There was this one time when I hauled a piece of vintage luggage with me for thousands of miles. I’m a little nutty like that. For several months, my luggage buddy went with me everywhere.  We drove from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to Louisville, Kentucky…. and back to Myrtle Beach again. Then we headed down to Savannah, Georgia. From the Peach State, we drove to Florida where we spent a few weeks in Tampa and Orlando. Before flying to our final destination in Southern California, my traveling companion underwent an extreme makeover  into a charming, yet elegant, wedding card box… View Post

Who loves a good a party? I sure do. Truth be told, I’m always mesmerized by event decor and I find it a great source of inspiration for decorating in my home. Last week’s link party brought bloggers who shared fresh ideas for decorating a sweet baby shower , a DIY wedding chair banner for the Mr. & Mrs, an outdoor dinner party for two, and a brilliant dining table centerpiece idea for hosting a tea party. Gorgeous Event Decor Ideas Grab a nice beverage and a snack… There’s no doubt that you’ll find some stylish decor ideas to inspire… View Post

We’re only about one-third of the way through summer and I’m seeing signs that some people are beginning to think about fall decor. Can you believe it? I can! There are two reasons people are likely to be getting in fall mode- It’s either a favorite season to decorate for, or…. people are yearning for cooler temperatures. Maybe it’s a little of both? I completely understand be excited about a decorating for a  favorite season or holiday and boy do I ever understand a yearning for cooler temps! The weather has been quite warm here in Anchorage and not having… View Post