holiday shapes and decorated with colored sugar that my own grandmother always made. I make them, but they are never quite as soft and good as hers were.

Naomi S.
Naomi S.

Reading your little story about why you really love Christmas, I was very touched that you shared it.
I am a grandmother now and I really relate to the love your grandmother felt and demonstrated for you. You are so right: everyone has a right to feel safe as a child growing up. I am so glad that your grandmother had the courage to help change your young life. I don’t know if she has left this material world or not, but if she has she most certainly has her angel’s wings.


Beautiful post Olivia! Not just the gorgeous photos, but how you’ve gained introspect and self awareness about your childhood and how your wonderful memories of your Grandmother have shaped who you are today as a person. You will pass this awareness along (as you just have in your blog) to others! I too feel the same way about why I love Christmas! I have so many fond and loving memories of Christmas’ past!!! Happy Holidays
I can’t wait to see your tour! 😉

Cheryl Licht

Wow, this was so sweet and so profound. Thank you for sharing your story Olivia. I’m so glad you had safety and sweet memories surrounding Christmas and your Grandmother! And ultimately that you were placed in a loving safe family. Merry Christmas and may you be blessed in celebrating and remembering those precious memories with your grandmother. ❤️