Viewers Choice: A Look at the Best of the Best Blog Posts in 2016

Reinvented Collection Best French Country Blog Posts 2016

Just like last year,
I’m fashionably late with sharing a look back at the
best blog posts from the previous year, and you know what?
I’m okay with that.

So what if it’s two days into 2017 and I’m taking the time to
regroup, assess, and prioritize personal and blog goals for 2017!
The past five months have gone by so quickly that it’s time for a breather.

If you’re feeling the same way, welcome to the tribe!
We are slow and steady planners who like to have a well thought action plan.

Alrighty, lets have a look see at what 2016 brought to ya’ll.

Viewers Choice: Best Blog Posts of 2016

Evidently, the Mini Spring Home Tour was quite the attraction!
I’m thinking it was all the beautiful fresh flowers that drew people in.

Click on Mini Spring Home Tour
Simple spring kitchen decor. A mini spring decor home tour

Who doesn’t love beautiful weddings?

Between the DIY wedding decor ideas and the stunning floral arrangements this one was a hit!
This photo was also my very first Instagram photo to reach
over 100 Likes!  Those colors are stunning!

Click on Sunny Southern California Wedding. 
Ideas for decorating a wedding reception table with wine and chalkboard sign table names named after favorite wineries

Viewers Favorite Furniture DIY

One of the things I haven’t talked about much is painting and wall finishes.
This is going to change in 2017!

I’m a certified pro faux finisher and painter.
There will be a lot more posts involving furniture and a new look for the kitchen cabinets.

I just announced in my newsletter that tips for
painting and proper prep before painting are headed your way this spring.
I’m excited to share this so it will take the
guess work out of figuring out of which Pin is accurate.

Must see to appreciate…
Click on  Before & After Painted China Cabinet

The big reveal- Before and After Painted China Cabinet in a romantic French Country Cottage style. Finding the perfect white paint by Sherwin Williams HGTV and busting out some sewing to make a drop cloth curtain... You know you want to see more. Visit www.reinventedcollection.comPinners Love The Weed Killer Post the Most!

Now, let me show you the odd ball blog
post that folks just can’t seem to stop visiting!

It is a wild success on Pinterest.
In late May or early June look for the 3rd follow up posts and a DIY video!

Sorry I can’t do it sooner.  Alaska has long winters.
We don’t start to green up outside until ya’ll have blistering hot weather in the Lower 48.

Click on All Natural Weed Killer & see the dramatic change to the lawn too!
Using water and vinegar you can safely rid your yard of dandelions and chickweeds. Learn how to kill weeds safely and get the weed killer recipe and tips for getting rid of weeds once and for all.

Best Decor Tips of 2016

This post on my favorite ways to style a coffee table was a lot of fun to write!

I wrote this one for a fabulous online shop
that sells vintage and antique home decor and furnishings.

Just click on Coffee Table Essentials to get some ideas for yours too!

Get the essential guide for how to style a French Country Coffee Table.. Tips and ideas for how to decorative coffee tables, which items to use, and where to buy them. Visit
Viewers Choice: Best Seasonal Decor Post 2016

When it came down to seasonal decor and holidays,
I was quite surprised to see how wildly popular
my fall home tour and Christmas home tour were.

These two posts had the most visitors of them all.
That tells me 2017 needs a few DIY posts for ya’ll to enjoy too!

Click on Fall Home Tour 2016. 

Birch log decor ideas filling an antique brass bin paired with dried floral bouquets and DIY porcelain doll pumpkin.
Viewers Favorite Holiday Decor Post 2016

“How do I love thee, let me count the ways!

I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
my soul can reach when feeling out of sight.”
Sonnet- Elizabeth Barett Browning

 I still have all of the Christmas trees twinkling away
and am enjoying the extra light as we wait a while longer for
days full of sun to make their way back to us up here in the North Pole.

Click on French Blue Christmas.
Just follow the trail and you’ll easily get to all 4-parts of the holiday tours.

Elegant Christmas mantle decor ideas.

Just because so many others have been sharing
these types of posts for a week now, doesn’t mean it
dims your light or is a reason you should question yourself if you’re moving
a little slower paced and taking some time to just breath after the holidays.

Be encouraged, my friend!
I’m taking my sweet time getting there too.

More to come later on my word of the year and a few goals.
Next up is going to be a look at the all time best posts since I began this blog.

I wish you a Happy New Year!
Know that I value you and you are special to me.


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Naomi S.
The china cabinet re-do is my all-time favorite because I just love the way it turned out. I am crazy about the skirt you made for it. Coming in second is the lawn post. It must be a lot of people are wanting to get away from using toxic lawn products these days. That’s good. I also loved your Christmas tree postings. The trees were so beautiful. I’m glad you are still enjoying them. I always leave my tree up until Epiphany on Jan. 6, which was also my beloved grandfather’s birthday. I just never get it up in time… Read more »
Hi Naomi, It’s my favorite too! That lawn post makes me laugh… how does a decor blogger have raging success with lawn care? Ha ha. Maybe it’s because I showed before and after and continue to do follow ups?! I did it that way so people can see it really does work. I think it’s fantastic that you keep your trees up too and what a nice way to remember your grandfather too. 🙂 Even though I start early with decorating for the holidays, I’m so busy writing about it and doing all the bloggy stuff that it feels like… Read more »