The Big Reveal- Before and After Painted China Cabinet Makeover

Here she is.

This little twofer makeshift hutch finally got the makeover she deserved!

Now she looks more like a China cabinet
and far less like a makeshift hutch…or whatever that storage thing was before it got a
fresh coat of paint, a pretty curtain, and a little bit of texture on its backside.

Before and After Painted China Cabinet

French Country hutch makeover reveal.... She's all dolled up for fall, wearing a fresh coat of the perfect shade of white, gilded details, and a DIY drop cloth curtain complete the romantic cottage look. Get inspired. Go to
The Bare Bones of the China Cabinet Before

This is what she looked like before.

We all love a good before and after and are nosey creatures, right?

I know you’re curious, so click over to the
Before the Before of the Before DIY Furniture Project
and come back for all the details about how I achieved this look.

Before Paint

Now that you’re back-
See that prison bar rail on the second shelf?

I lived with that piece for a few months
until I realized it reminded me of a hitching post straight out of a John Wayne movie.
Giddy up, hee-haw, and ride em’ cowboy.
Yeah, that!

I dubbed it the “Okay Corral Thing”- it bugged me- so I pried it off and tossed it in the garage.

Add a little headboard wallpaper and a coat of the best off the shelf brand of white paint is the plan! A Kitchen hutch makeover Idea... Get the details at
The Paint- The Brand- Finally A Perfect White Paint

Is it necessary to point out how painfully obvious a fresh coat of paint was needed?

Every day I could hear the cries for help.

Dingy and still dirty after scrubbing paint finishes aren’t my favorite finish.

I decided clean and a crisp white was the way to go.

You’ll never believe it, but I used an off the shelf white!

Considering my frame of mind at the time,
I had neither the patience or inclination to deal with samples, light, shadows… ya’ll know the routine.

I used Sherwin Williams HGTV Showcase White.
This paint truly is a perfect pure white without any weird undertones of blue, yellow, or purple.
It felt like the heavens opened and sang to me with the first loaded brush stroke.

Using headboard wallpaper is super easy! My China cabinet makeover has all the Romantic home French Country Cottage look any gal could ever hope for!
Painted Beadboard Wallpaper Review

The back of the cabinet is lined with beadboard wallpaper.
Neutral lovers know the secret to pulling off the look is to incorporate textures and
beadboard did the trick, not to mention it added French Country cottage charm.

If the shelves had been removable I would have used real beadboard
but that was way too much measuring, cutting, and fitting for my liking.

I’ll admit, I was unnecessarily  leery of using wallpaper made to look like beadboard.
There truly isn’t a noticeable difference between real beadboard and the wallpaper kind
and it’s pretty darn easy to use!

As for painting wallpaper that worked out splendidly and made it look more like real beadboard.

I did use pre-pasted wallpaper.

After I measured not once or twice but four times,
I made the cuts and laid each section on my kitchen table.
Using a water bottle I sprayed each one down fairly heavily with water.

I didn’t soak each piece in a bath.
Close up details of how beadboard wallpaper looks and an honest review of how real beadboard compares to wallpaper beadboard.

The water bottle method worked fantastically.
While applying one section to the upper
portion of the cabinet I sprayed the next section and folded it over to help activate the adhesive.

In truth, I was a bit skeptical about how the wallpaper
would look but I couldn’t be more pleased with how it handled and the end result.

What matters is that it looks like the real stuff.

I’m 100% sold on using this product for hutches and cabinets.

You can expect to see me using it again in the future.
For your convenience, I’ve included an affiliate link for 
beadboard wallpaper.
To read my full disclosure policy go here. 

White ironstone dish collection on a white French country style hutch with neutral decor.
Curtains for the Hutch

I sewed it myself! Unbelievable, but I did!

I haven’t sewn in years.

Back in the day, I used to sew my own clothing and even competed in
sewing competitions  with A.C.E. schools.

The real miracle here is that I figured out how to work my sewing machine
It was a gift from my father-in-law almost 8 whole years ago.

No doors needed for this China cabinet. Make your own curtain DIY with drop cloths and use an inexpensive curtain rod for a charming French Country Cottage look.

I didn’t get all crazy and technical with stitching this curtain.

I took a piece from a drop cloth, measured floor to the top of the lower portion of cabinets.
It was about 33 inches.

I added a few extra inches, drew a line, and cut the fabric.

I cheated a tad bit because I kept the hemmed edges for the bottom and sides.

A touch of fall home decor graces the shelves of this newly painted china cabinet. A full furniture makeover and an honest review about beadboard wallpaper treatments
Once I had the gold cafe rod attached to
the trunk of the cabinet I flipped the raw edge over it and pinned the fabric.

For your convenience, I’ve included an affiliate link for 
the same wee cafe curtain rod I used.
To read my full disclosure policy go here

The middle of the curtain has a frayed hem.
Right now, I like that extra bit of texture.

All in all, I’m happy with how this hutch turned out.
It was exactly what I envisioned and it’s a great little piece
for storage and holding my collection of Ironstone dishes until I can find something else to take its place.

If you haven’t used beadboard wallpaper, don’t be scared to it.

Details on a neutral fall decorated hutch. French country cottage home decor ideas.

Pin This Graphic

The big reveal- Before and After Painted China Cabinet in a romantic French Country Cottage style. Finding the perfect white paint by Sherwin Williams HGTV and busting out some sewing to make a drop cloth curtain... You know you want to see more. Visit
I almost forgot to share two of my most favorite parts about this project!

It’s the lined shelves behind the drop cloth curtains.

Isn’t this such a pretty Frenchy print shelf liner paper?

Major crush going on over here!

/home/content/61/11464061/html/wp content/uploads/2016/09/French Country Decor Faux Painting Event decor lined cabinet
And then there is the close-up of the French applique, also a favorite detail.

It was primed and painted using liquid gold leaf product
and then toned down using Faux Effects glazing medium tinted with white paint.

A touch of gold on the white hutch in the gilded French applique dresses this China hutch up. Sharing how to gild with liquid gold leaf and glaze to tone it down.

I used three coats of  VarnishPlus in satin to
seal the paint finish and protect it from scratches and yellowing.
This is my go to product for all of my furniture and cabinetry finishes.

Faux Effects Silver Label finishing products are open
to the general public but the Gold Label are only available to professional finishers and painters.

I haven’t mentioned it in a while
but I’m also a Professionally trained certified  faux finisher and painter.
You can check out some of my wall finishes here.  

If furniture is more your thing, I have an album here with some of the pieces I’ve completed.

Now, I’m certain that I’ve covered all the details and what I used without forgetting anything.

I hope you enjoy this as much I as I love this recreated China cabinet.

This week I’m sharing with
Simple Nature Decor | Cedar Hill Farmhouse

Savvy Southern Style  | French Country Cottage

Snap Creativity |Snap Creativity

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I will only share things I truly love, really use, and I will give my honest opinion no matter what it is. 

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Michelle Leslie

Wow, what a beautiful transformation!! I’m still trying to pick my jaw up off of the floor. That beadboard wall paper is perfect. WOW!!!!

Angelina @ Peonies & Orange Blossoms

Olivia, I love your cabinet makeover. I cannot believe that the beadboard is actually wallpaper!!! I featured you on my blog today. I just love all your decorating, you have a lovely home!


So pretty Olivia!

Antonella | White House Crafts

This china cabinet is beautiful, and I like how you decorated it for Fall! I hope you’ll share this project at The Crafty Corner link party this week. Have a great day 🙂

Cat @ Pocketful of Posies

Just Beautiful! Thank you for sharing at Dream. Create. Inspire. Link! Pinning!

Naomi S.
Thanks for your reply, Olivia. I like your idea and it does sound simple to do. I’m not too confident with power tools, but it doesn’t sound like it would take much more than a nail gun or power screw driver to attach the two pieces and maybe a sander for finish work and some glue for the embossed trim. I really would like to give it a try. I’ll let you know if I find something that I can adapt. And lacking closet and storage space is a perennial problem in my house. Especially for sheets, blankets and other… Read more »
Naomi S.
What a lovely piece. I would like to find something similar to work on. The only problem is: where would I put it in my house? I know! It would look fantastic in my second bathroom! I’ve always needed extra storage in there. There were supposed to be built-in storage cupboards when the room was renovated but the builder somehow just “forgot” to build them! I wasn’t keeping close enough watch on what they were doing, I guess. But, now, I think it’s fortuitous that those built-ins weren’t built! They wouldn’t be nearly as cute as a little cupboard.
Robin @ Redo It Yourself

I love it, Olivia! Perfect color choices. It’s so warm. Saved to my Furniture Before and After Board.

Faye Gates
Faye Gates

Great Job! I love it!


This is truly beautiful. I think I may have to paint my hutch now, and I love that white! (I had to check to see if I had removed the hitching post on mine, and I did, lol.)