Ready For Fun Holiday Decor? A Look At My Holly Jolly Fun Pup-Tree Christmas Tree! …The End

When you first step inside my home this fun entry is what you’ll see.
I have a confession to make.
Actually, I have to make two confessions.

First, I didn’t really decorate my front porch this year.
It was sort of decorated in a basic kind of way.

King & Sebastian
Best Friends Forever!


Wearing a “Basic Girl” outfit I quickly hung
a  fresh cedar pine garland around the frame of the door
and stuffed an urn with fresh pine clippings.

When I had the time to get out there, negative temps put a damper on my plans.
Basic girl decor is all it gets.

As soon as the front door opens,
we have a smaller Christmas tree to welcome you.
It’s our fun tree and a favorite to decorate each year.

Fun entry Christmas decor with a themed tree and kids bicycle.

This  is Sebastians Christmas tree and he knows it’s his too!

As soon as the rubbermaid bins full of little Black Lab
ornaments and dog themed decor comes out his tail starts wagging.

The crazy face licking starts
and he’s poking his nose in looking
for all the ornaments that look like him.

I’m not even slightly exaggerating either!

Sebastian is half Black Lab and half Golden Retriever mix.
We really have the best of both breeds in him.

He weighs about 100 pounds
but he is my little baby and very much a lap dog.
I love him so very much.
It's a Dog themed Christmas! Black Lab Christmas ornaments.

French blue, winter whites, gold, and silver colors
are used throughout the upstairs where the main floor is.

I pulled some blue ribbon through the tree
and added some pale pink shabby tag style ornaments.

I wanted the color palette to flow no
matter which direction people are going; in or out.

If you’re visiting for the first time, welcome! 
I’m so happy you found me.

You can get caught up by going to Part 1 of my Christmas home tour
Dreaming of a French Blue Christmas

If you want to continue reading, go ahead.
Links to Part 1 will also be at the bottom of this post.

Entry decor idea Christmas decor .

Even though I’m on a break from using red this Christmas,
it isn’t quite Christmas without a little bit of red somewhere in the house.

Well, there’s that and then the fact
that so many of Sebastians ornaments are dominated by red.
It didn’t leave much choice, so red it was. Ha ha!

Dog themed Christmas Sign tucked into a themed Christmas tree.
The first photo, up at the top,
seemed a little bare…. like something was missing.

I went digging through my Christmas decor stash
looking for just the right thing to fill in
the bare spot and out came the oversized elf!

Every few years he makes an appearance.

Black Lab Themed Christmas Tree Ideas | Lifesize Christmas elf decor ideas.

My second confession-

Our Christmas yard decor does not mock what you have seen throughout
my holiday home tours.

It actually borders on Griswalds style decor.
There are colored lights and Christmas blow-ups galore.
More and more is added each year.

You will have to follow me on Instagram to get all the behind the scenes,
real time action stuff. You will get to know the real me that is behind this blog.

Tomorrow, on Christmas Eve,
I will be sharing a video tour through the yard in an Instagram Story.

A few of my friends and I, are hosting a Holiday Housewalk Story Hop over on IG.

I hope to see you there!
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 I wish you the merriest Christmas!

If you missed the last post just click the photo below: 

Elegant bling in a French Country style.
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Olivia, I don’t know how I missed this post from last year but I did! I have to say that picture of King and Sebastian is just the cutest!!


Joan and family


Aww. Thank you so much, Joan. I wish you and your family a beautiful Christmas holiday too. oxo