Hello. 1988 called.  It wants its decor back. You know the style I’m talking about, right? It’s the one that used an abundance of country blue accented with the color mauve and had swans on every home accessory imaginable.  That reminds me of this story from my bratty tween years- I distinctly remember someone who had a giant mauve Christmas tree. I do mean GIANT!  It was probably 18 feet tall at least. All I know is that it stood next to a staircase, and the very top of it… View Post

French Olive End Tables Lets begin with the olive color. First- I loathe green olives! When I delivered this set of end tables to a local business, one of the owners exclaimed that she loved the olive color. Nice observation. I ran with it. French Olives will be the name. Just so you know, naming finishes isn’t done to be cute and kitschy. Cute and kitschy is not a usual part of my repertoire.  I name painted furniture and faux finishes as a method of organization in filing recipes. Second- I intentionally went… View Post

Old  World  Collection What is the Old World Collection?  Thee  Old World Collection, is a showcase of decorative faux finishes, designed to evoke the warmth and antiquity found  throughout European design. Historic architecture, is the design cue  for the decorative faux finishes in the Old World Collection.  Inspiration for the Old World Collection faux finishes comes from textures and colors that once were only achievable through the passage of time and exposure to the elements; exposed stone, aged plaster, patinated surfaces and rustication.    The Old Embedded Wall is a personal favorite of mine.  The classic damask design deeply… View Post