I did it! I Purchased A Balsam Hill Christmas Tree

Real tree or fake tree?

 There are  a few valid opinions on each side of the debate;
scentlook, vs. allergies, pine needles and daily watering maintenance.

 Though I dare say,  Balsam Hill,
excelled in developing faux Christmas  trees  that truly looks real.

Everyone who saw it thought I had bought a real tree.

Evening look at the Brewer Spruce Christmas tree by Balsam Hill. Looking for a fake Christmas that looks real? All the details are on www.reinventedcollection.com. Check it out for an honest review. I am so happy that the days of sorting through color-coded branches,
fluffing them and then inserting them one by one into a pole are long gone!

 The days of winding and twisting 800 lights in and out of branches are over too.

My tree comes in two pieces that easily slide together….

All I have left to do is attach a couple of plugs to connect the lights and it’s ready to decorate and style.

Looking for rustic glam Christmas decor inspiration? French country Christmas decor ideas? Balsam Hill carries a wide variety of styles.
They vary  from firs to pines.
They go even further by breaking down trees into geographical
regions where trees native to the area naturally grow.

There were several Christmas trees that I liked but I kept returning to the Brewer Spruce.
There was something about the down-swept branches that I loved.

It  had a bit of a whimsical look that I found charming.

  Since this tree was a replacement for my main tree,  the one with color coded branches,
I opted to stick with a classic green pine instead of going with a frosted tree.
The frosted one that interested me was the Frasier Fir.

I’m hoping that one finds its way into my home.
I do love a little flocking on a Christmas tree.

This purchase was a great investment.
I usually have several trees throughout my house.

Rustic French country Christmas decor with a Balsam Hill tree. Pretty champagne gold Christmas balls blended with mercury glass ornaments and French Script banner woven throughout the tree for an elegant Rustic Glam look.

The branches are incredibly sturdy.

Sometimes I like to hang large heavy ornaments like the oversized silver mercury glass balls
sitting next to the bouquet of dried roses.

I appreciate that my new Balsam Hill tree
was so well made that the heavy glass balls nestled right into the branches without causing the branches to droop.

A stately Christmas tree with a French country look that blends rustic charm all into one. | Reinvented Collection More photos and a truthful review on www.reinventedcollection.com

If you have your eyes on that ladder leaned against the wall,
you can check out details of the Christmas ladder here

Even without ornaments, the bare nakey bare tree is a lovely magical sight.

This year I was incredibly drawn to silvers,
champagne golds, creamy whites and sprays of teeny delicate pinecones.

I didn’t want to distract from how pretty the tree
actually was by overly packing it so full of  baubles that the beauty of the piney branches didn’t peek through.


As far as Christmas trees go, there really isn’t  a one size fits all option.
We all have different needs, wants, and preferences.
I don’t believe anyone is right or wrong.
You should follow their heart, do what works for you, and do what makes you happy.

For me, the fake tree wins the debate.
This is a perfect tree for me.

Creating a charming French Christmas style with  simplicity for an elegant rustic glam French look.  Come on over to check it out at www.reinventedcollection.com

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