Welcome to Thursday Favorite Things. Can you believe tomorrow is September 1st already? Are you ready to enjoy all things pumpkin flavored? Maybe you want to deck your porch out with some Baby Boo’s? Are you looking for some seasonal baking recipes that will fill your home with delightful scents of cinnamon and anise? Oh my gosh- the scent of freshly baked bread and cookies are one of my favorite things about fall! Welcome in the fall season with TFT Featured Bloggers! Pumpkin decor, pumpkin recipes, all things pumpkin, and… View Post

Welcome back to TFT. Thank you for the kind comments and messages last week. I know. That sounds so generic. Right? I read them. A few times in fact. I smiled. In the least generic ways, I do thank all of you. I just didn’t have words to respond at the time, but they will come. They always do. For now, I’m still working on finding joy in simple things. This week’s features are a random selection that spoke to me. Whether it was the words, pretty photos, colors, or… View Post

Welcome! This week I’m unable to share features. I hope you won’t be terribly disappointed. Life can be complicated. It can be happy or sad. My wish today is that everyone could live a perfectly happy life with nothing but sweet joys. We all know that isn’t reality. Sometimes sad things happen. Please say a little prayer for me, maybe light a candle, and promise me that you will give someone you love an extra hug today. I want you all to enjoy Thursday Favorite Things. If you feel inclined,… View Post

And just like that, one day I woke up to find summer was gone and fall arrived. By my birthday, which happens to be today, the leaves are turning and flowers have withered away. No doubt, autumn weather is here to stay while others are still in the throes of heat waves. Dealing with heat is crummy! You have my sympathies. Temps are in the 50’s at night and 60’s during the day and the rainy season has been upon us for a couple of weeks. I’m wearing sweaters again and… View Post

    Since I’m working on wedding related blog posts, winding up a few summer posts, and getting ready to bring out the fall decor, it appears that my focus is stuck somewhere between wedding and event decor, fall, and coming to terms with the fact that summer is long gone for us Alaskans. Over the past few weeks on Pinterest, fall wedding inspiration, fall decor ideas, and holiday decor has been trending. Today I’m featuring bloggers that shared some great DIY’s that can be used for a wedding, party, holiday,… View Post