In honor of National Coffee Day and all the coffee lovers worldwide -Just for fun- I want to share my favorite brand of coffee and try to get you hooked on it too. I can’t tell you the sheer volume of friends and family that I’ve gotten hooked on this Cup of Joe… it’s a lot! I have been called a coffee snob and probably am one, but not in the hoighty-toighty sense of snobbery. It’s more like being a well-versed coffee connoisseur of sorts, similar to how some people are wine aficionados. My favorite brand of coffee is French… View Post

You are in for a treat this week with 10 Featured Bloggers! There were so many fantastic links shared at last weeks link party that I was awe-struck, slack-jawed and stuck with the oh so very terrible job of hand picking out just a few.   Go Big or Go Home is kind of a life motto for me. I figured what the heck, why not crank out one giant post loaded full of as many autumn decorating ideas for the home that I could reasonably feature today. I’m not exaggerating about the sheer volume of posts that were focused on… View Post

Here she is. Ta-da. This little twofer makeshift hutch finally got the makeover she deserved! Now she looks more like a China cabinet and far less like a makeshift hutch…or whatever that storage thing was before it got a fresh coat of paint, a pretty curtain, and a little bit of texture on its backside. Before and After Painted China Cabinet The Bare Bones of the China Cabinet Before This is what she looked like before. We all love a good before and after and are nosey creatures, right? I know you’re curious, so click over to the Before the… View Post