I’m all about embracing the softer side of autumn, like what you previously saw in the Fall Home Tour. but…. Fall decor on my front porch is a little bit different…. for no other reason than because it has to be. I live just a couple hundred miles from the Arctic Circle, where. weather conditions include early freezes, windstorms, rain, and now in October, a blanket of white is due any day now. Inclement weather isn’t friendly to fresh pumpkins or flowers so it is pointless to try and force it.  Fifteen years ago this discouraged me until I realized that I had… View Post

Happy October Here in Anchorage, just a few hundred miles from the Arctic Circle, the trees are nearly bare of leaves. The air is crisp during the day. The evenings are downright chilly. Each morning, we wake to frost glittering all across the city and the snow steadily creeps and inches its way down the mountains. Any day now, the ground will be covered in billowing clouds of white and the dark of winter will be upon us. For now, we are enjoying the last bit of daylight and basking in the final days of sunshine. [bctt tweet=”Merry October! Enjoy… View Post

Happy Third Day of Fall! Have I told you that we have been in the fall season since the first or second week in August? Yep. We get seasonal changes early here in Alaska. We’ve already had temps dropping into the freezing range, crazy wind storms, and lots of rain. Now we have snow-capped mountains, otherwise, known as Termination Dust. Winter is just a few short weeks away and pumpkins just barely made their way onto store shelves. A few weeks ago after the passing of loved ones, I had a difficult time trying to decorate or blog or find… View Post

Welcome back to TFT! This week our features are sharing more decorating ideas for the fall season. We have fall looks using traditional fall colors along with softer faded neutral fall decor styles and a DIY wreath made from book pages. There are so many things to love this week. Here’s a look at some of my fall decor from last year. Check out this Thanksgiving holiday tablescape inspiration from last year. I’m wrapping up the last of my fall touches around the house. A giant windstorm with 80 mph winds ripped through Anchorage last night and it’s still whipping… View Post

  Welcome to Thursday Favorite Things. Can you believe tomorrow is September 1st already? Are you ready to enjoy all things pumpkin flavored? Maybe you want to deck your porch out with some Baby Boo’s? Are you looking for some seasonal baking recipes that will fill your home with delightful scents of cinnamon and anise? Oh my gosh- the scent of freshly baked bread and cookies are one of my favorite things about fall! Welcome in the fall season with TFT Featured Bloggers! Pumpkin decor, pumpkin recipes, all things pumpkin, and traditional fall colors, fall foliage, cozy autumn porches, all the… View Post