As I was scrolling through all of the links from last weeks party, a few crafty home decor ideas commanded my attention. I mean crafty in a way that these projects are full of charm and elegance. What I’m not talking about is 35 ways to make things out of popsicle sticks. or child-centric pilgrims and Indians made out of toilet paper roll projects. That’s not to say I shun those types of projects or wouldn’t enjoy  doing them with my niece and nephew because I would. What I’m talking… View Post

Welcome to Thursday Favorite Things. This week I’m thrilled to be featuring bloggers who shared fantastic Halloween decorating ideas. We have quite an array of ideas today and a look at how one blogger, a super talented bloggy dude, decorated a bar cart for Halloween with dollar store items. Yep…. I’m excited to feature a guy and of course all the fabulous ladies too. I’m not featuring myself. Of course, not! That would be silly. But I’m going to show you my Favorite Thing this week.. It’s my Frenchy Gothic,… View Post

Welcome to Thursday Favorite Things! This week the features revolve around fall porches and the pretty fall decor ideas that they brought to Thursday Favorite Things. Earlier today I shared my own porch tour, what I have to use outdoors, and How To Decorate A Cozy Fall Porch when the weather is literally freezing. Fresh and real is not an option in the land of Narnia a.k.a Alaska. “It’s always winter in Narnia.” Now, let’s go visit our featured bloggers and their beautiful homes! Pam shared a look at how… View Post

I’m all about embracing the softer side of autumn, like what you previously saw in the Fall Home Tour. but…. Fall decor on my front porch is a little bit different…. for no other reason than because it has to be. I live just a couple hundred miles from the Arctic Circle, where. weather conditions include early freezes, windstorms, rain, and now in October, a blanket of white is due any day now. Inclement weather isn’t friendly to fresh pumpkins or flowers so it is pointless to try and force it.  Fifteen… View Post

I have an issue! I’m stuck between choosing fall tablescapes or fall porches to feature this week How do I pick just one topic to feature when there are so many beautiful blogs to choose from? The struggle…. It’s real! One tough job I have over here. Ha ha. ……… After doing some thinking I have a solution for this quandary. The fall porches that I selected will be featured next week. Now you have a heads up as to what I will be featuring. I hope to see tons of… View Post