Five Outdoor Activities You Should Absolutely Try This Summer

Happy July 4th! Today I have a treat for you, my friend Naomi Shaw is sharing few of her favorite outdoor summer activity ideas with ya'll. I'm so thankful to have her as a guest and am loving her fresh perspective on these classic summer favorites and I know you will too!

Summer Activities To Try This Summer

As warm and sunny summer days are near at hand, it is time to think of entertaining activities you and your family are going to have. There are so many interesting things to do when the sun is shining and everything around is green. You should take the most out of this wonderful season, and the goal of this article is to help you do just that.


In the next 5 minutes, you’ll learn some amazing outdoor activities that were meant to be for the warmest season. So sit down comfortably and make sure to read this article from cover to cover.



If you like the idea of combining the useful with the pleasant, you’re going to love this activity. If you live somewhere close to a forest or a meadow, then things are getting even more favorable. Think of it for a moment, you can put some comfortable clothes on, grab your family members or a couple of friends, and go wandering around the green territories around your city searching for wild summer flowers. And once you’re done, you’ll be able to decorate your home with all you’ve picked. By the way, certain summer flowers, are not only beautiful but also therapeutic.

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                       Go for a hike or rent a bike

If sports activities are more to your liking, fill your summer days with a healthy amount of physical activities. It the territory around your city is suitable, go for a hike. Nothing compares to the feeling of exploring new territories and looking at the places you know from a new perspective. If there’s no place for hiking, there is a great alternative. Rent a bike (or grab your own if you have one), think of an interesting route and go discover the new streets and parks around your home. Make sure to have a bottle of water with you. Summer heat may cause dehydration.

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   Consider water activities: swimming or kayaking

Of anything else with refreshing water involved. If you’ve got a pool, you might not even need to go anywhere. Organize a pool party for your friends, make some fresh juices and think of entertaining games all of you can play. If a pool is not an option, consider traveling to a nearby lake. Nothing compares to those summer days spent by the water. Feeling you've got to much energy in your body- take it one step further and go kayaking.

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                    Gather company and go camping

Do you remember those good old days when you were a child? Summer holidays, lemonades, and camps. The good news is adults can enjoy the same kind of summer if they want to. Find like-minded people who want to spend a couple of days in a forest, get all provision you might need, chose a picturesque location, and do it. Summer weekend is a good replacement for summer holidays, and feel free to replace lemonade with something you now love more. 

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 Last, stay home and get involved in DIY home projects.

This idea is especially suitable for those living in homes, not apartments. If you’ve got a backyard, you might want to turn it into a little summer oasis. There are plenty of DIY ideas you can incorporate to make your own home feel like a summer universe. Get your kids or family members involved, and chances are good you all will have fun.

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It’s hard to argue that summertime calls for adventures, improvements, outdoors activities, and all-night-long parties. Take the most out of the season this year and enjoy it. 

Enjoy your summer,

Thank you so much for sharing with us, Naomi. I am wishing you all a safe and happy Independence Day! 

Looking for some summer fun ideas that are affordable? Check out these fab ideas on Reinvented Collection from guest writer Naomi Shaw

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