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Your content here I am a certified professional trained faux finisher and decorative painter. My specialty and greatest loves are cabinetry and furniture finishes. I also create decorative wall finishes in a variety of styles to include modern, vintage, and Old-World style plastered techniques which replicate the patina and fashion of timeworn European finishes.

My training and education were completed at the esteemed Faux Finish Studio, located in the heart of Louisville, Kentucky owned by Martin Alan Hirsch. I trained under Martins guidance and also Morey Curtis Dunbar, one of Chicago’s finest artists and painters.

Check out faux finish and painted furniture

Are you interested in wall finishes? Check out a few faux finish samples.
Are you interested in a custom pro paint finish for your cabinets or furniture?
Click on painted furniture gallery

Faux artist buddies in class, Olivia Reinvented, Morey Dunbar, and Ashley Woodall at Martin Hirsch's, Faux Finish Studio in Louisville, Ky

Meet a couple of my faux friends- Morey Dunbar and Ashley Woodall

Are you interested in event styling & home decor?

In addition to faux finish and painting, I also work as a stylist decorating homes and events.
I’ve helped people decorate their homes, plan events, and decorate since I was a young girl.
My favorite part of working in this area isn’t so much a thrill of decorating.
I do love that part, but my most favorite part is seeing how happy people are
and shedding tears of joy when I have turned their dreams into a reality.

Being able to bring joy to people is the best feeling in the world.

I am working on bringing more posts to the blog involving event decor.
I’m currently working on a wedding decor blog series.

But while you are waiting,
why don’t you check out two of my most  popular posts French Country Shower part 2 and part 3


Some personal tidbits about me…

My home for the past fifteen years has been the beautiful state of Alaska.
My roots are southern with a west coast swing.
I grew up in east Texas and California.
My family is from Texas, Lousiana, and upstate New York. I miss the south,
but I don’t miss snakes, chiggers, bugs galore, or the swampy summer heat.

I love all Gods creatures great and small except for the ones I mentioned already.

My real love is my eight-year-old Black Lab / Golden Retriever fur kid. I’m unabashedly a dog lover.

I have Celiac disease which means gluten makes me horribly sick. .

My friends say I have a great sense of humor and I’m straightforward.

I was in college at Academy of Art University to earn a BFA in Architecture and Interior Design,
but I decided to pursue a different route with working with home decor and styling.
My husband says I’m the female version of Van Wilder because I’m always striving to learn.
I don’t know how I feel about being likened to Van Wilder, but it makes me laugh.

If you’re into this kind of stuff, you might like to know I’m an INFJ personality type.
I’ve taken the Meyer-Briggs personality test six different times. It never changes.
I’m a Leo with a Leo rising sign.

 I am a coffee addict and a green tea addict.
French Market coffee is my favorite brand and not because it says, French. Ha, ha!

I geek out on things like SEO and Analytics.
My favorite TV shows are The Tudors, The Originals, Game of Thrones, and Outlander.

If I could be anything and do anything, I would love to be a movie set designer.
How cool would that be!?

I sincerely enjoy and appreciate every single comment that I receive from you.
I try to reply to each person that takes time out of their busy day to leave a sweet message for me.

 I will be adding more information as time goes on.

Thank you for visiting my site and taking some time from your day to read a little about me.


  1. / 8:19 pm

    So fun to learn more about you my friend! Your blog is beautiful!

    • / 3:58 pm

      Hi Kristin,
      Thank you! I sorely need to update this section. Yikes! I can’t even remember the last time I checked this.

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