13 Chic and Sophisticated Halloween Party Tablescapes Worth Stealing

While  imprisoned in a sitting position and nursing a fractured foot, I came upon several dialogues from people who said they don't celebrate Halloween or even decorate and many others stated that they hadn't been to a Halloween party.  dinner party. I also discovered one-half thinks Halloween is for kids and the other half says Halloween is tacky and ugly and too orange.  You won't hear any argument from me. It's true more times than not. 

Except for right now.... 


Black and white halloween dinner party ideas.

1Choose A Color Palette

Black and white is classic. When it comes to Halloween, you will never go wrong with using this color scheme.

If black doesn't appeal to you,  use a deep navy blue or a charcoal gray instead. You can also go in reverse, using white as the dominate color & accent with black for a brighter look. See #3 below

Theme:  Spiders
Colors:  Black & White

2   Pick An Accent Color

Set an elegant Halloween table for a dinner party tips and table decor ideas.

Black is the main color here, but instead of using white like in the #1, the secondary color is gold that reads more like blush pink on my screen.  They've included dried bits of nature for texture and to bring in a sprinkling of white.  On their blog, you can see how the rest of this beautiful modern tablescape looks.

Colors: Black, Gold, & Pink
Source: Nouba | Styling an Outdoor NYE Party

Gorgeous white Halloween tablescape idea with black candelabras and mercury glass pumpkins.

3 white & black

If black is too dark for your home or venue, use white and accent with black. The tulle sheath around the napkins, the crow and and candelabras are the only black accessories on Susans table. Mercury glass adds to the ambiance and gives this table a chic glam vibe. This look would be fab if you're hosting an elegant masquerade Halloween party.

Theme: Elegant & Timeless
Colors: White Accents: Black & Silver

Source: Between Naps On The Porch | 
Elegant White & Black Halloween Table

4 Choose A Spooky Theme
Looking for elegant mask decor ideas for hosting a party? Halloween table decor?

a. Masquerade & Witches

Nothing ugly to see here! If you love this farmhouse inspired Halloween tablescape idea, Rhonda has generously shared tips and shopping resources so you can re-create this look yourself.  

Theme: Masquerade and Witch Hats
Colors: Charcoal Grey Accents: Wine/Berry Highlights: Metallics- Gold, Silver, Bronze
Source: Hallstrom Home |Outdoor Farmhouse Halloween Table Tips

Unique halloween party theme idea

b. Mad Scientist

This table comes from an older dormant blog but the theme of this dinner table continues to be stylish and fun. This is perfect for those who like a collected vintage look.

Theme: Mad Science
Colors: White Accents: Ivory, Black

Source: The Happy Heathen | Dining With The Mad Scientist

A chic Halloween table decorated with masks and peacock feather placemats.

c. Peacock Feathers & Masks

Kelly Nan out did herself with this chic modern Halloween table! She shares all the shopping resources and tips for creating this look on her blog. 

Theme: Masquerade Dinner Party
Colors: White Accents: Gold Highlights:  Blush, Cranberry, Blue, Black

Source: Kelly Nan- Masquerade Halloween Dinner Party

Beautiful Halloween ideas for setting a French Gothic tablescape.

d. Phantom of the Opera

This dazzling French Gothic Halloween style comes from Angelina, also a fellow Francophile. White is the dominate color. Reds and purples in the flowers are picked up again with the dishwares and stemmed glasses. 

Theme: Phantom of the Opera
Colors: White Accents: Red Highlights: Purple, Black

Source: Peonies and Orange Blossoms | French Gothic Halloween Tablescape

Set a tasteful beautiful Halloween table with French Gothic Halloween theme for adults.

e. Addams Family

This moody Halloween table is inspired by Morticia Addams.  Once again, black sets the tone— silver chargers, russet orange taper candles and amber glasses are a striking compliment. Typically, orange doesn't float my fancy either but every now and again I  find an appreciation for it.  
Theme: Addams Family
Colors: Charcoal Black Accents: Amber, Silver

Source: Camille Styles | Halloween Dinner w/ The Addams 

Hauntingly Beautiful Halloween Table Decor Ideas! Pretty mature ideas for setting a glam chic Halloween dinner table.

f. Just Pretty

Some of the most beautiful Halloween tablescapes -like this one- are sophisticated, elegant and subtle. Nothing overtly screams Halloween but you know it's definitely inspired by Halloween. This table focuses more on creating an effect or a mood that implies Halloween rather than stating it's a Halloween tablescape.

Colors: Linen, Ivory, Pewter (all neutrals) 

Black Accents & Jewel Tones
Source: Pink Peppermint Designs |'Til Death Do Us Part- Sophisticated Halloween Table

Styling a beautiful Halloween table ideas without all the gore.

5 seating cards

Seating cards are a fun way to get folks mingling and talking, while working double time as a decorative touch.  See 1 again.

Give guests a fun title like– Enchantress Abby, Devious Dave, Wicked Wanda. Take it up a notch by having guests guess the story behind the name. The free  printable guide has over 120 spooky words to choose from.

Theme: Bones & Skulls
Colors: Black, Purple & Silver
Source: Meandannabelee |
Halloween Place Setting

Set a pretty shabby chic Halloween table that is modern and pretty.
6  keep it simple

Simple is beautiful too! Mrs. Skelly Nelly looks like a princess laying in a garden. Wouldn't this be a fun way to host a ladies luncheon? I'm thinking go hog wild and have a few girlfriends over for a haunted tea party. Wouldn't that would be so much fun?

Theme: Pretty & Creepy
Colors: White Accents: Blush, Apple Green, Lavender

Source: Julie Blanner | Simple Skeleton Table Centerpiece

Don't stiff guests with tricks.. Treat them to an array of Halloween desserts at a table.

7treats & cakes

A festive dessert buffet is like another opportunity to decorate. The treats and cakes only need to be B & W to be hauntingly beautiful.

Those apples on stick are a nice touch visually and so very fun for guests to eat.

Source:  Pink Peppermint Designs|
'Til Death Do Us Part- Sophisticated Halloween

A pretty Halloween candy cart for adults
8  styled candy cart station

If a dessert table is a bit overkill, set up a candy serving station instead. There are so many fun seasonal Halloween candies that you could have fun tricking people with treats. Remember the  Jelly Bellies that tasted like dirt and other horrible things? Okay... maybe that's pushing it a bit far.

Theme: Pretty & Creepy
Source: Sugar and Charm | Sweet Halloween Candy Bar Cart

As you see, I've been really busy sitting around working to prove Halloween isn't ugly or just for kids. I hope these beautiful tablescapes inspire you to host something fun or at least create a spooky elegant corner to enjoy the festivities in your home.  

I would love to know which Halloween look is your favorite.

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