Hello and welcome. I hope you enjoyed visiting Marthas beautiful home tour at Simple Cozy Charm. Aren’t these seasonal home tours fabulous? They are brimming with so much inspiration and I love soaking it all in. For my readers- Today you’re in for a treat.  I’m joining 12 amazingly creative bloggers in sharing how we decorate for fall and halloween. Get your Pinning fingers ready- it’s sure to be chock full of glorious inspiration that I’m certain you’ll love!  This year  I added little touches of Halloween into my fall decor… View Post

Welcome from Christenes home tour at Keys to Inspiration. I’m thrilled to be joining my friend Angelina and a talented group of bloggers in sharing one week of fall decor and entertaining. When it comes to fall decor, I do things a bit different. Where most people are fond of decorating with dried leaves, I’m the girl who prefers dried flowers pretty much year round.My style is a blend of French country, old world, and Gustavian. It’s a little cottage and farmhouse rolled into one and is constantly evolving as I’m… View Post

If traditional fall colors don’t delight your senses within your home you have permission to carve your own path and use nontraditional colors that DO rock your boat! Hello and welcome. I hope you enjoyed seeing Mimi’s fall home at Unlikely Martha.  My name is Larissa and I am so excited to be included in the fall home tours with an amazing group of home decor bloggers. Even though I’m not a blogger (yet)- Olivia has been so kind to let me share on her beautiful blog. Thank you so much,… View Post

I’m all about embracing the softer side of autumn, like what you previously saw in the Fall Home Tour. but…. Fall decor on my front porch is a little bit different…. for no other reason than because it has to be. I live just a couple hundred miles from the Arctic Circle, where. weather conditions include early freezes, windstorms, rain, and now in October, a blanket of white is due any day now. Inclement weather isn’t friendly to fresh pumpkins or flowers so it is pointless to try and force it.  Fifteen… View Post

Happy October Here in Anchorage, just a few hundred miles from the Arctic Circle, the trees are nearly bare of leaves. The air is crisp during the day. The evenings are downright chilly. Each morning, we wake to frost glittering all across the city and the snow steadily creeps and inches its way down the mountains. Any day now, the ground will be covered in billowing clouds of white and the dark of winter will be upon us. For now, we are enjoying the last bit of daylight and basking… View Post