Exciting News: Blog Redesign & Announcements

Just wanted to pop in with a few small announcements-
Branding and site design- rebranding and site design

The look and style of the blog will be changing with a blog redesign and a few new looks for branding.

This project has been in the works for a couple of months. Since we, my web designer and I are nearing the end with final details, I thought you might like a heads up and a sneak peek at the new blog style.

Don’t be scared. This new look is going to be much easier to navigate and so much prettier.

Back in December, I began implementing a few minor changes with colors of clickable links.

I also designed and ordered a couple of sets of business cards for each service that I offer. One is for event and interior decor. The other card is for faux finish and decorative paint clients.

Business card branding for interior decor, event decor, professional painting and faux finish

Being a fan of thank you cards and notes of appreciation, I included my own beautifully designed cards to keep on-hand for special people.  I love the style of them so much. It was a relief to finally create a design that encompasses me so perfectly. Having a well-designed blog makes me happier than you can even imagine. It has been a burr in my side for far too long.

Branding and logo design for interior decorating in Anchorage, Alaska

On the personal side of announcements, I’m saddened to tell you that major projects involving faux finishing and anything that requires repetitive arm motion or lifting, won’t be happening for quite some time.

I have a hitch in my giddy-up….

it involves a surgery on my neck.

My blog is going to be focusing more on light duty tasks revolving around home and event decor.

Maybe a few decorating guides for you? How does that sound?

 Anything that my scrawny Bobble Head neck can handle is now on my To Do List.

I’m totally open to your suggestions. Please leave me a comment telling me, “Yo….broke neck lady- Can you help a girl out and write a post about _____ or XYZ. I need advice or would like to learn about ______.”

Just tossing some ideas out here..architecture, historical design or the difference between faux finish and decorative paint? Do you want decorating guides? The skies the limit folks, as long as I’m confined to a sofa with a heat pack, I’m all yours for creating great guides. Ya’ll just have to tell me what you want and I will do it.  

Inspirational quote about being happy

In other news, there are only a few days left to enter the Giveaway to win The Inspired Room by Melissa Michaels and $200. The deadline is Friday, March 6.

If you wouldn’t mind- Can you tweet this out for me?
[bctt tweet=”Want inspirational budget-friendly home decorating ideas? Enter to win The Inspired Room +$200. http://bit.ly/1KL5KYX”]

Book giveaway for Inspired Room by Melissa Michaels


And don’t forget that Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop will be live tonight at 7 p.m MST.

Hope to see you there.




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Can’t wait to see what you’ve done. I’m betting it will be wonderful. Best to you on your surgery and recovery. I have a chronic back problem that’s sometimes limiting, so I hope you’re returned to free motion and no pain. Brenda

Cheryl Licht

Rebranding is always so exciting! Congratulations! I’m sorry you have to have surgery, but I hope everything is better in the long run. I think you have plenty of expertise to offer in the décor realm, maybe photography tips, paint, etc to offer, even sitting on a couch.


Love the new blog design! Good luck with the neck surgery!